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In-House Promotion Restrictions vs. Flexible Promotion Automation Tools- Which One to Choose

  • Posted on February 8, 2023 by Robert
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With stiff competition in the business world, brands need to know how to target the right audience & promote their services in the right way. If you are new in the market, promotion is one of the most critical processes in marketing to reach your audience and help you focus to attract the right set of customers who need your services. You must have heard about several marketing and promotion strategies but not all of them truly helped to achieve the best results.

In this blog, we will learn about the difference between an in-house promotion approach and a third-party automation tool to pick the suitable one for your business and how the right loyalty management software can increase the effectiveness of your promotions.

Everything You Need to Know About In-House Promotion & Promotion Automation Tool

When we talk about in-house promotion, we have restrictions that can be a major challenge for businesses that plan to run effective promotional campaigns. The restrictions can be in different forms such as strict rules about promotion types that are supported, limited channels that can be used for promotion, and constraints on creative elements that can be used in the promotion.

However, in the case of third-party promotion automation tools, businesses get a high degree of flexibility while running promotions. This enables businesses to create & manage promotions without the need of worrying about in-house restrictions.

Businesses can choose any desired type of promotion that will be effective for their specific business goals & can run their promotions targeted to the right customers using preferred channels that will reach them effectively.

Reasons to use Third-Party Promotion Automation Tool

More Control to Run Campaigns as Required

Making use of a third-party promotion automation tool offers more flexibility and full control while running the desired set of campaigns. Another benefit for businesses includes easy-to-use & quick creation and launch of promotions. This will enable organizations to grab opportunities as they unlock, and can quickly respond to changes in the market.

On the other hand, in-house promotion restrictions can hamper & slow down the process of launching promotions. This restricts businesses to grow completely, taking advantage of opportunities, and responding to changes as per the latest market demands.

With the help of a third-party tool, your business can create its own rules and parameters around how your promotions should run. For instance, you can choose the promotion campaign such as which products will be discounted, the discount percentage user will get during purchase, how much extra they will save using the coupon on checkout, etc. You get the complete freedom to choose and define exactly how your customers will receive discounts- cart size, purchase amount, number of products, etc.

Extract Insights to Make Campaigns Successful

Another best thing about using third-party automation tools for promotional campaigns is that it helps businesses to collect and analyze data to check the performance of the promotions. This makes brands create & launch promotions quickly enabling them to extract valuable insights and ensure the promotions work well and which ones are not. By contrast, in-house promotion restrictions make it difficult for businesses to collect campaign data limiting their ability to learn from their successes & failures.

Plan & Launch New Promotions

Using third-party promotion automation tools can help businesses improve the effectiveness of their promotions & give ideas to launch new promotions that will work best for both customers and businesses. Before you choose to work with a third-party automation tool, you must decide the features that are important for your needs. There are many advanced capabilities such as analytics to analyze campaigns, targeting options, flexibility to create different campaigns, etc.

Make sure that you choose desired features to make your promotional campaign a success that can grow your business revenue effectively.

Thinking to use Promotion Automation Tool for Better Flexibility?

Novus is an all-in-one SAAS Based Loyalty Software Solution that enables business owners to make use of promotion automation to create and manage any promotional campaigns with ease. Users will have the full freedom to create a wide range of rich, targeted promotions and loyalty campaigns without the need for constant monitoring & maintenance. These automated campaigns are highly scalable and can be executed anytime making it easy for businesses to run promotions that are easily adaptable to market changes.

Use Novus to help your business plan effective and efficient promotions & take full control of campaigns to drive immense business results in no time.

Final Takeaways

Hopefully, after going through the blog, it must be clear that using a third-party promotion automation tool enables businesses to have a high degree of flexibility and control while running promotions. This can be highly beneficial for those organizations who wish to create and launch promotions quickly and effectively in lesser time as they get valuable insights that can be turned into the success of their promotions.

However, in the case of in-house promotion, the restrictions can limit the business’s ability to execute effective promotions, which will in turn make it difficult for them to take full advantage of the opportunities and adapt to the changing market needs.

Using rewards programs for businesses along with the promotion automation tool can do wonders in making the best possible business results from the effectiveness of the promotion campaigns. If you wish to know more features about the Novus and how we can help you build a tailored loyalty program with automated promotional campaigns, talk to our experts today.

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