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What is eCommerce
Loyalty Program?

Living in the world of digital sales, eCommerce brands & retailers must prioritize building stronger bonds with their customers to encourage repeat sales. A well-planned eCommerce loyalty program can do wonders in rewarding customers for repeatedly buying from your store. Rewards can be anything - discounts, coupons, cashback, exclusive membership access, NFT assets, etc.

ecommerce loyalty program

Ecommerce Rewards Software to overcome
Top Ecommerce Challenges

Retaining one-time shoppers, reducing churn rates, shifting consumer preferences, higher Return Rates, High CAC, and Low Average Order Value are some of the top challenges. Apart from that, brands suffer to deliver an omnichannel experience, high competition, demand to revamp selling tactics, shopping cart abandonment, customer loyalty, and more. Novus can help you solve all of them, in one place.

with Partners

Novus offers seamless integration with leading eCommerce, marketing platforms & agencies as well as third-party systems for enhanced loyalty experiences


Personalization is the key that enables marketers to make use of hyper-segmentation and offer tailored rewards, offers & communications

Anywhere Access
for Customers

Your customers are everywhere, which is why we ensure to deliver an omnichannel experience making services/products accessible to one & all

Variety of
Customized Rewards

Retain existing customers and focus on acquiring new ones by offering a wide range of rewards based on their preferences

Rewarding Criteria in
Ecommerce Industry

Make use of an ecommerce rewards software that is robust and easy to manage with smart automation features where customers are rewarded whenever the predefined trigger event meets the conditions. This enables businesses to have complete control over how their customers earn points.

  • Reward points when lifetime spending passes the set amount
  • Reward bonus points on a one-time registration
  • Reward points on the first purchase
  • Reward points when the purchase amount exceeds $500
  • Reward points for specific items
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ecommerce rewards software
simplified redemption process

Simplified Redemption Process at Checkout

With our all-in-one solution, your customers don't need separate accounts for the store and rewards program! Let them redeem reward points right at checkout and save more on their order with our seamless redemption process where they can use a slider or dropdown to redeem the points as per their choice.

Integration of your eCommerce store with a loyalty program can help both your business and your customers-

  • Single login for both store and rewards
  • One-click installation & smart program management
  • Better Sales with the Simplified redemption
  • Higher revenue growth & increase in purchase rate

Benefits & Offerings to Brands by our
eCommerce Loyalty Platform

Retaining one-time shoppers & reducing churn rates are some of the top challenges. Apart from that, brands suffer to deliver an omnichannel experience, high competition, demand to revamp selling tactics, shopping cart abandonment, customer loyalty, and more. Novus can help you solve all of them, in one place.

ecommerce first party data

Access to
First-Party Data

Use first-party data from loyalty programs to know your customers better and offer experiences that meet their specific needs.

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better customer retention

Better Customer Retention

With the right rewards like points & higher level status, customers are more likely to stay loyal & avoid switching to competitors.

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achieve higher sales

Higher Sales

Most customers prefer buying from brands that they previously purchased from & reward your lifelong customers for staying loyal.

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cost effective marketing


Retaining old customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, making loyalty program instantly appealing for old customers

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increase in customer lifetime value

Increase in Customer
Lifetime Value

A loyalty program can create an enhanced customer experience that keeps shoppers returning to your store, increasing CLV.

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turn existing customers into brand advocates

Turn Existing Customers into Brand Advocates

Focus on the best customers & offer incentives for referring their family & friends to turn existing customers into brand advocates and gain new ones.

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Why Choose Novus as your
eCommerce Loyalty Program

We know your customers love to be rewarded with exclusive and relevant rewards customized to their needs. Novus can help you ensure your return shoppers and brand fanatics are never disappointed with a customer loyalty program that works best for your eCommerce brand.

  • Assist with a custom build with the right loyalty service program among the options
  • Help with a robust strategy that integrates all of the benefits for program members
  • Marketing your program across all channels to reach the target audience-near and far
  • Timely Updates and Maintenance of ongoing loyalty program to make a total hit
  • 24x7 Available Team always ready to make the loyalty program fun and successful
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why choose novus

Building an eCommerce Loyalty Program
That Drives Results

Research and
Define Goals

Build a loyalty program that offers a great experience addressing the needs of your audience. For this, you need thorough research that will help define goals & tailor rewards to engage customers in the right way.

Select the Most
Suitable Loyalty Program

Our experts help you pick the desired format of your program such as point-based, tiered program, subscription, community-based & more. Know your target audience & pick the reward program format, as needed.

Rewarding Criteria

To grab the best benefits, take time to know your customers and decide which customer behavior you are planning to reward, choose reward criteria like points to be earned on which activity, and the type of reward perks they will receive.

Investment in
Right Loyalty Software

You need a robust eCommerce customer loyalty platform that can help you streamline processes for your customers. This is where Novus can be a great help to deliver loyalty experiences that work best for your customers with insights.

Check Program
Progress and Update

Even if your program is live and running, make sure that you check progress & see how customers respond to your rewards and incentives. Use data like customer churn rate, NPS, CLV, etc. to see what works and what doesn't.

Reward Anywhere - Online or In-Store with POS

Build a common rewards program for both the online store and physical store to ensure that your customers earn reward points anywhere regardless of the channels they are using to purchase from your brand.

Whether it's redemption or earning, make sure that your customers earn points on all their purchases in-store irrespective of the retail location they are shopping from, and make them redeem points with ease at checkout using the POS app.

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ecommerce rewards

Get your eCommerce Store fully integrated with the loyalty using SMARTBAG

Let's get started by implementing the right customer loyalty program for your all-in-one eCommerce Loyalty Platform starting at just $299 to meet all your brand's omnichannel marketing strategies. Book a demo today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How eCommerce loyalty program can boost customer retention?
  • The right eCommerce loyalty program can offer rewards to give shoppers a reason to stay keeping them engaged for more repeat purchases. As digital ads are no longer effective and viewed for more than a second, loyalty programs can help attract shoppers back to the store and increase their lifetime value without spending a lot.
  • What type of eCommerce store needs a loyalty program?
  • Irrespective of what products or services you are offering, you need loyalty programs to keep the focus on your most loyal customers. Organizations generate most of their revenue through existing customers and retaining old ones is cheaper than acquiring new customers.
  • What is a loyalty program in eCommerce?
  • The eCommerce loyalty programs act as a great way to ensure repeat purchases from online store visitors and attract new customers. Reward every activity with anything like discounts, freebies, coupons, gift cards, etc.
  • Is an eCommerce loyalty program a cost-effective marketing strategy?
  • Yes, an eCommerce loyalty program can save both sales and marketing costs by offering relevant and engaging rewards to nurture their best customers and encourage repeat purchases for higher profits at lower costs.
  • How can an ecommerce loyalty rewards program help overcome ecommerce challenges?
  • Customer retention is a common pain point in eCommerce due to intense competition, shifting consumer preferences, higher Return Rate, High CAC, and Low Average Order Value. Novus Loyalty offers a solution by providing a comprehensive loyalty program that goes beyond traditional points-based systems. It offers personalized rewards and experiences tailored to individual customer behavior, which keeps customers engaged and encourages repeat purchases. By understanding customer preferences and providing relevant rewards, Novus Loyalty addresses retention challenges and builds strong, long-lasting customer relationships.
  • What Solutions Does Novus Loyalty Provide for Ecommerce Cart Abandonment Issues?
  • Cart abandonment is a significant challenge for eCommerce businesses. Novus Loyalty helps tackle this issue by integrating loyalty into your eCommerce platform and offering real-time incentives to customers during the checkout process. This instant gratification, such as exclusive discounts or free shipping, can incentivize customers to complete their purchases, reducing cart abandonment rates. With Novus’ ecommerce loyalty software seamless integration and timely rewards, eCommerce businesses can recover potentially lost sales and improve conversion rates.
  • How rewarding ecommerce customers can address Customer Dissatisfaction and Reduce Churn?
  • Customer dissatisfaction and churn are significant pain points for eCommerce businesses. Many customers leave due to poor experiences or lack of perceived value. A loyalty program can directly address this by offering rewards, discounts, and exclusive perks that incentivize customers to stay. By engaging customers with best point rewards ecommerce, and personalized offers based on their purchase history, you can show that you understand and appreciate their loyalty. Additionally, gathering feedback through the loyalty program can help identify pain points in the customer journey, allowing you to make improvements and enhance overall satisfaction. Ultimately, a well-executed loyalty program rewarding ecommerce customers can transform dissatisfied customers into loyal brand advocates, reducing churn and boosting the customer lifetime value
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