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Below are some of the success stories of Novus who have successfully implemented our
360-degree customer loyalty rewards program and increasing the customer lifetime
value and reducing the customer acquisition cost.


idfc bank
rns bank


testimonials novus

We have been a Novus customer for over two years and it has been an important partner for our marketing team. Novus loyalty rewards platform automates most of our tasks. They have a highly responsive customer success team. We definitely recommend them.

Siddhartha Jain


testimonials novus

Quick integration and easy configuration helped us launch our enhanced loyalty rewards program. We had a lot of questions, and were very happy with the support we received during our program set up. We have seen great results using the program. Good work Novus team. Appreciated


Vice President, BFSI

testimonials novus

Customer service is OUTSTANDING! I can't wait to see the results that this program will bring in! Thankyou


President, Travel

testimonials novus

The results from using Novus rewards program are inspiring; in just 4 months after launching the rewards program our customer retention rate has increased by 30%.

Nicolas. P

Owner, Retail

testimonials novus

Novus has improved my business by getting more consistent repeat customers and created more brand loyalty.

Devlin k

Program Owner, Retail

testimonials novus

A program like Novus loyalty enables a small business to really develop something rather quickly that takes advantage of latest, flexible and scalable technology platform.

Bhaskar Ranganath

National Manager - IT, BFSI

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