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Gift Card Loyalty Software for Startups,
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Attend your customer requirements with a smart
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Gift Card Loyalty Solutions We Offer

Gift Card Solutions

Gift Card Solutions

Gift Card Solutions

Boost Revenue and Enhance Customer Relationships

Avail prepaid gift card solutions for merchants to extend a powerful way for expanding brand's reach and elevating customer loyalty at the same time. Merchants can take advantage to grow their sales enabling customers to pay through gift cards while shopping on your in-store or online.

We offer multiple digital gifting and promotional options to introduce a boost in a merchant's retention strategy and provide them with the right technology to cater to tons of customers.

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Go customized with creating omnichannel gift card solutions for your customers and build a brand value in the market. Implement an all-set gift card catalogue through API-Integration. Merchants can also opt for an Omni-channel marketing strategy by listing their own brands gift cards on the omnichannel marketplace, which can give more brand exposure & a higher chance of gift card purchase.

Connect with your customers through various channels and marketing drivers and don't miss a chance to make your communication stronger and better.

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Attract customers with an exclusive reseller gift card loyalty program offering latest brand gift cards, flexibility to customize the denominations at the same time.

Let them avail the best options from the trending gift card of your favorite brand. Merchants can make use of reseller gift card solutions to showcase and list gift cards of other brands with the help of Novus's Open-API structure & earn commissions without spending any dollar.

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How Does Novus Gift Card Loyalty Management
Platform Work?

Get started with a quick gift card creation with our all-equipped gift card management platform. We help you get started with a smart gift
card management system software catering some crucial aspects of marketing operations and letting the process stay smooth enough.
Checkout our gift card working mechanism-


Go Personalized

Not every customer is willing to purchase a similar sort of gift card! Customize gift cards for your customers, use them to convert, retain and re-engage your targeted audience.

Categorized Gift Cards

Novus offers category specific gift cards divided in multiple genres including convenience store, retail, ecommerce, food, books, entertainment, referral, and pretty much every variation.

Currency & Denominations

We offer gift cards in the currency you require to have and the set of denominations you need! Find the right sort of gift card customized as per your customer's/brand's requirements.

Gift Cards Details

Have an all-equipped dashboard with an extensive BI approach to analyze your gift card performance on the go!

Multiple Medium Sharing

Let your customers have the freedom to send gift cards with every communication channel including email, social media or simply a text message.

Gift Card Fraud Prevention

Stay secure through identifying any suspicious activity with the help of built-in mechanisms identifying frauds.

Real-Time Reporting

Keep on tracking and reporting your e-gift card deliveries and all the required valuable insights of gift card delivery and usage done till date.


Personalized Approach

Not every customer is willing to purchase a similar sort of gift card! Customize gift cards for your customers, use them to convert, retain and re-engage your targeted audience.

Quick Integration

Get your gift card management option swiftly integrated to your business and roll out your first personalized gift card in days! Stay effortless with one click integration and easy management.

Gift Cards for Referrals

Gift cards are becoming one of the most preferred reward choices in today's referral programs. They are not just easy to manage but act as immediate gratification that can be redeemed right away after referring new customers.

Share Anywhere

Let your customers have the freedom to send gift cards with every communication channel including email, social media, or simply a text message.

Smarter Gifting

Gift cards incentive programs are much profitable than any other form of rewards given to the customers. Provide an exclusive range of rewarding option with a gift card solution deigned to suit your customer requirements.

Spending in Full Swing

40% of shoppers who're using a retailer's card bought items at full price while the general audience is just 16%. This seems quite a great reason to have a gift card rather than making other marketing efforts to sell a product or a service.

Better Sales

Invite better sales and business boost with a gift card loyalty program software at work. 82% of businesses say offering gift cards result in increase in sales and that's the reason you would like to power up your gift card loyalty business.

Analyze Customer Data

Tons of customer data is collected every day; we use it to analyze purchasing patterns and customer behavior to make smarter business moves and let you stay an edge above!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Voucher Management System?
  • A voucher management system enables users to set up and manage an eCommerce voucher program with absolute ease. Helping in managing a single store or look for multiple voucher stores as well.
  • Is the gift card management tool suitable for small and large businesses?
  • A gift card management tool is specifically and exclusively designed to keep stuff easy for small businesses to the large enterprise level businesses, mostly eCommerce. It eases the running of online voucher program and make it easy for small businesses to manage the process.
  • How to start a gift card program?
  • To start a new gift card programs, you can simply drop a line to us, and we'll help you setup your all-equipped gift card loyalty programs software right within a few days! When it comes to digital gift card program, we're a team of experts to handle your business!

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