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How does Cashback Rewards Program work?

Make your customers save extra every time they shop from you with attractive cashback and discounts
through Novus’s easy-to-use earnings rule editor.

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Fixed Cashback

The fixed cashback loyalty rewards program works on fixed currency and fixed point models. Fix Currency gives a fixed cashback reward on the amount spent like $10 cashback on every purchase while Fix Point gives fixed reward points like 100 reward points on every first purchase.

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Percentage Cashback

The percentage cashback rewards program helps to find the exact cashback amount you save either in the form of points or cash. Percentage Currency means 10% cashback on value spent and Percentage Point means 10% reward points on actual value spent.

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Take advantage of discounts on products through rules based on fixed currency discounts or percentage currency discounts. Discount Fix Currency gives a fixed discount value like $200 off on every purchase while Discount Percentage Currency gives discounts in percentages like 10% off on every order.

Cashback has a Long Way to go!

Customers would love a chunk of their spending back in their accounts and that’s what a cashback program does! Customer rewards have long been a matter of concern as requirements keep on evolving, cashback is one of the most effective ways to engage customers in the long run.

Increased Sales

Cashback is an amazing option to engage customers
through giving customers a chunk of their spent back
to their account. It’s an effective way to encourage
customers to make repeat purchases and let the
companies achieve their business goals as well.

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Encourage Customer Loyalty

A cashback program fosters client loyalty and provide
them more reasons to return. Letting customers feel valued
on receiving cashbacks and bonuses on every purchase
and a fair opportunity to receive financial benefits as well.

Measurable Result

Cashback programs allow collecting valuable information on clients, their consumption habits, the motivation behind their choices, and the response to different offers. Been an effective remedy for most of the leading brands, cashback programs are proven to accelerate business growth, provide detailed reporting, have a smart customer database catering to all information in a single place.

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Measure Result - Cashback loyalty rewards program

Features Every Cashback Loyalty
Program Needs

Customers would love a chunk of their spending back in their accounts and that’s what a cashback program does! Customer rewards have long been a matter of concern as requirements keep on evolving, cashback is one of the most effective ways to engage customers in the long run.

Dynamic Layouts

Have access to a dynamic layout wherein you can access each and every piece of information all at once.

Automated Operations

With network API integration it's super easy to create merchants, issues coupons and offer automatic cashback on everything simultaneously.

Refer and Earn

Let your customers refer to your brand and earn rewards/ bonus/ cashback which can be tracked automatically.

E-Vouchers & Coupons

With a variety of brand coupons and a target userbase on numerous keywords, cashback could be an excellent option to retain customers.

Missing Cashback

Let your customers have a smooth way to connect with the brand in case of missing cashback. Integrated with a system which accepts only genuine claims and settles it easy.

Set Limits

Build a customer database wherein you can set cashback limits and add in cashback withdrawal request whenever required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Cashback Rewards Inspire True Customer Loyalty?
  • The definition of true loyalty is simply where customers stay engaged with a brand, and the brand having the best solutions to keep their customers bonded. Cashback rewards program is an effective way to cater to customers by providing cashback on each transaction.
  • What is cashback loyalty program and how does it work?
  • Cashback loyalty program basically works on a model of returning a chunk of customer’s spending back to the source account, mobile wallet or reward wallet etc. The process works on a simple agenda of providing cashback rewards to the customers.
  • How does the Cashback Loyalty program help in retaining the customer?
  • Cashback loyalty programs majorly help in retaining the customers as they get cash rewards credited back in their account. To know more about how cashback can be of such help, schedule a demo with us.

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