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Engaging Customers, the Fun Way!

Businesses aim to improve customer experience; we like to keep it
exciting and innovative with the different options to connect and build loyalty.

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Getting customers, the most entertaining way to connect with a brand! Engaging through gamification is an excellent strategy, letting you stay a step ahead! Our predesigned set of games like spin the wheel, MCQ’s etc. to allow customers to not just connect but hitch with a brand.

User Engagement






Benefits of Gamified Reward Programs

Gamified reward programs offer a plethora of benefits for the brand, as well as to the customer, all wrapped up in a fun
and interactive package. Apart from appealing to the competitive nature of consumers, it’s a great way to introduce
new products to potential customers

Gamification provides a feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment with a reward at the end of each challenge. Customers’ repetitive actions not only create new habits but are also profitable to your brand.

Specific actions of customers can be analysed to find out how they would like to or prefer to engage with your brand. This could provide your business with valuable customer insights for the future, and help in implementing business strategies.

A relationship can be formed with customers that go far beyond mere transactions. They can be encouraged to share their retail experiences on social media, create their own content and take gamified quizzes.

Providing a gamified experience to customers creates lifelong moments and memories for them. Encouraging them to take up challenges and getting rewarded at the end of it could create unique retail experiences and encourage higher loyalty towards your brand

Contents and Badges

Amongst the leading strategies to engage customers, setting up challenges and providing the users with badges level up a brand’s loyalty strategy. We offer multiple options to foster customer engagement.

  • Drive customer behavior with the set of challenges and rewards
  • Entice customers to build a strong relationship with the brand through recurring purchases
  • Trigger customer interest by rewarding them with badges
loyalty program gamification rewards
social media

Community Building

Like-minded people can have an electric zeal to connect, share and multiply experiences. We create a community around
the brand through in-app activities/ accounts getting all engaged on a single platform.

Gamified reward programs - leaderboard

Recognize the loyal customers through loyalty leaderboards

vip clubs - gamified loyalty program

Introducing VIP clubs/ program tiers for highest purchasers, long term associated customers and much more

gamified rewards program - family accounts

Create family accounts to help customers have mutual benefits within the family or their circle

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