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Best Referral Marketing Software
for your business

Best Referral Marketing Software

Automated Invites

Let your referral marketing program send automated and customizable post-purchase emails instantly after a customer makes a purchase where you can add the invitation to be a part of your customer referral system.

Referral Loyalty Programs

Customized Rewards

Choose from a wide range of rewards (cash rewards, store discounts, custom gifts, etc.) and deliver personalized rewards to customers that have made successful referrals by bringing in new customers.

Referral Rewards program

Add Appealing Features

While you try to enroll as many customers as possible, make sure to add features on your websites such as post-purchase pop-ups, customized landing pages, and referral widgets to grab the attention of your customers.

customer referral program software

Pay Commissions

Pricing of the customer referral program software must be based on the performance where you pay commissions for new referral sales and not based on the number of customers enrolled or your store revenue.

How does Our Referral Program work?

Share Referral Code

Generate a unique referral code and assign it to your customers through different means like social media, email, or website widgets.

Offer Custom Rewards

Encourage customers with customized rewards & gifts to share their referral code with their friends or families and make them a part of your business.

Witness Revenue Growth

Sit back and relax while you enjoy growth in your business revenue as your existing customers refer their friends and help in making more purchases.

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Referral Revenue
Results in one place

Take a look at the results & gain access to every key metric such as revenue from referrals, the number of customers enrolled through the referral program & referred traffic to your website. This enables businesses to analyze the total revenue gain through referrals tracking software.

best referral marketing software
Referral loyalty programs

Higher ROI with
Fraud Prevention

With our robust fraud detection strategies, Novus enables businesses to identify and ban suspicious transactions such as self-referrals, a higher volume of referrals in a short time, and cases of referral codes leaked on multiple coupon sites.



Novus Loyalty helped in meeting our multiple-store needs, in terms of functionality and scalability, and amazing customer support. Would surely recommend their services to anyone.

- Maria Smith, Co-Founder

We have successfully gained a high customer base using our business referral program built through Novus Loyalty, which helped in increasing business sales tremendously in just a few months of its launch.

- Natalie Parker, CEO

Thankful to Novus Loyalty and team for building a customized referral program system, which has become an integral part of our marketing portfolio and is solely responsible for 20-35% of our sales every month.

- Emma Keith, CEO

Customize Rewards to
Foster Repeat Referrals

Curate referral incentives based on specific business requirements
through varied reward types-

  • Accelerated Points Earnings
  • Free Shipping Discount
  • Fixed Amount Discount
  • Percentage Discount
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Referral loyalty programs
redeem rewards

Maximize Referral

Use personalized rewards for letting more referrals
make purchases. Define the conditions on when
and how the referrals will be rewarded.

Automate Rewards

Send referral rewards automatically through any
marketing channel of the choice and
stay hassle free with rewards management.

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automate rewards program
built in analytics

Built-In Analytics

Access and analyze total profits, monitor the
leaderboard and keep a track on the
overall performance with built-in analytics.

Send Referral Codes through Multiple Channels

Let the referral software send the required messages to the targeted segment of audience based on reset guidelines

  • Broadcast & Automated Email
  • SMS & Push Notifications
  • Website Push Notifications
  • Social Media
  • Live Chats or Chatbots
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send referral codes

Technology Integration for your Referral Loyalty Program

Novus Loyalty believes in choosing the right technology in terms of emails, analytics, and remarketing that works best with your loyal customers to ensure your customer referral program is on the right track in building customers for your brand advocates.

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