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Loyalty Solutions for Banking & Finance

We fuel the Retail Banking Economy with engaging Loyalty Programs

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Impactful Loyalty Program for Financial Institution

We are offering an end to end loyalty management solution for banks, credit unions, insurance & all other sorts of financial institutions, we're all set to accelerate customer spending and retention alongside fostering long-term loyalty and customer engagement. We will help them to raise brand awareness using a modern, cloud-based IT technology solution to accelerate Banking Loyalty

Omnichannel Loyalty

  • Cater customers through more than one communication channel and increase customer engagement at every touchpoint.
  • Let your customers have access to a wide range of rewards through connecting through various channels.
  • Complete customer insight to analyze loyalty program statistics to make sure you are always up to date with the performance of your programs.
bank loyalty program
Campaign Management in bank loyalty program

Campaign Management

  • Setup, analyze and run campaigns on the go
  • Make use of customer segmentation profiling for creating personalized campaigns
  • Create merchant-funded campaigns targeted to various customer segments
  • Analyze campaign results, plan your future strategy and stay in line with your customer requirements.

Transaction & Events Based Earning

  • Let your customers earn on every transaction.
  • Offer exclusive rewards on every sort of transaction made.
  • Set earning rules in the loyalty engine and make your transaction based earning simpler & sorted.
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Omnichannel bank loyalty program

Features of Bank Loyalty Program

Real-time Points Earning

Empowering bank's customers to earn and redeem their rewards in real-time easily and seamlessly by exposing an API to channels and external systems as soon as a transaction happens.

Partner Portal for Order Fulfillment

Tracking customers' orders in CRM and communicating to the relevant supplier partner for the order fulfillment.

Multiple Loyalty Schema Support

Running multiple loyalty programs such as one program for SME customers, one for the internal staff by using the same server.

Self-Service Portal Support

Let your customers view and manage their points seamlessly through a single dashboard. Get customers the convenience of making purchase quick and easy on any device they wish to.

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Be your Customer's preferred Financial Institution
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Create an engaging new-to-bank onboarding process

From providing activation benefits to setting up right perks at the right time, engage customers seamlessly!

Become customer's first port of call for maximizing savings on transactions

With our leading offer management system, ensure complete personalization, merchant offers and membership benefits to foster engagement.

Gamify customer behavior with contextual rewards

Delight customers with the gamification-based rewards and attractive redemption options.

Don't just be a leader in banking & finance, be a lifestyle concierge too

Offer customers a complete lifestyle solution but cutting down the affluent banking concierge costs, bringing a smarter solution to retain customers in the longer run.

for Customers


Receive tailored communications, offers and deals exactly as per the purchasing pattern, behavior and lifestyle.

Stay Exclusive

Feel extra special with the brands treating you with VIP perks that's not just limited to card spending.

Earn & Burn Reward Points

Earn and redeem reward points instantly with a wide variety of redemption options available.

Amazing Experience

Experiencing meaningful engagement and interactions that go beyond simple transactions.

for Financial Institutions

Foster Customer Retention

Tailored communications, offers, and deals exactly as per the purchasing pattern, behavior, and lifestyle of the customers

Engagement Beyond Rewards

Engage customers with an emotional connect through personalization and smarter communication.

Reduce Acquisition Cost

Cut down the cost of customer acquisition through an omni-channel approach and direct marketing capabilities.

Raise Brand Awareness

Introduce referral benefits to let your customers share their positive brand experience through word of mouth marketing and accelerating your ROI instantly.

With an impressive track record in setting up excellent Loyalty Solutions, banks, financial institutions, credit unions, etc. have preferred and trusted us in their loyalty cum customer experience journey.

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Build Lasting Customer Relationships with
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