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Sell More Units & High AOV With
Customer Loyalty Program
for Retail Industry

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Why Does Your Retail Business
Need Customer Loyalty?


Change in Customer shopping needs & purchasing patterns


Customer's Demand for Exceptional Experience from their associated Brands


Maintaining Product Quality & Discounted Price is not Enough

How Novus Loyalty helps you boost Retail Customer Loyalty?

Seamless Online & In-Store Customer Experiences

Novus Loyalty can help brands create uniform Omni-channel experiences for enhanced customer loyalty irrespective of the channel your customers choose to use - physical and online.

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seamless online and in-store customer experience
get higher transaction value with novus loyalty program

Get Higher
Average Transaction Value

Our team can help you build a dedicated loyalty solution that can increase average transaction value by rewarding customers when they purchase and engage with your brand or store.

Increase Unit Per Transaction
for Better Growth

Make your retail business grow by keeping track of Unit per transaction (UPT) signifying the number of items sold in a transaction, which helps to evaluate sales trends & reward customers better.

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make your retail business grow
improve your loyalty program

Calculate & Improve
Sell Through Rate

Novus can help you gain insights into the percentage of units sold vs total available units using Sell-Through Rate, which evaluates the product's performance and compares it with other products you sell.

Achieve Higher
Customer Lifetime Value

Using segmentation of your target audience, we help to personalize with tailored marketing campaigns that appeal directly to the most loyal customers and unlock an increase in CLV.

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retail loyalty program software
retail business loyalty program software

Gain a Competitive Edge &
Grow Your Retail Business

Make use of Novus to build a loyalty program that stands out in a competitive market. Interact with the most valuable shoppers & foster a hyper-engaged community for higher growth

Integrate your POS into
Loyalty Program for stronger
Customer bond

POS systems are no longer used for just checkout and payment, they are capable of more! Novus enables brands to choose the right POS system integrated with a loyalty program that can aid their marketing efforts with every sale they make & achieve higher growth in no time.

  • Help Brands Collect Customer Data
  • Track Customer Behavior & Shopping Trends
  • Boost Sales with Personalized Offers
  • All Information at One Place with Automatic Updates
  • Real-Time Reporting for Program Effectiveness
Integrate your POS into Loyalty Program

Delight Your Customers, Every day

Personalization is the key to winning customers' hearts in the age of distraction! Novus Loyalty can help you build stronger
customer relationships with data-driven insights for a more personalized retail customer experience.

Make Informed

Take time to collect customer data at the POS and use it to create personalized campaigns

Customer Bonds

Deliver seamless experience in your retail business to grow & nurture your customer base


Keep the focus on timely monitoring of the marketing efforts that yield amazing business results


Go for a holistic customer journey of your customers to take care of customers at every stage

Loyalty Solutions for Every Retail Industry Type

Novus enable retail businesses with different industry verticals to deliver an exceptional customer shopping experience. From running your stores seamlessly and implementing an omnichannel strategy to daily sales reporting & robust integrations, we offer every solution your retail business needs enabling you to add features specific to your industry.

Sports & Outdoors





Toy & Games




Thrift Stores

Offering Loyalty Program Key Features
& Benefits for Retailers

Personalization is the key to winning customers' hearts in the age of distraction! Novus Loyalty can help you build stronger
customer relationships with data-driven insights for a more personalized retail customer experience.

better engagement with customers

Better Engagement
with Customers

We enable brands to build more robust account profiles using personalized customer data for tailored messaging, recommendations & promotions for every customer's needs.

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identify customer segments & audiences

Identify Customer
Segments & Audiences

Make use of personalized communications, marketing campaigns & retail insights to create customer segments and audiences based on loyalty member behavior, data, tier, etc.

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customized loyalty program design

Customized Loyalty
Program Design

To meet the needs of your most valuable and loyal shoppers within the framework of your brand's goals, build personalized customer retention and loyalty strategies

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grow with strategic brand partners

Grow with Strategic
Brand Partners

Offer customers reward points for every omnichannel purchase and engagement-enhancing action, irrespective of where they are buying from you or your partners

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versatile rewards catalog

Versatile Rewards

Give customers the freedom to redeem rewards from a flexible rewards offering, and apply coupons/discounts directly in their cart or POS checkout with ease.

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unified loyalty experiences

Unified Loyalty

Make use of the 360-degree view of your customers in real-time to embrace the benefits of unified marketing campaigns with the integration of CRM, marketing automation, customer data platforms, & more.

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Choose the best Retail Loyalty
Program Provider - Novus

Novus Loyalty is an all-in-one customizable customer loyalty and engagement platform, trusted by thousands of fast-growing startups and brands across the world

Reward Points for any on-site activity

Assured Rewards for Reviews & Referrals

Personalized Dashboard & Communications

Better Rewards for Customers with Tier Upgrades

Social Engagement with likes, follows & comments

Ready to engage & win back
your customers?

See how retail loyalty is changing and how Novus can help your business meet the evolving needs of customers! Talk to our experts and boost customer loyalty wherever your customers choose to shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a retail loyalty program?
  • A retail loyalty program is a long-term marketing system used by many retailers to motivate repeat purchases and customer retention by offering rewards to shoppers. Rewards can be discounts, special offers, deals, or freebies that can help to increase the lifetime value of a customer with a higher average order value and purchase frequency.
  • Why loyalty program is essential in retail?
  • Loyalty programs can be beneficial in driving customer retention, which in turn helps retail brands boost revenue, increase referrals and attain overall growth. They help in identifying the most loyal customers, focus your marketing efforts on them and build loyalty campaigns that can increase their lifetime value.
  • How do Loyalty Programs work in the retail sector?
  • Points-based loyalty programs can be a great tool to collect data from customers, as they can help retailers that have a high purchase frequency to encourage repeat purchases, which will eventually increase revenue.
  • What are the top benefits of retail loyalty programs?
  • A great loyalty program can bring immense benefits to your retail business such as-

    More Customer Data

    Increase in Product Sales

    Higher Retention

    Build Social Engagement

    Lower Marketing Costs

    Increase in Review Scores

  • How Novus Can Help in Building an Effective Retail Loyalty Program?
  • Novus Loyalty comes with the best set of features that can help brands create and share meaningful interactions beyond the point of purchase to increase data capture, profitability & retention. Building customized retail loyalty and rewards program helps to engage and strengthen relationships with the most valuable shoppers.
  • How can a retail loyalty program help in increasing customer lifetime value?
  • A retail loyalty program can increase customer lifetime value by fostering repeat purchases and upselling opportunities. By providing rewards for higher spending levels or frequency of purchases, retailers can motivate customers to spend more. Additionally, personalized offers based on past behavior can guide customers towards products they're likely to buy, thereby maximizing their value to the retailer.
  • How can retail loyalty programs address the challenge of increased competition?
  • Retail loyalty programs can stand out amidst increased competition by offering unique and valuable rewards. By understanding their target audience and crafting rewards that align with their interests, retailers can create a distinctive program that gives customers a compelling reason to choose their brand over others. Personalization and differentiation are key in maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Can a retail loyalty program contribute to the growth of average transaction value?
  • Absolutely. The Novus Retail Loyalty Program can incentivize customers to spend more per transaction by offering rewards or discounts for reaching certain spending thresholds. By encouraging customers to increase their basket size, Novus can effectively contribute to the growth of the average transaction value.
  • How does a retail loyalty program contribute to the Online vs In-Store Sales and omnichannel engagement?
  • Novus Retail Loyalty Program can seamlessly integrate across various channels - in-store, online, and mobile. This integration provides customers with a consistent experience, allowing them to engage with the loyalty program in whichever way they prefer. By offering rewards, promotions, and benefits across all touchpoints, Novus can drive omnichannel engagement and improve the Online vs In-Store Sales.
  • How can Novus' retail loyalty program address the challenge of low Unit Per Transaction (UPT)?
  • Novus' retail loyalty program offers personalized recommendations based on customer preferences and purchase history. By suggesting complementary items during the shopping process, Novus encourages customers to explore and add more products to their carts, ultimately increasing the Unit Per Transaction.
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