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Build & Manage Tier-Based
Loyalty Programs

Define and completely manage various tiers of members,
based on their purchases, number of points etc.
Create multiple tiers with customized titles as per your
brand’s strategy. Assign specified benefits including
discounts, points and other rules.

tier-based loyalty program

Encourage customers to spend and advance
their ranks and receive privileges

Add Value to
Customer Loyalty

Tiers are associated with benefits that constantly
increase value. Higher the customer reaches in tier,
better the benefits they receive with a more
exclusive brand experience.

tier-based rewards program
tiered loyalty program

Build a Long-Lasting

Tier-based loyalty programs are the best way
to keep customers interested over the longest tenure.
Marking a higher tier level can seem like a milestone
for the customers, keeping them highly motivated
to rank up.

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Create a Targeted

Segment your customer base more efficiently,
monitor & analyze member activities and interests.
Elevate customer experience through providing a
targeted communication based on customer’s
collected data.

Create a Targeted Experience
Stand Out from the rest

Stand Out from
the rest

The only aspect to let your customers choose
you over others is the right customer experience.
Foster smarter experience with a rule based,
tier loyalty program rewarding the top spenders,
ranking them up based on purchases or tenure
of association etc.

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Exclusive VIP Program for Loyal Customers

Get the best VIP Tier Program for your customers. Give exclusive VIP Perks and encourage your customers to make more purchases and rank up their membership. Let them have additional benefits on entering the VIP club and make it a way more lucrative than the others in the competition.

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