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Our Partner Program at a Glance

Solution Partner

Join us as a partner in the loyalty journey! Work as a consultant or connect with us from your comfortable working location to grow together, create fruitful business outcomes and connect with a huge pool of audience willing to get started with a loyalty program. In the journey to loyalty, let's be successful network partners.

System Integrators

With us integration is never an issue! Our smart loyalty solution software is all set to integrate with the largest customer experience platforms, marketing clouds, ecommerce platforms, services and payments platforms. Let's establish a technology partnership and integrate seamlessly.

Rewards & Redemption Partners

We're your trusted rewards & redemption partners and the right solution to get started with your business. We’re not just excellent in providing tailored loyalty solutions but on point on quick integrations with any vendor irrespective of the geographical location.

We ensure the success of your Clients, Always!

Foster client growth with the right technology and extensive support

Smart Technology

Technology plays a vital role in building client’s strategy and helping them in scaling with the best in class loyalty solutions, referrals, SMS Marketing and much more, all on a single platform.

24/7 Support

Get complete support all through the lifecycle, smart strategies to stay up in the process and an online support round the clock.

Seamless Integration

Conveniently connect Novus with tech stack your clients already using and get ready to start your program quickly.

Better Pricing

Get access to our flexible pricing plans, choose what fits in and get going right in a click. Our smart pricing option is a perfect setup to let you stay comfortable and spend as required.

Let's Expand, Together!

We help you scale your business seamlessly and let you concentrate only on one thing- Business Success!

Generate Better Revenue

We make sure you earn heaps and grow your business as well. Achieve a better revenue through client referrals, get exclusive access to merchants and explore various possibilities right through being a partner with us.

Let's Market, Together

Efforts are better when done together! We help you succeed in marketing our product through unique content, smart strategies and excellent campaign management to stay at the top!

Dependable Partner Management

We are known to keep our partners happy and satisfied. Our smart team of experts are fully equipped to enable and support you, irrespective of the location.

Enablement and Support

Get quick access to onboarding, training and enablement materials that are capable to equip your team for delivering smooth implementations, powered by our impactful support.

Partner Earnings

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on first-year subscription fee

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Material
  • Demo Account




on first-year subscription fee

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Material
  • Demo Account
  • Receive Qualified Partner Status


Access marketing materials, and receive your personal affiliate link and banners


Get your clients onboard, or monetize your content


Earn your payout as soon as your lead converts

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