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Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Deliver personalized experiences and convert one-time diners into regulars with the right loyalty rewards for every interaction

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Restaurant Loyalty Program Platform to turn
Visitors into Brand Advocates

Your motive as a restaurant business owner should be to focus on gaining repeat purchases by winning customers' hearts through rewards offering they get simply for using your services. To turn visitors into brand advocates, making use of a reliable restaurant loyalty program is needed which will enhance customer retention, boost revenue, and increase food order values by up to 30%.

Build Your Restaurant & Bar Loyalty Program, Your way

Developing a customized loyalty program for your restaurant is a need of the hour to meet specific business requirements & create a 360-degree engagement with customers & reward them for being associated with your brand.

Offer Reward Points based on Different Criteria

Whether it is based on customer spending, referral, or sign-up, ensure that you reward them for how often they visit, every dollar they spend & other activities using full freedom to customize points earning & spending.

Discounts or One-Time Promotions on Seasonal Items

Make sure that your brand incentivizes your guests and encourages them to try your newly added menu or seasonal items by offering a reward when they order! This will unlock new possibilities with an increase in sales & average order value.

Additional Bonuses for Social Media Sharing

Happy guests with satisfied experiences are more likely to give good ratings & positive feedback. Encourage them to share their experience at your restaurant by offering rewards that can be used on the next order.

Unlock Repeat Purchases &
Higher Revenue with Novus

Let your customers earn loyalty points for every order they make at your restaurant using a fully customizable restaurant loyalty program built exclusively using Novus. Our team enables every brand to create unlimited custom activities to reward customers with points for purchases, engagement, marketing, referrals, or any activity. Experience growth with repeat business and an increase in revenue in no time.

  • Offer Relevant Rewards like redeemable points to your customers for Every Spend
  • Focus on Loyal Customers as they are likely to spend 45% more on food orders than others
  • Experience higher customer retention rate & increase in loyalty with the right rewards program
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Taking Businesses to New Heights with Novus
Restaurant Loyalty Program Offerings

Reward customers for every interaction through an omnichannel loyalty program tailored to your restaurant and integrate it seamlessly with your offline, online, and third-party customers with ease.

Online Orders on the Web

Let your customers sign into their accounts online and place their orders from your restaurant to earn points instantly through the web.

White-Label Restaurant App Orders

Use our white-label restaurant mobile app to help your brand stay front and center and ensure that your customers order food on the go from anywhere, anytime and earn points!

In-Store Orders with integrated POS

With seamless integration of POS in your restaurant loyalty program, we help your customer earn reward points in-store.

Tableside & Digital Loyalty Rewards

Novus restaurant loyalty programs reward both tableside and online ordering customers with points, no matter where they order from- on-site or online.

Rules and Choices Simplified to Power up
Restaurant Loyalty Program

Using Points for Higher Visit frequency & Loyalty

One of the best ways to encourage your foodies to spend more at your restaurant is by giving reward points on every dollar they spent at your restaurant. For instance, you can offer 10 points for every 5 dollars spent and these points can be redeemed for any food item at your store when reached a certain amount.

The below figure shows how Novus help brands to reward customers with a points campaign using the Trigger feature to check transaction conditions, campaign duration using condition, and effect which is the final valid reward for customers like a free product or points value.

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Know your Customers and Reward them the Right Way

Analyze to see who orders frequently from your store with the highest order value and who orders rarely. This helps you reward your most loyal customers with relevant rewards keeping them engaged with your store for a long time and increasing sales.

For an instance, you can set up a loyalty campaign for customers who crosses the $1000 order value in a month rewarding them with an extra free product when they exceed the amount like Free Pastry as shown in the figure. Also, you can add conditions where you check the medium they purchased from to reward them in the right way.

Recognize your Repeat Customers

In the case of a membership tier loyalty program, the customers at the highest tier are the ones that earn the most points for every dollar spent. Your store must be able to acknowledge your top customers and must build loyalty campaigns that are different for members of each tier.

For instance, you have a membership loyalty program with Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Bronze where Diamond is the highest tier. In the figure, we are using conditions of the membership tier to reward customers with different points for each tier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the use of a restaurant loyalty program?
  • Loyalty programs that are built especially for restaurants help to reward customers to ensure that they keep coming back to your store and make repeat orders. Rewards can be anything like a free food product on the 5th order, reward points redeemable for the next food order, discount coupons for savings, etc.
  • How loyalty program work for restaurants?
  • Loyalty programs built by Novus act as a great customer retention tool encouraging customers to spend more by rewarding them with points on every order. Customers are more likely to increase their order frequency if they get extra benefits from the loyalty program of your restaurant.
  • Do restaurants need loyalty programs?
  • Yes, restaurants need dedicated loyalty programs for their stores to witness higher repeat business from their most loyal customers. Novus is an all-in-one loyalty rewards management software that has helped several restaurant owners to boost their business sales with unique reward offerings.
  • How to build a restaurant loyalty program using Novus?
  • Building a restaurant loyalty program is easy with Novus. All you need to do is choose a pricing plan for Novus that suits your business requirements and connect with experts to help you with a seamless onboarding process, set up campaigns & track the effectiveness of each campaign.
  • What are the benefits of using the right restaurant loyalty program?
  • Loyalty program offers a wide range of benefits that helps to turn new customers into regulars by keeping them coming back to your store again and again. This not only helps to increase sales from repeat customers but also encourage customer referrals by rewarding existing ones for bringing new ones.

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