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Deliver an amazing & dynamic rewarding experience
to your customers

Reward Customers, Accelerate Loyalty

Keep up with your loyalty game through personalized rewards and offers uniquely curated for your customers.
Stay align with our complete Offer Management Module.

Manage Rewards

Incentivize customers on the go with a versatile reward catalogue. Engage and retain customers through custom-rewards and personalized offers to make every customer feel valued.

  • Avail a tailored Rewards Catalogue
  • Reward Options
  • Personalized Experience for Customers
loyalty rewards marketplace

Offers & Promotions

Let’s get your data to work with our smart and flexible loyalty program software offering the right campaigns
tailored exclusively for your customers.

Offer diversified incentives to customers

Segment reward variants as per the customer requirement

Make offer management scalable, personalized and connected

Gift Card/Voucher Management

Offering gift cards and Vouchers can be the most exciting rewards for your customers
and we’re sure you must have a list to roll out. We help businesses manage gift card and
voucher generation, listing and digital sharing.

  • Generate or curate gift cards & vouchers in the most versatile way
  • Quick & convenient uploads
  • Omnichannel delivery


We provide inventory management services, reward forecasting and shipping options to strengthen your customer relationships.

Fulfillment - novus loyalty


Give your participants access to some of the most exciting concerts, sporting events, festivals and more with our unique experiential rewards.

experience - novus loyalty

Customer Service

Our responsive support team manages participant inquiries, order placement, return services and problem-solving strategies.

customer service - novus loyalty

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