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Loyalty Rewards Marketplace

Deliver an amazing & dynamic rewarding experience
to your customers

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Build your own branded multi-vendor
rewards marketplace

Creating value for your business & customers

Create your vendor network

Let your partners, sponsors, and affiliated third parties coexist together under your brand while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships

Deliver Custom Offers & Incentives

Ensure that you create unique opportunities for your customers & boost engagement leading to higher transaction and redemption rates

Define Customer Segments via Geo-Targeting

Use geolocation-based customer segments to run specific campaigns & reach the right target audience in different locations

What Can We Offer To Your Customers?

loyalty rewards marketplace

Gift Cards

Personalized Digital & Physical Gift Cards to shop online or in stores

giftcards loyalty platform

Merchant-Funded Rewards

Discount vouchers, Buy-1-Get-1, Coupon Codes & Experiences

merchant funded rewards platform

Travel Catalogs

Hassle-free Travel with easy flight booking for Airlines & Hotels

travel and flight booking rewards platform

VIP Treatment

Make use of the most exquisite rewards & incentives with premium experiences

exclusive rewards platform


Choose from a wide range of products listed by the merchants clients & Partner Sourcing

merchandise rewards platform


Engage & boost your customer engagement with gamified loyalty campaigns

gamification loyalty platform gamification loyalty platform

Donation to Charity

Let members turn their rewards into cash donations for many charitable firms

Manage Rewards

Incentivize customers on the go with a versatile reward catalogue. Engage and retain customers through custom-rewards and personalized offers to make every customer feel valued.

  • Avail a tailored Rewards Catalogue
  • Reward Options
  • Personalized Experience for Customers
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loyalty rewards marketplace

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Flexible Admin Roles

Be the admin and control your loyalty program through sending out the right offers, deals, cashbacks and so much more to your loyal customers. Alter choices anytime and stay on the top of customer & offer management.

Global Rewards Marketplace

Develop and let your customers experience a global loyalty marketplace with amazing customer experiences where they can interact, get along, make purchases and earn rewards through their regular shopping. Let them have everything packed in one place!

Broad Redemption Spectrum

Rewards redemption should be the simplest yet most variety enriched option for the customers. We tend to broaden the horizons and provide your customers with plenty of redemptions options to be used against their accumulated reward points.

Redemption Management Scalable,
Personalized and Connected

Conveniently manage redemption options that scale your brand's presence and engagement anytime for your customers based on their likings, purchasing pattern, customer behavior and much more.

Give your customers an amazing rewarding experience using Novus Loyalty

Offers & Promotions

Customer data can do wonders, we love to keep it smart and flexible by ensuring that your loyalty program have it all by offering customer-friendly personalized offers, smart campaigns to target the right set of audience and focusing capabilities to target only a particular set of audience which are segmented through accumulated data using BI tools.

Offer Diversified Incentives
to Customers

Stay omnichannel when it comes to rewarding customers, send exclusive rewarding options including not just the basic & traditional outcomes but a lot more to it! Incentivize customers with an array of options like regular offers, discounts, cashbacks, points-based programs, loyalty points marketplace and a lot more.

Segment Reward Variants as per
the Customer Requirement

Not all customers would like to receive a similar sort of reward, provide them with extensive variety and target the set of audience with their exact likeable. Get started with using customer data in the right direction and target exactly what suits the best.

Make Offer Management Scalable,
Personalized and Connected

Conveniently manage offers, scale your brand's offers anytime and create tons of personalized options for your customers based on their likings, purchasing pattern, customer behavior and much more. Get an all-in-one solution for your customers and regular offers and promotions as well.

Gift Card/Voucher Management

Offering gift cards and Vouchers can be the most exciting rewards for your customers
and we're sure you must have a list to roll out. We help businesses manage gift cards and
voucher generation, with gift card loyalty management software.

  • Generate or curate gift cards & vouchers in the most versatile way
  • Quick & convenient uploads
  • Omnichannel delivery
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We provide inventory management services, reward forecasting and shipping options to strengthen your customer relationships.

Fulfillment - novus loyalty


Give your participants access to some of the most exciting concerts, sporting events, festivals and more with our unique experiential rewards.

experience - novus loyalty

Customer Service

Our responsive support team manages participant inquiries, order placement, return services and problem-solving strategies.

customer service - novus loyalty

Build Customer-First Approach with the Best
Marketplace rewards Program

Campaign Management

Manage tons of loyalty campaigns all at the same time with different rules, target audience and budgets.

Customer Segmentation

Segment and filter your customers based on their purchasing pattern, social interactions and different parameters with advanced data.

Geo Location Targeting

Target customers location-wise! Send great deals and offers to your customers when they're passing nearby your offline store.

Reports and Dashboard

Have an exclusive dashboard view of different reports including customer spendings, customer recency reports, total transactions and much more!

Digital Coupons

Allow your customers to get digital coupons to be redeemed online and offline, creating more engagement options.

Rewards Solution Driven by Loyalty Technology

Loyalty today can bring tons of ease for the brands willing to retain customers and heaps of opportunities for the customers who love deals and discounts. Let your customers redeem their loyalty points and get started with a solution-driven by cutting edge loyalty technology which offers exclusive options to retain and engage customers at the same time. We drive loyalty through the most difficult parts of your customer engagement journey and bring in extensive capabilities to stay steady with your customers.

Integrations done windy fast!

Seamlessly integrate with your existing loyalty program platform or build it from scratch, we've made integrations easier, convenient and done in a click!



We really love this program. It's been great to be able to custom create rewards for our customers. Even our customers have given us great reviews with how easy it is for them to redeem their rewards.

-Mark Pullen, Program Manager

The results from using Novus rewards program are inspiring; in just 4 months after launching the rewards program our customer retention rate has increased by 30%.

- Nicolas. P, Owner, Retail

client testimonials loyalty rewards marketplace

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Create a Marketplace rewards program that adds
value to business & their customers

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