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What's a Digital Wallet?

Digital wallets are smart native applications Conveniently used for making quick payments and having a safe & secure monetary storage as well. Digital wallets are excellent for storing and keeping a secure track of loyalty cards, digital coupons, important event information, flight boarding passes etc.

How it Works?

Developing a digital wallet solution can be the easiest way to manage tons of stuff and handle your monetary values, all at the same time! here's how to work around-

digital wallet solution


With the preset templates and a flexible option to personalize every single detail, digital wallets can be easy and simple to get started with. Rely on Novus for a seamless digital wallet creation.


Deploy your digital wallet cards through multiple marketing channels including the basic ones like SMS, Notifications and the ones lesser known for distribution like email, video, social media and QR codes as well.


Easily measure the card or wallet usage not just from the online purchases but even from the offline stores.


Engage your customers through personalized communication options including custom text messages, push notifications and regular updates on your business.

Point Balance

Effective Strategy

Mobile Wallets are the most effective strategy
to bring in more customers and let them save
their money to be used for a brand.
Giving them a personalized feel to have their
money to spend and refund whenever required.

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digital wallet loyalty solution

An All-Inclusive Mobile
Wallet Platform

Our well-equipped mobile wallet solution empowers your brand to engage with the customers and
deliver digital benefits-

  • Membership Cards
  • Coupons
  • Event Tickets
  • Other Monetary Storage Options
    Ready for Spending
an all inclusive mobile wallet platform
all inclusive mobile wallet platform

User's Activity History

Cost Effective

Send referral rewards automatically
through any marketing channel of the
choice and stay hassle free with
rewards management.

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digital wallet loyalty software - cost effective

Digital Loyalty Card

Having a personal digital loyalty wallet or card can be considered as the starting point for building interactions. Customers can conveniently make profile edits, check for points and have a complete track maintained digitally.

Point Balance

Keep a track of the customer's point balance accumulated through regular purchases or other rewards. Once it has reached a certain number of points, your brand can let the customers redeem the same.


Let your customers create their profiles and personalize their loyalty card as well. Have a track record and reward customers with points when they complete their profile details.

User History

Check all what your customers have been through on your loyalty platform. Track the number of points earned, how much redeemed and the offers availed at the same time.



Multi-Level Offers

Reward your loyal and most active customers onboarded with special deals or simply engage your dormant customers through offering them better discounts once they reach a certain level.

customer referrals

Customer Referrals

Let your existing customers find new ones for you through customer referrals. Introduce word-of-mouth marketing and take control over customer engagement.

cusom points system

Custom Points System

Get started with our fully configurable reward program solution to incentivize customers on different activities including joining bonus, providing contact information and using the digital wallet either digitally or physically.

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Benefits of a Mobile Wallet Solution

Ease of Use

Let your customers use mobile wallet super convenient and your brand can handle the same with absolutely no technical skills required!

Easy Distribution

Distribute your mobile wallet card digitally hassle free through social media, email marketing, SMS and other communication channels.

Digitize Physical Store Customers

Make it easy for the in-store customers to have their online track records with quick profile creation.

No App Required

There's no separate mobile app required for using a digital wallet and that's the benefit your customers would love!

No Internet Connection Required

Mobile wallet works great even without an active internet connection on your smartphone!

Stay Reachable to Customers

Engage customers from anywhere around with our real-time, location-based engagement options suitable for all brands and their customers.

Saving Money

Customers will be saving heaps of money though special deals and discounts and that's the reason why they would love your brand.

Strong Relationship

Build a strong relationship with your brand through communicating on regular basis and rewarding them with offers, deals, discounts and much more lucrative options.

Key Features

Offer Membership Passes

Our mobile wallet solution is potential to drive tons of aspects right from boosting in-store engagement to expanding customer reach with the help of location-based messages, push notifications etc. Ultimately increasing user engagement. We encourage brands to offer membership passes exclusively for in-store customers to automatically make them come back to your brand.

Exclusive Rewards
for Members

Run a reward campaign for long-term customers and shower them with all the brand love. Send your customers personalized messages for celebrating every special event including membership anniversary, birthday, birthday month, brand launch anniversary or simply delight them with some other reward on their special day.

Encourage Customers with
Push Notifications

Make use of the mobile wallet solution for sending push notifications, special offers, announcements, reminders and all sorts of updates through the smartphone. It proves as an excellent way to cater customers and increase engagement as well. Also, never forget to promote your offers when they're exclusive and matters the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does a Digital Wallet Solution work on all phones?
  • Yes, it does! Our smart digital wallet solution can be made compatible for all mobile operating systems and devices like iPad, iPod and almost everything!
  • Can I manage my own Mobile Wallet Card Program?
  • Yes, it can be easily managed on your own.
  • Is there a trial period before we finally get started?
  • We do offer free trial period for 30-days! You can start without making any payment and have a look at the entire platform and understand the working mechanism as well.
  • Does it work with physical store scanners?
  • It basically depends on the scanner, but our programs do work with physical stores and maintain a smart online presence at the same time.

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