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Automotive Loyalty Rewards Program

Whether you wish to start your loyalty program or go for coalition programs, Novus enables brands to build a highly engaging and personalized loyalty solution for any business size for enhanced customer engagement and sales-generating campaigns.

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Transforming Automotive Businesses
with Novus Loyalty

Achieving loyalty in the automotive industry isn't an easy thing, which is why you need the expertise of Novus Loyalty which can help you build engaging and dedicated solutions using sales-generating campaigns to reward customers in the right way.

Higher Gross Profit Margin

We build automotive loyalty programs that help businesses boost important KPIs like Gross Profit Margin (GPM), which measures the profitability of each vehicle sold. An increase in GPM means higher revenue retained after covering production costs.

Increase in Market Share

Our team helps to build loyalty solutions focused on creating customized experiences that help clients witness an increase in market share by capturing a larger portion of the automotive market, resulting in higher sales and revenue.

Better Service and Maintenance Revenue

Ensuring long-term connections with customers is the key to success, which is why we focus on getting a continuous income stream for dealerships by generating revenue from servicing vehicles, including repairs, routine maintenance, and warranty work.

Rise in Average Repair Order

Encourage your customers to spend more and boost the Average Repair Order, which is the average revenue generated from each service visit. Novus helps you with upselling or cross-selling services to boost service and maintenance revenue.

Lower Days Sales of Inventory (DSI)

Novus Loyalty helps in reducing Days Sales of Inventory (DSI), which indicates the average number of days it takes to sell a vehicle, thereby enabling automotive brands to boost revenue by minimizing holding costs.

Delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience
for Automotive Industry

Boost Growth of
Local Brand

Brands that invested in a national, captive automotive loyalty program have witnessed a huge upside in business growth. Novus helps companies to keep the focus on long-term customers with continuous & personal connection encouraging them to repurchase another vehicle.

Build a Captive
Service Environment

Our loyalty experts can help you build a membership program that can give your customers compelling reasons to not only consider your brand for all their service needs but also future vehicle purchases, thereby leading to repeat captive business.

Enhance Customer

Brands cannot truly engage their customers unless they offer real and hyper-personalized experiences. Novus enable brands to build a smart, relevant multi-channel customer engagement strategy to help you optimize your customers' ongoing experience and build long-term retention

How does our Automotive Loyalty Program work?

Our automotive loyalty programs are aimed to build customer retention towards companies in the
automotive sector such as car manufacturers, third-party dealerships, and car rental services.

customized automotive loyalty program customer reward program loyalty marketing campaigns brand loyalty program

Our team focuses on building a customized loyalty program with a unique design that suits the specific needs of your automotive brand. Aimed to bring more brand visibility, we go for custom design and decide on the initial rewards scheme and marketing plans.

We leverage a wide range of features in our rewards platform to build, deploy and manage your full-scale customer reward program to meet the individual KPIs of a brand like boosting personalization, increasing brand awareness, increasing social media presence, etc.

Our team helps brands choose any desired type of loyalty marketing campaigns or promotions by planning and automating every marketing activity with ease. Whether you need to design, schedule or run parallel campaigns, we have got everything covered.

We focus on understanding your customer's behavior and optimizing offerings by giving special attention to brand loyalty program insights based on different customer segments using various reporting and analytics tools

Unlock Benefits with a Highly Scalable
& Personalized Loyalty Solution


This step focuses on building a customized loyalty program with a design that suits the specific needs of the automotive brand


Our system is fully customizable to meet diverse needs & can be tailored to match any business needs

Real-Time Performance

We ensure to keep brands connected to their customers through multiple channels for continuous and personalized engagement

Diverse Reward Options

We use holistic management tools to provide meaningful rewards and connect purchases from every channel

Maximize the Power of Business Using Novus's
Automotive Rewards Program

automotive loyalty program reports

Smart Reporting

Make use of custom reports that will be sent to designated email addresses at desired times

rewards rule engine

Robust Rewards Rules Engine

Offer a wide range of currency & unit-based rewards for single or multi-locations

time-based offers

Regular Promotions

Make use of promotions by sending triggered or time-based offers to drive actions & engagement

customer loyalty program management

Marketing & Program Management

Novus offers email & direct mail marketing along with ongoing consulting and training services

real time loyalty program

Analytics Dashboard

We help brands to use real-time, easy-to-view data on all liabilities & transactional information

customized reward campaigns

Customized Reward Campaigns

We enable brands to easily pre-set & tailor rewards schemes based on their needs/demands

business loyalty program

Self-Serve Controls

We give full freedom to businesses enabling them to add/delete users, change settings, void and reverse transactions & more

Gain a Competitive Advantage with
Automotive Loyalty Programs

We ensure to take care of every specific business need and help our clients stand out from their competition by
building stronger bonds with their program members using our automotive loyalty programs.

brands loyalty and rewards program

More than 90% of customers of the brands are likely to join the loyalty and rewards program willingly

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automotive loyalty program

Brands using automotive loyalty program have customers with an average visit of 3.4 times yearly

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membership loyalty program

Program members are more likely to spend 37% more as compared to non-members annually

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Loyalty program

23% of the Loyalty program members are likely to repurchase another vehicle within 4.1 years

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Choose Novus for a Full-Fledged Loyalty Rewards solution
& Engage Customers Effortlessly

Smart Loyalty Rewards Engine

  • Processing
  • We ensure that every brand delivers any type of reward of their choice such as bonuses, points, liters, cash backs, discounts, etc. using our processing core that can easily handle any request or movement

  • Program Settings
  • Using the Novus dashboard, one can set the desired rules, priorities, constraints, expiration for accruals, and redemption of rewards at any time.

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Our expert team helps to tackle any unusual activity and keep the promo-hunters calm with the help of our robust fraud management settings

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Smart Loyalty Rewards Engine
Coalition Program Management

Reporting & CRM Capabilities

  • Seamless Coalition Program Management
  • Novus can take care of all needs from getting your coalition program partners onboarded and granting access to capabilities to importing data for customers, branches & products.

  • Easy Activity Tracking & Segmentation
  • Whether you want to compose your own or integrate external blacklists, we help set up database triggers, create limit type.s, set up types of fees, and more.

  • Stay Connected with Omni-channel Interaction
  • To keep in touch with program members, you can set up and manage omnichannel interaction using variables, templates, and sequencing tools.

Marketing Campaigns Management

  • Automate Campaigns
  • Our team ensures to make a proper plan and helps you automate any marketing activity - design, schedule, and run campaigns and promotions the way you need.

  • BI Reporting & Analytics
  • Keep the focus to know your customers' shopping behavior, optimize offerings & plan future campaigns tailored using statistical, data interpretation & reporting tools.

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Marketing Campaigns Management

Excited to start your loyalty journey with Novus?

Connect with our experts to see how Novus can add value to your business with a tailored automotive
loyalty program & help you grab immense benefits for higher customer loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Novus's automotive loyalty program enhance my Gross Profit Margin as a dealership or automotive business?
  • Novus can boost customer retention and encourage repeat business, which contributes to higher Gross Profit Margins. By offering the right rewards and incentives, we help motivate customers to return for service and maintenance, boosting profitability.
  • I want my business to gain market share in the competitive automotive industry, will Novus help?
  • Yes, our loyalty programs can attract and retain customers, leading to a larger customer base with an increase in Market Share. We keep our focus on satisfied and loyal customers who are more likely to refer to others, further expanding your share of the market.
  • Can the Novus loyalty program boost Service and Maintenance Revenue for my automotive business?
  • Our Novus team has all the expertise to build loyalty programs that can drive Service and Maintenance Revenue by encouraging customers to choose you for their automotive needs. Reward offerings like special offers, discounts, and incentives can help entice customers to schedule routine maintenance and repairs with you over competitors.
  • Will the Novus loyalty program impact the Average Repair Order (ARO) at my automotive store?
  • Yes, the loyalty program built by Novus can boost ARO by motivating customers to choose your brand for additional services or repairs. With rewards and discounts, customers can become more inclined to resolve multiple issues during their visit, ultimately increasing the ARO.
  • Is Novus helpful in reducing the Days Sales of Inventory (DSI) for my dealership?
  • Using the right loyalty program can indirectly impact DSI by driving more service and maintenance business. Higher customer visits for maintenance lead to a quicker turnaround for used vehicles, potentially decreasing DSI.
  • Are there tools or analytics that Novus uses to track how the loyalty program affects KPIs for my business?
  • Yes, we offer robust analytics and reporting tools that help you monitor the impact of the loyalty program with regular KPIs reviews like Gross Profit Margin, Market Share, Service and Maintenance Revenue, Average Repair Order, and DSI. You can keep track of these KPIs to improve performance and make data-driven decisions.
  • Can Novus help in building a tailored loyalty program that aligns with my specific business goals related to these KPIs?
  • Yes, Novus is fully customizable to help brands tailor the loyalty program based on specific business needs and goals where you can adjust rewards, promotions, and incentives that are aligned with your objectives for these KPIs.
  • Tell me about the rewards or incentive types that are offered through Novus' automotive loyalty program to influence these KPIs positively.
  • We ensure that different types of incentives are used to drive customer loyalty and impact the KPIs positively. Reward types include discounts on service and maintenance, special offers for loyal customers, referral bonuses, and access to premium services.
  • How can I learn about Novus benefits to meet my specific business KPI goals?
  • To learn about Novus' automotive loyalty program and how it can benefit your business, please contact our dedicated customer support who will help you with the onboarding process and address any questions or concerns you may have.
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