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Customer Loyalty Rewards Platform

With our extensive experience in the field of customer loyalty solutions, Novus Engine is an end-to-end Loyalty Rewards Platform, having the potential to integrate into any sort of ecosystem. Empowering brands to create exclusive and engaging white label loyalty reward platforms driving customer lifetime value and racing up the time to market. With it's wide reach and option to scale, customer transactions & interactions can be recognized and rewarded in real time, at any given level. Create & manage various kinds of loyalty programs to reward your customers flexibly & conveniently!

loyalty campaign management

Campaign Management

Through the feature of campaign management, one can easily plan, execute, track and analyze loyalty campaigns to engage with the set of targeted customers for increasing the lifetime value.

loyalty rule engine

Loyalty Rule Engine

It is the most imperative tool of the platform, It helps in configuring an infinite set of loyalty rules for different tiers, actions, rewards, events, other benefits, strategies and multiple channels as well.

Grow Your Business with Feature-Packed Loyalty
Rewards PaaS (Platform as a Service)

loyalty program management software
personalization - novus loyalty


We make sure customer’s real-time data can be of the most useful purpose! Through customer behavior patterns and transactional data, we offer targeted campaigns, offers and experiences for the customers that make a customer loyalty rewards program worth it!

reporting and analytics - novus loyalty

Reporting and Analytics

Our pre-built reports and dashboards are all set to manage every aspect for loyalty rewards program members, activities and program execution, all together!

global capabilities - novus loyalty

Global Capabilities

We have the ability to launch a loyalty rewards program globally, localized for different markets with flexible rules to implement or amend anytime you wish to.

web and mobile integration - novus loyalty

Web & Mobile Integration

With our prepacked web developer tools and widgets, our platform supports seamless web application integration all in a click. We have preset mobile developer tools and widgets to support mobile application integration for Android & iOS both.

Technology & Benefits

Functionalities to Stand Out
Connectivity & Integration
Data Storage
Complete Customer View
Experience Customer Loyalty Solutions built on expertise of making hundreds of loyalty reward programs.
Connect all your data from offline and online sources in real time through a flexible API.
Get all your loyalty data safely stored and available in your database to access anytime.
Or loyalty engine scales to cater your business requirements in real time, be it Retail, FMCG or any industry.
Have a 360 degree view on customer transactions, interactions or anything you wish to look in for analysis.

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