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Novus makes it easy for businesses of any size to implement the right loyalty programs
with each plan packed with amazing features starting at just per month.

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Everything in SaaS, Plus

  • Whatsapp Communication
  • Unlimited Schema Customization
  • Push Notifications
  • Gamification
  • Program Sponsors
  • Cashback Program
  • On Premise Hosting
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Free Support Hours
  • Free Program Consultation
  • Ready-made rewards catalogue
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Gift Card
  • Merchant/Store Management
  • Discount Program
  • Extended API's
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Basic SaaS Features

  • RFM Data Analysis
  • Growth Prospect
  • Point Campaign
  • Referral Campaigns
  • Customers
  • Transactions
  • Vouchers
  • Gift Card
  • Customized Branding
  • Onboarding Support
  • Upload Historical Data
  • Documentation
  • Communication Flow
  • ROI Dashboard

Enterprise Ready

Build a program that meets the growing demand with an Enterprise Loyalty Plan

  • Unlock enterprise-level growth by scaling your loyalty operations
  • Gain complete control of the platform & all-time support
  • Integrate seamlessly with the technology & marketing stack
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SaaS Specific

Create customized loyalty programs of any shape and size

Struggling to turn one-time customers into brand ambassadors?
Build tailor-made campaigns to boost performance with better engagement and drive growth with fine-tuned targeting using SaaS-based loyalty modules.

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Loyalty Revenue & Business Growth Calculator

Get insights into how well your loyalty programs are performing with Novus's Customer Redemption Rate Calculator and use data to optimize for enhanced revenue growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Novus pricing work for loyalty program development?

    • The pricing plans in Novus are based on the set of features you choose to add to your loyalty program. We offer scalable loyalty program pricing options to fit businesses of all sizes. Connect to our sales team for personalized consultation.

  • What features are included in the Novus loyalty program?

    • Our loyalty program includes features such as point accumulation, rewards management, customer segmentation, email marketing integration, analytics and many more. You can choose the desired that best suits your business needs.

  • Do you offer a free trial for your loyalty program?

    • Yes, we offer a free trial to help you explore our Novus platform and see how it can benefit your business. No credit card is required for the trial. For more details, contact our team.

  • Will Novus help to customize the loyalty program that matches my brand's identity?

    • Yes! You can choose to fully customize the program with your branding elements, including your logo, colors, and messaging, to maintain a consistent brand experience and boost loyalty in no time.

  • Will Novus help to integrate the loyalty program with my existing POS system or e-commerce platform?

    • Novus can help in building superior loyalty experiences with quick and seamless integration with various POS systems, e-commerce platforms and any tools you love. Connect with our team to make the most of your loyalty program with one-click integration.

  • Can I change my plan or features as my business grows?

    • Yes, you have complete freedom to easily upgrade or downgrade your Novus pricing plan and adjust your features as your business needs evolve. Our pricing is flexible to accommodate your business growth as required.

  • Is there a minimum contract period to avail Novus loyalty program offerings?

    • Novus offers both monthly and annual subscription options helping you choose the desired plan that suits your business requirements. There are no long-term contracts or commitments.

  • How do I get support if I encounter any issues with the loyalty program?

    • We provide customer support via email, phone, and chat during business hours. Apart from that, we have a comprehensive knowledge base and documentation that can help you troubleshoot common issues all by yourself.

  • Can you provide examples of businesses that have had success with your loyalty program?

    • Yes! We have case studies and customer success stories that showcase the positive impact Novus has had on various businesses of varying sizes. Contact our team, and we'd be happy to share them with you.

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