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Choose SaaS Based Loyalty Modules to build customized loyalty programs

Novus enables small businesses and enterprises to build repeat customers with a wide range of loyalty solutions meeting simple and complex needs at reasonable rates.

Why Choose Novus Loyalty?

Achieving loyalty in any industry isn't an easy thing, which is why you need the expertise of Novus Loyalty to help you build engaging and dedicated solutions using sales-generating campaigns to reward customers in the right way.

That Boosts Growth

Create targeted campaigns in just a few seconds to boost engagement and drive growth with exclusive rewards and incentives.

That Drives Results

We enable businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers' behavior, helping them retain their most valuable customers.

That Empowers Businesses

Centralize customer, transaction, and campaign data to fine-tune loyalty programs, understand customer preferences, & optimize strategies for long-term growth.

Build Personalized Campaigns for Your Target Audience

Novus SaaS Loyalty enables brands to build customized campaigns based on various aspects to boost performance and unlock savings with fine-tuned targeting to turn your one-time customers into brand ambassadors.

  • Flexible Rules to manage incentive validation & redemption
  • Choose from various campaign types & discount effects
  • Real-Time Segmentation & Inventory Management
  • Faster Time-to-Market with Multi-Currency Support
Personalized loyalty campaigns
RFM Data Analysis

RFM Data Analysis for Better Customer Segmentation

Understand your customers' intents and customize promotions accordingly rather than using one-size-fits-all campaigns. Go for targeted promotional campaigns based on different aspects of the customer journey.

  • Purchasing patterns & shopping journey
  • Browsing patterns
  • Content viewed & traffic source
  • Shopping intensity & frequency
  • Product recommendations & preferences
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Meet Long-Term Growth Prospects with Custom ROI Dashboards

Novus SaaS Loyalty Platform Dashboard empowers businesses to get detailed insights about their customers with customizable user-friendly ROI dashboards and analyze the program's performance to support decisions with clear business metrics unlocking better opportunities.

  • All-in-one Customizable Dashboard
  • Interactive & Easy Data Visualization
  • Real-Time Reporting Capabilities
  • Predictive & Prescriptive Modelling
SaaS Loyalty Platform Dashboard

Flexible Loyalty Solutions to Unlock Business Specific Demands

Novus helps you choose from a wide range of loyalty solutions that can help you engage and retain customers for a long time to uncover customer loyalty growth.






Gift Cards

RFM Data Analysis

Growth Prospects

Long-lasting customer relationships at a
lower time and budget?

Create targeted campaigns in just a few seconds to boost engagement and drive growth with exclusive rewards and incentives. Choose SaaS Based Loyalty Modules to meet simple and complex needs at reasonable rates.

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Loyalty Solutions for Every Industry

Having expertise in any business niche across different industry verticals, Novus have all the specific functionality to provide custom software development for loyalty programs.

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