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Crafting Enhanced Travel Loyalty Experiences

Unlocking opportunities for travel companies to win travelers' loyalty and position their businesses for future growth with the right balance for both business & traveler value

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How Novus Loyalty Can Transform Your Travel Business?

With the complex dynamics of the travel industry, you need evolving travel loyalty programs that balance the
perceived value to travelers with the cost to the business and offer enhanced travel experiences meeting the
needs and expectations of travelers today.

Increase in Average Booking Value (ABV)

We build customized travel loyalty programs that drive specific customer behaviors and provide value to your business with compelling benefits across a wide range of rewards ensuring an increase in revenue per booking while building a long-term brand connection.

travel loyalty programs
travel loyalty solutions

Lower Last-Minute Booking Cancellations

Our team hold expertise in offering ideal loyalty solutions that focus on making travel experiences seamless for your customers with flexible booking cancellation policies & travel perks reducing the chance of last-minute booking updates and no-shows.

Rise in Destination Occupancy Rate

Let your customers save more by booking their travel itinerary in advance with special travel rewards such as lower flight fares and accommodation deals, free change and more thereby helping you bring back more customers and loyal flyers.

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travel rewards program

Challenges That Restrict Travel Loyalty Programs to Grow

Keeping in mind the unique challenges faced by travel and hospitality firms, Novus enables clients to build
custom-made travel loyalty platforms that will not only help to overcome these challenges but also help to
attain long-term success.

Travel Loyalty Platforms


Every travel firm is offering deals and services but due to global standardization, they seem similar to one another. In such cases, it becomes a challenge to offer unique experiences and offers.

Travel Loyalty software

Lower Personalization

Customers today crave unique experiences, which is the key to customer satisfaction. To retain the most loyal customers, brands can offer personalized travel packages based on the way they engage with them for their travels.

Travel rewards Program

Testimonials and Referrals

Customers today will not go out of their way to give testimonials or referrals, which is why brands need to offer extra benefits or value-based rewards to help brands bring in a lot of revenue.

Travel Loyalty software

Common Tour Packages

Modern travelers seek more unique and personalized experiences. Hence encouraging customers to try and pay for services is a challenge. To make them do so, having a good travel loyalty program is a must

Travel loyalty programs

Brand Reputation

When travel brands make itineraries for their customers, they may not go as planned in some cases leaving customers less than satisfied impacting the brand's reputation.

seasonal rewards program


The travel & tourism industry is highly subject to seasonality, which means travel destinations are preferred based on season or month. Brands must be able to engage customers with personalized travel campaigns.

Enabling Brands to Deliver What Travelers Want

Travel agencies and tourism firms need to revamp their travel loyalty programs to win a competitive
advantage by meeting three expectations travelers have in their minds.

Power of NOW

Customers today have no time and they want instant rewards and experiences when it comes to the travel brands they want to associate with.

Tested & Proved Experiences

With stiff competition in the market where different brands are offering similar travel plans and offerings, your brand must prove to your customers that they can always rely on your services

Flexibility-My Rewards, My Way

Ensure that your customers get the freedom to choose the kind of rewards they want. Spoil them with choices to meet the expectations of every customer.

Creating New Value with the Best Customer
Loyalty Solution for Travel

All-in-One Travel Loyalty solution

We empower industry professionals to create robust and engaging loyalty programs aligned to specific client's needs, which guarantees smooth and seamless data exchange between hundreds of partners and customers globally.

Customized Solutions across Marketing Scenarios

Our team enables clients to achieve business goals for multiple marketing scenarios providing you with a wide range of promotional tools that help you reach your target audience.

Special Focus on Practicality and Security

Our team enables brands to deliver a highly scalable and secure architecture aligned to support your constantly growing customer expectations and market demands. Additionally, we offer user-friendly design helping you store data in one place giving any time access anywhere.

Always Updated on the Latest Trends

Aligned with the latest travel industry trends, the loyalty programs built by Novus Loyalty enable integration with social media channels to ensure that customers use a dedicated mobile app for their benefit.

Cloud-enabled System

Designed to be fully compatible with all major public cloud providers, our travel loyalty programs enable brands to grab all the benefits such as auto-scaling, high uptime, availability, backup, and disaster recovery.

Novus Offerings
to Turn Expectations
into Excellence

Loyalty campaign management
Loyalty Program

Choose any rules for marketing activities and loyalty campaigns you wish to help you meet your specific business priorities and offer personalized offers based on geolocation. Our loyalty programs are highly flexible to modify or update anytime you wish and meet requirements.

Personalized loyalty programs
Personalized Deals
for travelers

Based on AI and ML technology, Novus enable brands to detect customer behaviors and pattern and offer highly personalized offers and deals with ease. Experiment with various product categories and program scenarios to win travelers' hearts.

Enterprise Loyalty Program
Support & Manage
Flexible Currency

Novus supports multiple currencies enabling businesses across the world to connect with customers and help in quick currency conversion. Any customer can make a quick transfer of reward points to their friends or family or get a refund if needed.

Loyalty Management System
Customer Data and Insights

Our system is built with full customer data and analytics related to sales to ensure that your program meets the needs and is always up-to-date with the performance of loyalty programs. With an easy and intuitive interface, Novus support quick access to customer insights & plan campaigns.

B2B and B2C loyalty programs
Strong Multi-Tenancy

Novus enables businesses to run and host multiple B2B and B2C loyalty programs using a single platform and access to loyalty programs to any authorized parties within a few seconds. We offer cost-effective solutions in terms of hardware and third-party software saving money.

brand loyalty program
Access to Partner Data

We help brands to stay connected with their partners helping them make necessary updates anytime they wish to meet their evolving expectations. Novus offers access to a dedicated module to provide partners with all relevant data and tools in no time.

Real-time loyalty programs
Real Time

We ensure that our loyalty programs offer real-time processing of all loyalty transactions. Serving as a great database for products and stores, our solutions are capable of monitoring members' activities and avoiding fraud detection and prevention mechanisms.

travel loyalty programs

With the support of different types of rewards, our travel loyalty programs help to engage customers with deals, giveaways, free service, vouchers, and more. With a personalized reward system, we encourage brands to make customers more involved, helping to win loyalty.

secure loyalty programs
Fraud Prevention &

Choose any rules for marketing activities and loyalty campaigns you wish to help you meet your specific business priorities and offer personalized offers based on geolocation. Our loyalty programs are highly flexible to modify or update anytime you wish and meet requirements.

AI-based loyalty program
Exceptional Customer

Designed to offer processes related to supporting loyalty program members, we help brands to communicate with customers easily in real-time and manage data with timely resolution of queries. We offer an AI-based chatbot, so customers can connect and get anything resolved anytime

Loyalty Program to Reward travelers

Choose a Loyalty Program
That Reward travelers &
Travel Companies

Travel loyalty programs were originally designed for business travelers that can meet the high thresholds to qualify for status. But things have changed tremendously after the pandemic. Travel firms must prepare for travelers’ needs, desires, and behaviors that evolve with time. Without adapting to the new updates and changes, no travel loyalty program can grow completely.

Novus Loyalty enables brands to transform their programs keeping the focus on turning their loyalty investments to value for both travelers as well as the business. Creating perceived value for travelers is essential to create a profitable loyalty program for travel companies. The more focus you keep on widening the gap between customers' perceived value and cost to the business, the better you can monetize the travel loyalty programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the loyalty program help improve Trip Success Rate?
  • With Novus' loyalty program, we can help you enhance every aspect of travel, from booking to arrival. As your customers move through the loyalty tiers, they will unlock better benefits such as priority boarding, lounge access, personalized services, etc. which contribute to a higher Trip Success Rate.
  • Do I have an option for my travel business to co-brand or customize the loyalty program to align with specific brand identity and offerings?
  • Yes, we provide co-branding and customization options for different travel industry businesses. Novus help you to align the loyalty program with your brand identity and tailor it to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers.
  • Is it possible to offer the loyalty program's benefits to specific customer segments or loyalty tiers?
  • Yes, Novus gives you the flexibility to target specific customer segments or loyalty tiers with the specific program's benefits. This helps you to tailor your offerings for different customer groups based on their travel preferences and budgets.
  • Can the loyalty program increase the Advance Bookings Percentage, and how it will help our business?
  • The program incentivizes bookings by offering early bird promotions and exclusive access to pre-sale offers. This increases the Percentage of Advance Bookings, which helps you plan resources better and enhances your business's revenue predictability.
  • How does the loyalty program contribute to traveler satisfaction?
  • traveler satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we create loyalty programs that can enhance the travel experience with benefits such as priority services, lounge access, and exclusive discounts, all of which contribute to a long-term connection.
  • Will the loyalty program benefit frequent travelers who spend more on travel services?
  • Frequent travelers who spend more can achieve elite status within the loyalty program, which comes with enhanced benefits like priority services, additional rewards, and access to premium lounges, thereby increasing the value of their trips.
  • How can a loyalty program increase average trip spending for my travel business?
  • A well-designed loyalty program can incentivize travelers helping them spend more by offering rewards, discounts, and exclusive benefits, ultimately increasing their average trip spend with your business.
  • Will the loyalty program improve the overall travel experience to reduce changes and cancellations?
  • Yes, a good loyalty program can offer enhanced travel experiences by offering special travel perks, complimentary upgrades, lounge access, and exclusive travel recommendations encouraging travelers to stick with their plans and avoid cancellations.
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