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How does Points Program work?

Motivate purchases & normal interactions

Offer loyalty points for basic actions

Give freedom to spend points on desired rewards

Reward customers for different types
of engagement

Points for purchases

Points for registration

Points for newsletter

Points for promotions

Points for customer tier

Points for referrals

Sales target bonus points

User-Generated Content

Celebrate Anniversaries or Birthdays

Social Engagement
(Shares & Follows)

Points for custom actions

Custom bonus points

Multiple Benefits & Perks in One Program

Quick Implementation

Choosing a customer points system ensures fast implementation as it treats all customers equally without the need for segmentation. When you reward only for purchases, the process is quick and simple than any other loyalty rewards program type.

quick implementation of loyalty program
convenient and affordable loyalty program

Convenient & Affordable

As the reward redemption rate is limited by the available loyalty currency, a customer points system is less expensive than a discount program and can be easily integrated without hassles.

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Engage Customers with Reward Points

Kick start with an engaging and impactful reward points system for your customers.

Set earning rule and define how many points can be earned based on transactional details. Combine earning rules based on time, segment, location and numerous other aspects.

redeem rewards using loyalty program
redeem rewards with loyalty program

Higher Perceived Value

Though the reward points have a higher perceived value than their actual cost, customers consider the point-based programs as great deals. Unspent points enable brands to save additional money.

Easy Usage

These programs are extremely easy to use as customers only need to rack up the earnings and redeem them when they have enough. It makes customers use the program quickly and start earning with ease.

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easy usage of loyalty program software
incentivize your loyalty program

Incentivized Customer ID

Customers need to identify themselves through registration or loyalty cards to start getting rewarded with these earnings which are possible both online and in-store purchases.

Transfer Points

Make points transfer quick and convenient within your loyalty rewards program.

Keep track on every point transaction in your loyalty program. Transfer manually or import from third-party systems. Manage everything from calculating number of points to active, expired or used points.

transfer points using loyalty program
redeem points using loyalty program software

Redeem Points
in Multiple Ways

Allow your loyals to spend points anywhere they would love!

Get started with a redemption mechanism best suited for your business and let the customer use their points to redeem in multiple ways including offers, gift cards, flight booking and many more in the row.


Bringing forth a points-based loyalty rewards program for behavioral rewards.

Reward your loyal customers with behavioral earning rules based on particular patterns. Encourage customers to perform actions including getting a new customer onboarded, joining a newsletter, rewarding on first purchase, rewarding on special occasions like Birthday & anniversaries and a lot more!

incentivize behavior using loyalty program

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Program Examples

Points Reward

Customers earn points based on regular purchases or other engagement actions, which can be later exchanged for desired rewards. For instance, 1 point is earned on every $1 spent and for every 10 points, customers can avail of a $1 discount on the next purchase.

Recommended Industry:
Electronics, Groceries, Retailers

Frequency Reward

Let customers unlock rewards by completing a specific milestone or a series of purchases. Rewards can be extra product offerings free of cost or one-time services.

Recommended Industry:
Restaurant Services, Hospitality

Which Business Needs a Point-Based Program?

Brands with high purchase frequency & fast purchase decisions

Brands and retailers who are selling commodities

Businesses that are competing on value for money

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