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Impactful Loyalty Solutions for Healthcare

Connect with patients, members, employees and every bit of healthcare with digital loyalty solutions.

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Build Long Term Loyalty, with a World Healthier

Improve your customer experience through all channels, incentivizing your patients, healthcare workers, customers or the members of your healthcare journey. Introduce loyalty through our all-equipped healthcare loyalty solution and bring in more power to your sales and business. Wheel with Novus for a simplified healthcare loyalty programs and management solution.

Loyalty for Patients

Apart from extensive care, the patients deserve to be rewarded for their ongoing relationship with a healthcare institution. Our healthcare loyalty solutions offer exclusive benefits for patient care and retention.

Boosting patient's engagement by offering incentives, discounts, and points. We offer healthcare membership programs for rewarding patients’ regular activities and their contribution towards their own health-

Visiting schedules sessions/doctor appointments on time

Completing home-exercising programs

Understanding and reading specific information related to a patient's health condition

Referring healthcare services to friends and family

Attending healthcare seminars, conferences

Loyalty Program for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations require an all-inclusive loyalty management platform to cater to employee or healthcare worker's rewards, patient care, and incentives and an all-round loyalty management. Healthcare loyalty programs can help the managing authorities to value their associates and reward them in multiple ways-

customer loyalty in healthcare

Offering reward points on consultation fee or consultation charges spent on a doctor's visit

patient loyalty in healthcare

Offers and discounts on diagnostic test packages

patient loyalty program

Discounted room tariffs for patients associated with the hospital

healthcare loyalty software

Rewards for doctors and employees enrolling more patients in the loyalty program

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Healthcare is shifting Digital, so should your Approach to Cater

Healthcare Employee Rewards

Healthcare Employee Rewards

Customer Incentivization

Patient/Customer Incentivization

Gamification in Healthcare

Gamification in Healthcare

Rewarding in Physical Events

Rewarding in Physical Events

Why Novus for Loyalty in Healthcare

Technology Enabled Platform

While digital is the new reality, healthcare providers love to embed technology in their loyalty solutions. Novus is a technology powered loyalty solution giving a fresh look of loyalty to healthcare services.

Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual Support

Choose the currency you wish to run your healthcare loyalty program in, and we are here to get you started at a spark. Get your program designed in multiple languages, currencies, and denominations.


Never feel alone in getting your patients or customers rewarded! Our dedicated team of experts help at every step from onboarding to completion and let your healthcare solution goals right on point.

Program Offerings

Amongst diverse types of Loyalty Program Types, we can get you what suits your goals

Points-Based Loyalty Program

Points-Based Rewards Program is the best-suited option for incentivizing patients/halthcare workers on regular communications, building earnings & redemption rules and altering them as and when needed.

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Tiered Loyalty Program

Implement tier-based loyalty programs to offer exclusive benefits to various Patients/ healthcare workers based on their loyalty, frequent visits for monthly health checkup or medical tests, and many other aspects.

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Cashback Loyalty Program

Cashback loyalty programs are an amazing strategy wherein a brand gives a chunk of the spending back into the patient's account and encourages them to repeat visits.

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Referral Loyalty Programs

Get new customers through a customized referral loyalty program. Introduce sharing with friend, incentivize on each referral and move your branding with the power of word of mouth!

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Value your Healthcare Workers with quick payouts

Value and appreciate the ones dedicating their lives to healthcare, your employees deserve quick payouts and instant rewards on staying up for the patients and organization.

Overtime Rewards
Employee of the month Rewards
Incentives/vouchers on exceptional performance

Gratify Patients with Incentives

Go beyond just the regular discounts and rewards and gratify your patients with overall wellness rewards including free membership of gyms, spas, physiotherapy or special digital rewards etc.

  • Discounts on healthcare services
  • Exclusive offers on diagnostic tests
  • Cashbacks and percentage-based discounts on regular bills
Gratify Patients with Incentives
Gamify the Approach to Healthcare

Gamify the Approach to Healthcare

Gamification can boost the fun element in healthcare industry! Let games be a part of your healthcare rewarding journey to engage and retain patients in the long run.

  • Healthcare based quiz to increase patient engagement
  • Spin the wheel for regular healthcare discount rewards
  • Social recognition with a smart leaderboard to showcase winners

Incentivizing in Physical Events

Alongside various seminars, events and physical communication possibilities, we offer digital rewards to create a buzz amongst the participants and ensure they stay active in the near future too!

  • Participation points for people visiting the events
  • Discounted health checkups on being a part of a seminar/conferences
  • Instant gift vouchers and offers for active participants
Incentivizing in Physical Events

done windy fast!

Integrate with our preset healthcare solutions and management system to just add in your data and get going with a click.

No-code API

Our no-code API is a rich reward catalog to fit in with your website or CRM without any need for a separate infrastructure. Start integrating and automating your reward experience instantly.

Trusted Technology Partners

Witness our smart technology partnership network and quick integration with varied platforms. Connect with third party systems such as Facebook, Twitter, SendGrid or integrate with your POS system and website shopping cart. Join hands to build superior Loyalty Experiences!

Client Testimonials

clients testimonials novus

We really love this program. It’s been great to be able to custom create rewards for our customers. Even our customers have given us great reviews with how easy it is for them to redeem their rewards.

-Mark Pullen, Program Manager

Quick integration and easy configuration helped us launch our enhanced loyalty rewards program. We had a lot of questions, are were very happy with the support we received during our program set up. We have seen great results using the program. Good work Novus team. Appreciated

-Sanyal, Vice President, BFSI

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