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Best Healthcare Loyalty Programs You Must Be Aware Of

  • Posted on September 21, 2022 by Robert
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Healthcare Loyalty program

Customer satisfaction is crucial for the success of every business. With increasing competition in the market, it is becoming difficult to keep customers engaged with your business for a long time. The more positively a business engaged with its customers, the more referral companies get. This happens in the case of the healthcare industry as well. A well-strategized and personalized level of engagement is likely to garner patient loyalty.

The need to improve patient loyalty is becoming the need of the hour for every healthcare organization since patients are more likely to move to another hospital if not satisfied with the care & experience they received. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of the Healthcare Loyalty Program and how it can help engage & engage patients for a long time.

Healthcare Loyalty Programs & Its Benefits for Hospitals

Loyalty solutions for the healthcare sector are the way to improve the customer experience while building their trust towards the healthcare service provider making patients choose them over competitors.

Here are some of the benefits that a healthcare loyalty program-

– Enhanced Patient Retention

Using the right loyalty program help in boosting patients ‘engagement by offering personalized incentives, discounts, and reward points redeemable on treatments, which eventually helps in patient retention. This also enables patients to change their attitudes towards the business and helps in improving brand image.

– Ensure Repeat Business

With the help of an effective healthcare loyalty program, healthcare firms can reward patients to continue using available services for better savings. A loyalty program ensures that the patients return to your institution when they need future healthcare services if you are offering personalized care.

– Increase in Referrals

One of the most effective ways to get referrals is to win patients’ loyalty by offering the best and world-class treatment with exclusive benefits meant for them only. If they are satisfied, they are more likely to recommend your hospital to their families and friends, bring you more referrals through word-of-mouth marketing, and boost business growth.

– Lower Cost for Engagement

With a loyalty program, hospitals and healthcare firms can engage their old or existing patients with lesser effort and expenses as compared to acquiring new ones. Patient engagement is done more effortlessly when you save cost and gets positive business results at a lower time.

– Boost Business ROI

Healthcare firms that implement well-planned loyalty programs are the ones that get a good return on investment. Loyalty programs are gaining huge attention as they help in retaining loyal patients by proving ways to keep them engaged for a long time. This ensures a better patient base and higher referrals, which means an increase in ROI.

List of the Top Loyalty Programs That Are Doing Wonders in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare loyalty programs are becoming a great trend in the market today. Known for being the best way to increase customer base and boost loyalty, these programs can be used to offer gift cards, special deals, exciting rewards, etc. making them choose your organization again and again.

Here are some of the best-known loyalty programs that are successfully used by many hospitals and healthcare firms.

– VIP Patient Loyalty Programs

These types of loyalty programs are quite common where exclusive benefits are given to patients that use your services more frequently. Rewards that are offered through VIP patient programs include free health checkups, free valet parking, special discount at the hospital pharmacy, etc.

You can start by offering VIP memberships, access to social events, and a tiered loyalty program to the ones who recommended your services & brought referrals

– Paid Membership Loyalty Programs

As the name suggests, your patients can pay a special fee for membership where they will get benefits from the hospital and healthcare firms. This may include free doctor appointments with the same doctor after their first visit or the privilege to connect over audio/video call whenever needed for medical assistance.

This program is recommended for those patients who have to visit the hospital regularly as they can save a lot of effort and money.

– Social Events for Patients

These program types are new and follow a unique concept where you invite your old patients to attend special social events like parties at the hospital and tell them to share their experiences at your hospital.

This will ensure that the patients feel valued as well as recognized, enhancing customer loyalty towards your institution when you offer them such rewards.

– Cumulative Discount for Using Services

This program type is exclusively preferred for those patients that need to buy medicines regularly where they get the items at a reduced price depending on the amount they spent on your medical services.

Another way to reward them is to offer extra service for free when they take 5 services at a time. This will help in not only increase the livelihood of your patients to visit your hospital multiple times but also keep them engaged in the long run.

– Access to Free Health Checkup

Another type of loyalty program is the one that offers patients who are loyalty program members free health screenings. This helps them to keep themselves fit and informed of any new or unknown health issues for earlier detection.

The other way is to help patients get access to educational resources so that they can increase their knowledge of certain health conditions & improve their health.

Key Takeaways

As more and more hospitals are becoming aware of the importance of healthcare loyalty solutions & many are successfully implementing them to their evolving business needs. Among all the marketing strategies used to boost sales, having a good loyalty program is considered the best option that enables hospitals to fulfill the needs of the healthcare of existing patients.

Novus is an all-in-one Loyalty Management Software that enabled several healthcare firms to build custom and top-notch healthcare programs driving growth and referrals. If you are planning to grow your healthcare business with a reliable loyalty program, feel free to connect with our experts and book a demo to see how Novus can help.

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