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Novus Loyalty Management System

Novus has been a global provider of cutting-edge IT products for improving customer engagement. With our high-end technology and global experience in carrying out the most complex loyalty-focused projects. We ensure you have a supportive loyalty management system to work for you! Novus Loyalty Management is a comprehensive, cloud-based system, supporting both B2B & B2C operators, utilizing the latest technologies, and analyzing customer behavior for targeted communication.

Why do Businesses Need a Customer Loyalty
Management System?

Smart Customer Engagement

We provide an automated system allowing businesses to kickstart and maintain customer communication to ensure uniformity & consistency over time.

Stay Differentiated

We strive to make you look differentiated by creating customized programs to grab your customer’s attention.

Reduced Acquisition Cost

Reduce customer acquisition costs with loyalty management software facilitating branding in your business.

Customer Behavior Insights

Understand your customers better with the high-end technologies working exclusively for your brand.

Foster Loyalty of the Associated Members

Prevent customer churn rate and foster loyalty amongst your loyalty program members.

Elevated Brand Awareness

We will help you gain a stronger market position and stay an edge above your competitors.

Real-time efficiency

Stay ready to communicate with your customers via multiple communication mediums effectively.

Ease of Use

Run multiple loyalty programs all at once, using a single, robust loyalty management system to handle it all.

Operational Convenience

Define the most complex loyalty program rules without having any specified IT knowledge or expertise.

Cloud-based System

We offer a Cloud-based system to help you take maximum advantage of all the capabilities our system offers.

Customer Engagement - Loyalty management system Stay Differentiated - Loyalty Management System Reduced Acquisition Cost Customer Behavior Insights Foster Loyalty of the Associated Members Elevated Brand Awareness with Loyalty management software Real-time efficiency Ease of Use Operational Convenience Cloud-based Loyalty management Software

Key features of Loyalty Management Software

Out-of-the-box customer touchpoints interfaces

We come up with exciting features to let you stay in budget and manage it all in a lesser time altogether.

Providing flexible incentives

Covering all sorts of customer requirements, our loyalty management software helps in setting up various types of rewards for the customers.

Flexible program limits (including rewards stacking, expiry dates, budget limits)

Setting up reward rules, budget limits are quite important, we facilitate in providing options to set up the rules and manage throughout conveniently.

Intuitive Rewards Management

We come up with various types of rewards to be offered to your most valuable customers including discounts, cashbacks, vouchers etc.

Customization possibilities

As a solution provider we ensure to have a deep knowledge on your use cases to add custom rules, events or attributes to your personalized loyalty management solution.

Flexible API

We offer an API first approach to ensure Fast time-to-market, Omnichannel compatibility, Affordability and Scalability


Novus ensures your brand must have minimum development effort required throughout! We offer developer-friendly Loyalty program platform to let you avail clear & extensive documentation.

Meeting the security and privacy requirements

We offer two-factor authentication and other privacy & security features to meet legal requirements and let you stay hassle free.

Why choose Novus Loyalty as
your Loyalty Management Software

Simple, powerful and fast loyalty management software

Simple, Powerful & Fast

Customize every aspect including loyalty points, vouchers and rewards based on your business goals and automate your loyalty program on the go!

Analyze data with Loyalty management software

Analyze Data

Optimize customer engagement through accessing impactful insights through collected data educating on consumer behavior and preferences.

Omnichannel engagement

Omnichannel Engagement

Let your customers earn and burn loyalty points through any medium including app, website, social media or offline store.

Go Live in No Time

Go Live in No Time

Choose from our launch-reach options and go live in days!

ROI-focused Loyalty Program

ROI-focused Loyalty Program

Get started with a loyalty program curated to help you boost ROI and deliver the best of sales.

Go an edge above Transactional Rewards

Go an edge above Transactional Rewards

Get your customers much more than just transactional rewards, incentivize on social shares, referrals and store check-ins and value the small gestures.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Novus Loyalty Management?
  • Novus Loyalty Management is a comprehensive, cloud-based system, supporting both B2B & B2C operators, utilizing the latest technologies, and analyzing customer behavior for targeted communication.
  • What Reward Types are Offered by Novus Loyalty Management Platform?
  • Novus offers all sorts of customer reward options including the regular point-based system, tier-based rewards, rewards through digital wallets, cashback & discount options and rewards on referrals. Above all, we have a personalized approach in curating the right sort of rewards for the customers, or target-based options dedicated on the data collected through analyzing customer behavior and purchasing patterns.
  • How can I connect with Novus for developing a personalized Loyalty Management Software?
  • We'd love to help you in assisting over every single detail of your loyalty management software! Fill in our contact form or explore our platform for better understanding with a free trial option.

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