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Dynamic Offer Management Platform

Engage customers with understanding where, when, and how people buy

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Data-driven Personalization
and Optimization at Scale

We live in a customer-centric world. Quickly create customized offers to match specific customer needs. Increase revenue by offering segment-specific products & services or complex partner bundles.

A Unified Offers Management Dashboard

Loyalty program offers management platform
  • Select offers from multiple sources, or upload
    your own
  • Personalize offers delivery and set up bundle
    rules like location etc.
  • Publish offers as per your brand
  • Track all metrics - from intent to redemption


Easy integration

CRM agnostic

Connect any, or many



Product Catalog






Dynamic Offers
at Scale

Create offers customized to your requirements, add in personalization and automation specifically for your target audience.

Higher Loyalty
Program Profitability

Better offers to target provide a higher AOV and increased ROI. Use our smart technology to power smarter business outcomes.

Test, Measure &
Learn Faster

Keep a track and measure your campaign performance over time with our best in class technology in power.

API Integration with offer provider

Merchants API

The merchant API allows you to add merchants seamlessly in the platform community and get connected on the go!

Offers API

Through an Offer API, create new offers in the system, enable activation & deactivation for customers and conveniently track qualified transaction activity.

Rewards API

Make your customers feel special by issuing credits for qualified transactions and providing perks whenever needed.

Engage customers across banks' online,
mobile, and email channels

Our platform integrates seamlessly into banks' digital channels

Engage customers across banks' online, and email channels

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