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Loyalty Programs, Structured to Customer Retention

We're skilled to provide your customers, the goodness of being loyal with your brand!

Providing retailers with the most sophisticated
tools - online and instore

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On point features to polish your Loyalty Programs Experience on the go

POS Integration

Integrated POS System to manage sales, customer database and everything needed to run your business successfully!

Customer loyalty APPs

Loyalty Apps for customers, providing them a flexible approach to check their reward points and manage their loyalty dashboard on the go

Retail CRM Dashbord

Ready to use customized Retail CRM Dashboard to get the needed details on point, engage in better business management and encash better profits

Campaign Manager

Manage multiple campaigns running simultaneously through your loyalty solution dashboard and stay hands on with ROI reports of each!

Voucher and Coupons

Get an all set platform to manage your Vouchers and Coupons database along with a detailed analysis of the one working best for you

Emailer Marketing

Engage more customers through Email Marketing, Novus comes with the necessary configurations you find beneficial for your brand promotion

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Best Customer Behavior, Loyalty Marketing & Loyalty Statistics for 2022 and Beyond

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Top Loyalty Program Frequently Asked Questions every brand is willing to know

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