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Marketing Strategies
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We enable brands to create customized marketing campaigns in a fraction of seconds using our Novus's Marketing Automation Module. From optimizing the campaign planning process to simplifying the management of marketing operations and automating multi-channel activities, we’ve got everything covered!

Built to enhance the productivity of campaigns with real-time monitoring, Novus's MA platform helps marketers to automate campaigns throughout their customer journeys based on earlier interactions & create successful cross-channel campaigns.

Loyalty Campaigns

Create well-planned campaigns using loyalty features & offer value to customers

Marketing Campaigns

Reach your target audience better with relevant marketing offer campaign types

Customized Campaigns

Build a custom campaign specifically based on your marketing goals, brand strategy, & budget

Create Different Marketing Campaigns with Novus

Enrich your marketing plan with unique customer engagement strategies. Customer engagement is crucial during each stage of the customer journey. We help companies in leveraging all the communication channels with targeted marketing actions based on real data, completely aligned with your annual marketing plan.

Loyalty campaigns are an effective way to bring in better opportunities for loyalty members. To let this recurring task be the easiest we came up with built-in campaign blueprints, complete testing and much more. Our loyalty campaign management system offers flexible scenario-based campaigns to target the right set of customers.

Loyalty Campaigns

Points Based Loyalty Campaign

Use point-based loyalty campaigns to reward customers instantly with loyalty points for their purchases, behaviors, or specific interactions by using different earning rules that boost customer retention & engagement.

Tier-Based Loyalty Campaign

Making use of personalized tier-based campaigns enables businesses to Identify the most valuable customers and grow retention by offering increasingly better benefits in exchange for purchases and engagement actions.

Digital Wallets Loyalty Campaign

Digital wallet loyalty program management software enables businesses to help customers keep track of earned and redeemed points or cash back. Make use of effective loyalty strategies and offer a personalized experience to save, spend and get a refund instantly in a digital wallet solution.

Cashback & Discounts Loyalty Campaign

Providing instant incentives to engage and retain customers with cashback loyalty campaigns are an amazing way enabling brands to give a chunk of the spending back into the customer's account encouraging them to repeat purchases.

Referral Loyalty Campaign

Acquire new customers with less costing by using customized referral loyalty campaigns. Let your customers share a word about your brand’s offerings with a friend or colleague & get rewarded on every successful referral.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Based Campaigns

Make use of timely marketing & targeted promotion campaigns to drive engagement via various mediums like SMS, emails, instant messaging, etc. and build a stronger customer base with relevant offers & discounts based campaigning on seasonal sales, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, new year, new product launches, etc.

Customized Campaigns

Customized Campaigns

Cannot find loyalty campaigns that you are looking for? We have custom-made campaigns as well that fit perfectly as per the specific business needs. Build a well targeted approach to reach the maximum customer base and test it to avoid any errors in the process before the final launch of your campaign.

Features of Campaign Management Loyalty Platform

Design Campaign Workflow

Precise Customer Targeting

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Full Control of Campaign Budget

Keep Track of Campaign Progress

Reporting & Analysis of Campaign Results

Design Campaign Workflow

Our smart campaign workflow tool can help a loyalty program rule turn into a campaign right away. It comes with a smart dashboard with unlimited flexibility and quick integration with the existing loyalty program.

Equipped with custom workflow mechanisms for automation of campaign processes, we enable you to manage the flow of marketing operations. Using workflow-oriented templates, Novus enables you to plan the set of defined tasks that will be automatically assigned to campaigns.

Using our campaign management module, you can assign users according to their roles/tasks and create access for third parties like agencies, vendors, etc. to make anyone a part of the campaign creation process.

Precise Customer Targeting

With advanced customer segmentation, we help you target the audience as per their demographics, channel preferences, earlier shopping experiences, campaign history, etc.

To deliver highly personalized experiences, make use of segments, import, merge & filter new or existing target groups in cross-channel campaigns.

Seamless Omni-Channel Experience

Make use of our templates to create engaging content for customers and communicate directly via different channels i.e. emails, text messages, or personalized mobile notifications.

Based on your preferences, feel free to choose and send individual, cyclical, or triggered messages and schedule to engage customers with offers.

Full Control of Campaign Budget

Gain complete control over your campaign budget by assigning marketing costs associated with a single campaign or sponsors. Also, compare the estimated & actual costs of marketing operations.

To help you decide whether your budget matches your campaign costs, you can easily calculate communication costs and split expenses among cost centers and campaign stages with ease.

Keep Track of Campaign Progress

To help you meet your campaign goals effectively, our solution offers an easily customizable dashboard that provides you with all the updates on your promotional operations.

Get access to real-time tracking of key metrics regarding communication with customers such as click-throughs, open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe numbers, etc.

Reporting & Analysis of Campaign Results

Get information about your campaigns’ results delivered in any desired format of report templates i.e. PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, etc. with advanced reports for analysis of data associated with message delivery and engagement.

Along with ad-hoc reporting and marketing analytics with dashboards, make use of automated report-sharing options with the team on regular basis for timely insights.

Benefits of Using Novus Campaign
Management Module

smart loyalty campaign management
  • Seamless campaign planning with customer data access
  • Manage simple to complex multi-stage campaigns with ease
  • Multiple communication channels for better engagement
  • Automate personalized campaigns & offers for enhanced sales
  • Creating personalized offers resulting in better sales
  • Real-time campaign performance analysis & reporting
  • Quick Insights into marketing costs & the budget
  • Support of built-in templates, graphics tools & predefined tasks

Partners & Clients Who Trust Us


We really love this program. It's been great to be able to custom create rewards for our customers. Even our customers have given us great reviews with how easy it is for them to redeem their rewards.

-Mark Pullen, Program Manager

The results from using Novus rewards program are inspiring; in just 4 months after launching the rewards program our customer retention rate has increased by 30%.

- Nicolas. P, Owner, Retail

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the basic features that the Novus Loyalty Marketing Campaign management module offers?
  • Novus offers a wide range of features such as profile management, multi-step campaign planning, personalized communication based on segmentation & targeting, message dispatch & automation, marketing operations, budget & cost, user management, etc.
  • What are the communication channel types supported by Novus Loyalty?
  • With Novus Loyalty marketing management, you can use different channels for communication with customers such as email, SMS, mail, mobile push, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Does Novus support integration with social media platforms?
  • Yes, it can be integrated with platforms like Facebook & Twitter where marketers can schedule, and publish single/multiple posts.
  • Can I generate reports on Novus Loyalty Campaign Management?
  • Yes, you can generate a set of operational report templates in different file formats including XLS, PDF, CSV, HTML, etc.
  • How can I deploy and deliver a campaign management solution?
  • Novus Loyalty Campaign Management can be deployed as a standalone implementation at the customer data center, hosted solution in the Novus data center, or managed model.
  • Can I customize the interface of the campaign management module for marketers?
  • Novus offers easily-customizable features that enable users to perform a wide range of tasks i.e. new campaign set-up, customer segmentation, design of message templates, reporting, etc. Our campaign management module is equipped with drag and drop wizards, charts and dashboards, calendars, templates, & more to create new elements in the system.

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