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Loyalty Program Software
for Small Business

Small today, Big tomorrow
New Customers Create Your Database,
Repeat Business Builds Your Revenue
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Not Getting Repeat Business i.e. Your Customers are Forgetting You!

Repeat Business Essential to Make Your
Small Business Survive

More than 60% of mom-and-pop businesses state that most of their revenue comes from repeat customers rather than new leads - BIAKelsey

Small businesses are struggling, and the only way is to keep the focus on immediate marketing help through the right loyalty rewards programs & gift cards.

customer loyalty programs for small business
customer rewards programs for small business

Can't Afford Expensive Programs or Low Expertise in New Loyalty Technologies

Many small businesses suffer as they cannot afford digital loyalty card systems & the ones who have tried earlier failed due to many reasons.

  • Need expensive scanner technology
  • Not practical for non-global stores
  • Need physical loyalty cards
  • No gift card creation technology

Thanks to new innovations that enable small and medium-scale businesses to foster loyalty irrespective of their business size by building trust with existing customers via affordable yet powerful loyalty solutions.

Facts & Figures Showing the Significance
of Loyalty Programs


of global customers say they would stick to brands offering a loyalty program - Nielson


of consumers are more likely to spend more money on the brand after signing up for their loyalty programs - McKinsey


more efforts needed to acquire a new customer rather than to keep an existing one - Harvard Business Review


of customers with gift cards spend more than the value of their gift cards with the brand - National Retail Federation

Why have a Loyalty Rewards Program for your business?

Customer Retention is crucial for every business regardless of their sizes. Increase in just 5% of loyal customer base can bring in 75% of more revenue. To keep customers engaged with your brand, you have to ensure that your customer is rewarded. So, loyalty rewards program software is the best option to grow your business.

Novus Loyalty Program for SMB's

We're an end to end loyalty solution provider for businesses that go beyond the standard framework of engaging customers through reward options.

Our Loyalty Rewards PaaS (Platform as a Service) is designed for businesses who're willing to implement it in sales channels or have an already running small business loyalty rewards program. Novus's key feature is its preparedness to support loyalty systems. The platform has been curated for clients requiring the implementation of a product that will work with the existing loyalty reward system for SMBs or allow its introduction.

loyalty program for small business

How does our Loyalty Rewards Program Software work for a Small Business?

Offering loyalty in full swing, we're all equipped with excellent features, membership benefits to the customers, great rewarding experience and pretty much everything along!

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loyalty software for small business

We've been in Business for long, serving varied industries
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No matter if you've just begun, we're here to get you the right loyalty solution. Customized to your requirements,
with a team of experts and most importantly fitting perfectly in your Budget!

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Our Loyalty Offerings

We help you build a small business loyalty rewards platform step by step with the best-in-class offerings to level up your business. Here are some of the core modules of our system which help you to engage your customers at every step.

Loyalty Engine

Get along with an impactful loyalty engine to drive sales and fit in perfect with your business network. We're the right solution to develop small businesses customer loyalty platform, stay relaxed with easy loyalty campaign management, implement loyalty rule engine, have it all personalized and keep a track with smart reporting and analytics.

Reward Marketplace

Deliver an amazing rewarding experience to your users with a loyalty rewards marketplace. Keep up with your loyalty game through personalized rewards and offers exclusively crafted for your customers. Simultaneously stay align with an all-equipped offer management module.

Gift Card Management

Make engagement useful and impactful with a smart gift card management system. Create, manage and track hundreds of digital gift cards seamlessly. Get on wheels with our quick integration options, smart possibility to analyze customer data and share it wherever you want!

Offer Management

Have a dynamic loyalty program offer management platform for data-driven personalization and optimization. In the world dedicated to customers, we help in creating customized offers to match specific customer requirements and increase revenue by offering segment-specific products & services.


Engage your customers in a fun way! For the businesses aiming to improve their customer experience, we offer gamification loyalty program to keep it exciting and innovating to keep the communication on! Our predesigned set of games includes spin the wheel, MCQ's etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does our Loyalty Rewards Program work wonders for your Small Business?
  • As a small business, the basic motive is always bringing more customers onboarded, making engagement easier than ever and ultimately boost revenue. Our customer loyalty reward programs solutions for small business and excellent in covering all your business goals and beyond! We're always on the toes when it's about improving customer experience, helping the brand in multiple ways through providing rewards programs app for small businesses.
  • What if I already have a small business loyalty rewards program working for us, how can Novus help in upgrading?
  • If you're already having a loyalty rewards software for small business, we consider you're already on the right track to have it all through loyalty. Novus can always help in upgrading your existing business loyalty program with technology empowered features, with separate add on including loyalty engine, gift card management, customer points redemption platform, offer management platform, merchant loyalty program, or a gamification solution to increase customer engagement and retention.
  • Is the business loyalty rewards program too expensive? Are there any preset pricing plans?
  • There's nothing called expensive as our pricing starts from $250 per month. We have 2 preset pricing plans offering a plethora of options. Starter plan costing $250 a month, Pro starting at $500 and a flexible Enterprise loyalty plan wherein our service experts will help you in getting a customized pricing. For detailed insights, please check- loyalty pricing
  • What all benefits will a small business receive once integrated with a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program?
  • As discussed earlier too! Small businesses have a chance of increase their customer visit by upto 148%. Can create customer rewards programs for their customers, track customer activity, have a fair opportunity to generate word of mouth marketing and ultimately have an option to reach new customers.

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