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How to Protect SMS Marketing with New Privacy Policy in iOS 16?

  • Posted on December 2, 2022 by Robert
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Everyone must be aware of Apple’s recent updates on iOS 16 that are heavily centered on data privacy. This new update comes with many new features focused specifically on personalization that will transform the way users experience iPhones. Customers have become more protective than ever when it comes to the brands they interact with and the data they are comfortable sharing.

Privacy updates are not slowing down giving more control to mobile customers on how they engage and who can reach them. With privacy policy changes, the marketing team must stay alert especially brands using SMS marketing must take action now to build trust and start generating more engagement with customers. In this blog, we will find out how your SMS loyalty programs must work to cater to the evolving needs of customers.

What are the Latest Updates in iOS 16?

iOS 16’s enhanced personalization features are an extension of consumer privacy needs, which gives more control over how they use their iOS devices. However, as a marketer who manages a brand’s SMS marketing channel, there are a few things you must be aware of. There are updates like the ability to filter text messages based on transactions, promotions, and junk.

To help you prepare better for your marketing moves, here are the latest updates on iOS 16-

– Filtering of Text Messages

One of the most notable updates to Apple’s OS that every marketer should know is the ability to block, filter, and report messages on iPhone. Currently, iPhone users can filter text messages from unknown senders- whose contacts are not saved- in a separate list within the messages app. To do this, they need to toggle ‘ON’ this feature, since is not the default messages setting.

With iOS 16, users have more options to filter text messages similar to Gmail’s Promotions Tab with new categories & subcategories for content filtering, including transactions, promotions, and junk.

The only thing is this Apple’s SMS filter is only available to users in Brazil and India with no information that they will expand the feature to more countries. Instead, Apple is letting developers build third-party filtering apps based on API enabling iPhone users to download these apps if they want to use this filter.

– “Report as Junk” Feature

Another update is the spam reporting feature with the ‘Report as Junk’ feature to SMS and MMS. Based on the carrier and country, iOS customers can now select a text message from an unknown number and report them as spam. Following that, the sender’s information will be sent to Apple & the message be permanently deleted from phones.

Though this feature will not prevent the sender from sending additional messages but it can help in filtering if the number is reported too often to participating wireless carriers.

Tips to Protect Your SMS Marketing after New iOS Privacy Updates

With stiff competition in the market, brands need to invest in meaningful customer relationships, which is the key to resolving strict privacy updates. Brands must focus on making their customers interested to receive SMS marketing messages, excited by regular offers and updates, and more inclined to purchase products. If you can achieve all these goals, no privacy controls can impact your marketing strategies.

Here are some of the tips to boost relationships and prevent SMS subscribers from going private-

– Enhance Opt-In processes

If you want your customers to become SMS subscribers, two aspects must be kept in mind- maintain compliance & provide value. Brands that follow industry best practices & global compliance standards, collect consent through compliant sign-up units & properly manage opt-outs, should continue to see strong read & response rates with iOS 16 updates.

Even if customers have opted-in, they can still flag the messages as spam. This means you should offer great value in exchange for their phone number to keep them engaged. Keep your customers motivated to opt-in using messages with one-time offers, early access to sales and new releases, instant transactional notifications, etc.

– Make your way to customers’ contacts

Yes, contact cards are the simplest way to land in your iOS customer’s main inbox again and again. Using contact cards, you can build a personalized ID for your brand to boost recognition & drive higher SMS marketing engagement.

Additionally, the contacts allow you to attach the store logo and name to your dedicated SMS number while sending the customized message. This signifies the importance of saving contact encouraging customers to save contacts and stay updated with the latest deals, new product launches, and all.

– More Personalized Messages

The best tip to build a healthy relationship with customers is to create experiences that feel unique & personal to them. Research says more than 60% of consumers find texts more engaging if they are relevant to their interests & past purchases, and 54% are more likely to purchase if they receive personalized messages.

Always avoid the batch & blast approach to prevent coming off as spam and getting reported by your customers. Make use of shortcodes & segmentation to make every SMS marketing message you send more effective & personalized.

– Bring Loyalty Program to Mobile

Loyalty program members expect a high level of exclusivity & personalization from brands they are associated with to stay engaged and purchase often. With the help of SMS integration with your loyalty program, you can easily identify target audiences & send them the right message at exactly the right time to gain their attention.

Making use of loyalty data will ensure that both your campaigns & flows are relevant, which will eventually help in increasing the chance of a conversion. Loyalty Rewards program for businesses must be built perfectly so that it caters to the needs of their customers through the right SMS at the right time. Also, you can insert specific loyalty shortcodes into your texts, like current points balance, to create customized messages that will not be affected by privacy controls.

Closing Statement

As we know the latest Apple privacy changes are about more data control for users, which can make things difficult for marketers, if not planned and prepared effectively. However, they may also help curb bad actors and even protect the long-term viability of SMS as a high ROI channel for brands that respect it and their customers.

To stand out from the rest and strengthen your SMS marketing strategy with the best practices, your brand can lessen the impact of iOS privacy changes and any other updates in the years to come. Being a reliable loyalty platform, Novus holds the capability to build customized Customer Loyalty Program Solutions with a simplified SMS email communication strategy that can help to build smart and personalized experiences for stronger customer bonds. Book a demo with our experts to learn more about Novus.

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