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How to Engage Customers Post-Purchase Using SMS?

  • Posted on October 28, 2022 by Robert
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Happy customers are the most essential part of the success of every business. To achieve this, you need to stay connected with them with the help of relevant promotions and important updates about their purchases. Reaching out regularly is not only important to boost brand loyalty and build long-term customers but also to address any challenges they face through a variety of different channels.

If your customer is a first-time buyer, you must strive to upgrade them to repeat customers by delivering personalized experiences and communications exclusively meant to engage them in the right way. In this blog, we will learn how the SMS Loyalty Program aligned with post-purchase communication is essential to increase conversions and boost sales.

Benefits of Using Post-Purchase SMS Marketing Strategy

As we witnessed the increasing adoption of SMS marketing, making use of text messages in the right way is one of the best strategies every marketer must follow. Post-purchase messages have a critical time window as messages need to be sent to customers just after they have made a purchase. The timing is important as this is when the customers are most active with the retailer or brand. The purpose of post-purchase communication is to encourage repeat purchases and lock in customer loyalty.

Here are some of the benefits of using post-purchase communication-

– SMS messaging is the fastest way to reach consumers directly & 62% of marketers believe that delivery speed is the biggest benefit of SMS marketing.

– SMS channel is considered one of the highly engaging communication methods for consumers with 82% of them successfully opening every text message and 60% of users reading them within 5 mins of receiving them.

– SMS acts as an effective revenue channel and marketers using cross-channel strategy witnessed a 250% increase in purchase & engagement rate than the ones using single-channel campaigns.

– SMS loyalty program is preferred by 50% of consumers if offered flash sales, deals, or exclusive coupons to members.

Using the Right Combination of Email and SMS Marketing

A report in 2021 eCommerce Email Benchmarks says that post-purchase emails can create a highly compelling campaign. This could help in gaining around 160% higher conversion rate and 680% higher revenue per send than standard broadcast emails.

Integrating channels and adding SMS marketing into those conversions enable brands to connect with customers conveniently and flexibly by capturing their attention. Additionally, brands can acknowledge a customer’s channel preference to make them feel valued with a personalized customer experience.

Tips for Post-Purchase Flow to Attain Maximum Campaign Performance

After going through the benefits stated above, we know that post-purchase marketing plays a great role as it helps to continue providing value to customers after purchases and ensures positive customer relationships. This way of continuing conversations with customers even after purchase delivers coupons, order updates, cross-sell new products, asking for reviews, and others.

Listed below is the post-purchase flow that you can follow to attain maximum benefits and increase in revenue.

– Thank you for your purchase Message

Starting with a simple thank you note on the same day of purchase or instantly, the SMS campaign must be executed in such a way that you allow the order to be processed and the transactional message to be triggered first before sending.

You can do so by sharing your appreciation and gratitude for being your customer with a heartfelt post-purchase message. This simple SMS campaign can be highly beneficial for contributing toward customer loyalty. Additionally, you can include a redirection link to additional products and even ask customers to share reviews or feedback on the same. Another approach that you can add is to ask them to share their love on social media and see how other customers react to similar products and more.

– Offer Loyalty Rewards with Feedback Form

The second communication message should be customized as per the customer’s purchase history and then make use of segmentation with the customized thread based on order count or customer lifetime value.

You can send relevant offers or discounts to loyal customers that are applicable for the next purchase, which helps encourage further sales. Also, if the customer is new, you can add more information about your brand with relevant product recommendations. Additionally, you can share about your loyalty program and the exclusive benefits they can avail of after becoming program members.

– Communicate with Reactivation and Win-back Efforts

Once customers become less engaged or cut off to make a re-purchase, it’s time to shoot SMS with follow-up reactivation to win back their attention based on the business’s vertical and buying cycle. This can be done after one month or a few months after the order if there is no engagement. Don’t make your customers feel pressured to buy from you rather focus on a non-promotional message with a soft offer, followed by the best rewards or incentives. Additionally, you can encourage customers to purchase by sharing your best-sellers, new product launches, social proof, etc. Share any new updates that they have been missing since their last order date.

Wrapping Up

As we are now aware of the significance of converting first-time buyers into repeat buyers, every business must strive to achieve this with the help of post-purchase messaging and the combination of good value, great customer service, and amazing products.

No matter how much effort you put into attracting new customers and retaining old ones, no business can succeed without the proper post-purchase measures. If your business cannot run post-purchase marketing strategies effectively, it will result in a lack of customer faith and losing sales. Having a well-planned post-purchase campaign helps to automate ongoing conversations as they cycle in and out of engagement.

If you are thinking to automate SMS campaigns for your business and encourage customers to make repeat purchases, you can make use of Novus, our end-to-end Rewards Program Platform that can help businesses target every customer with personalized content based on where they are in the journey. To know more about the features and services of Novus, book a demo of Novus to see how you can turn one-time buyers into long-term repeat customers.

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