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Using Movie Rewards To Boost Growth of Your Loyalty Program

  • Posted on November 11, 2022 by Robert
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With stiff competition in the business market, customers now have several options when it comes to the business they want to associate with. Providing a seamless and wholesome loyalty experience can be a great way to build connections with customers and make them come back again and again. Whether you run a small business or a well-established brand, your focus must be to make customers satisfied.

One of the best ways to improve the loyalty experience is to make use of experiential rewards. Though every Customer Loyalty Software Solution is effective to retain customers in one way or another, additional experiential perks are what your business needs to build lasting emotional connections with customers. Let’s find out how we can make use of movie rewards to boost the growth of your loyalty program!

What Makes Movie Rewards a Great Choice to Improve Loyalty Program?

Before you hire experts from the leading Rewards program platform, it is essential to figure out what your target audience looks for in a loyalty program and whether are you doing enough to meet their expectations. If you are planning to build a new loyalty program or upgrade the existing one, using movie rewards can give you the boost that’s needed to offer a rich loyalty experience. Here are some of the reasons that show how movie rewards can be an apt choice for your loyalty program-

1. Movie tickets for Free or Discounted Rates

We all look forward to a good movie for a break or recreation from our hectic life schedule. Irrespective of the customer’s age, gender, or type of lifestyle, one will always be delighted to have free movie tickets for which they don’t have to pay any bucks.

Movies are one of the best entertainment means that many people can’t say no. While, some events like sports meet, VIP meet and greet, foundation day, product launch, exclusive fairs, etc. can only attract a few customer bases, movie tickets will always sound appealing to everyone!

2. Movie Rewards for better personalization of your loyalty program

Every loyalty program member looks for a way to feel valued with personalized experiences when they associate with the brand’s loyalty program. However, not all programs achieve success, which is why you must incorporate algorithms that can analyze customer data to figure out which products are the most preferred ones, which time they prefer to make a purchase, whether they like to shop online or in-store, etc.

Implementing the right personalization strategies can help your brand boost member’s satisfaction rate by up to 640%. A personalized loyalty program involves tailored rewards, recommendations of specific products, targeted communications, and a robust set of features that treat every customer with customized and exclusive experiences.

Whether you are thinking to enable cinema ticketing or marketing services in your customers or employees’ rewards program, Novus offers the best personalization features that can help your brand send targeted communications to engage your loyal customers and make them stay for a longer time. For instance, you can send offers for discounted movie tickets on movies that your customers might be interested to watch. Sending offers of wishlist movies will act as an attractive rewards perk.

3. Going to the movies is always entertaining

Young or old, your customers always look for a way to have some relaxing or fun time apart from their busy life schedule. One can get bored going to the same place or mall every time but the best thing about movies is that it is never the same.

Movies always offer a different experience with new and exciting movies that comes out every week all year round. Incorporating movie rewards that enable your customers to choose the desired movie from the options can offer a timeless experiential benefit, which can be both interesting for them and brands get a satisfied customer, bringing them close to your brand for higher retention.

4. Movie rewards give a chance to customers to hang out with friends/ family

If your customers get movie rewards, they are likely to make a plan to meet their long-time friends or hang out with their spouses. For instance, lunch at Tacos before movies or candle-lit dinner after a romantic movie in the new restaurant next to the theatre.

Either way, such a reward offers a good hang-out time for your customers that they will be thankful for. This might help your brand get a long-time customer after they experience a fun/memorable experience using the movie rewards that you offered. Rather than going for standard offers like 20% off on the next purchase that many brands are doing, you must go for the unique rewards to make your customers stay engaged for a long time.

5. Give customers something they might feel interested to share with their friends or colleagues

Conversations like ‘we went to movies with free tickets from XYZ loyalty program or half-price movie tickets can be a great way for referrals to bring in new leads to your business. As a customer, we all love to feel valued from time to time and if your rewards can make your customer feel like a treat to be a nice mid-week evening at cinemas, it’s a big WIN for sure.

Many people trust word-of-mouth referrals rather than traditional advertising., your customers are more likely to tell their friends or family about their experience using your movie rewards. This not only gives your brand a happy customer but also a chance to attract new customers.

Key Takeaways

As we know that cinema attendance exceeds all forms of entertainment including live music, theatre, open event, etc. by up to 800%. Integrating movie rewards into a loyalty program can be quite easy to execute. All you need to do is add a dedicated “Movie Rewards” section along with the business branding and quality content related to the movie that program members can enjoy.

At Novus, a reliable Rewards Management Software helps small as well as big brands to engage with customers through custom-built loyalty solutions with desired reward offerings that work well for both businesses and customers. If you are planning to make use of discounted movie rates for a richer loyalty experience, talk to our experts to see how Novus can help you extract customer data for informed insights.

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