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Trick or Treat- Find the Best Tips to Increase Customer Loyalty This Halloween

  • Posted on October 12, 2022 by Robert
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Halloween loyalty programs

Halloween is around the corner and pumpkin season has been in full swing. With the holidays approaching, people are quite excited to shop and plan fun Halloween activities with their families and loved ones. This is not just a good time for families but also the retailers to make an impact through the right customer loyalty marketing.

In this blog, we will find out some of the best ideas to build customer loyalty during this holiday season and how the right Halloween loyalty programs can boost sales tremendously.

Best Trick & Treat to Use during Halloween

We all know the fun and excitement that lingers around people’s lives during Halloween when young and old take part in many fun events around the county. Halloween is becoming such a happening event that it has overtaken Valentine’s Day as the 3rd largest seasonal event of the year.

Research by IBS Times says that customers spend around £300m – £400m in the run-up to the event. If you are a retailer looking for ways to increase sales and boost loyalty, now is the time to act & plan loyalty marketing strategies.

Many business owners are gaining a competitive edge in the market by making use of white-label loyalty programs customized to meet the evolving needs of customers based on seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween, etc. Here are some of the fun ideas to help you boost customer loyalty during Halloween time-

TRICK- Promote Christmas Using Halloween

One of the most unique ways to attract customers and make them purchase from you is to plan campaigns that target not just one but two occasions at a time. Make use of a reward program that enables program members to get double points or discounts on purchases during Christmas when they buy any Halloween stuffs.

Post-Halloween sales are targeted along with promotions for pre-holiday purchases. Another way is to use follow-up Halloween sales with SMS or mailers promoting Christmas offers & deals. The problem with the old loyalty program is that it doesn’t complement your digital efforts. It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and digitize your customer loyalty marketing to the next level and grab the benefits from targeted and personalized rewards and offers. Also, brands can now make use of consumer data and get them delivered in real-time to your CRM systems, which is beneficial to plan customized campaigns.

TREAT-Capitalize on Increased Footfall in Retail with Rewards

We all know Halloween is a great time for many retailers because 90% of shoppers make more than one trip to find the perfect Halloween costume. Also, more than 50% of buyers believe in visiting physical stores to purchase rather than online websites.

Here, retailers can grab the benefits by understanding customers’ needs and welcoming them with added benefits when they come for an exchange of costumes. Research by Bond found that 70% of customers would change at the same store where they purchase to maximize the benefits they get. It is essential to ensure that you don’t scare your customers away and incentivize them instead.

This will help brands to build an emotional connection with customers which helps strengthen relationships & boost retention rates in long run. Personalized experiences will help your brand make the most of the increased footfall and build customer loyalty as customers feel valued and connected. Understanding their needs and sending customized offers and messaging can help you target customers with recommendations based on their purchase history and relevant products.

Closing Statement

Take full advantage of the Halloween fever and make your customers book business with you using the above fun ideas. Many online retailers view the holiday season as one of the most competitive times, but with the right strategies, it is a great chance to boost annual revenues. Grab the opportunity to identify and meet the needs of your customers to help your brand boost customer loyalty and enjoy a rewarding holiday season.

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