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Why Choose a White Label Rewards Program?

One-size-fits-all merchant loyalty programs aren't your customers' favorite anymore! They need seamless and bespoke reward experiences that make them feel valued. Introduce a white label loyalty rewards programs to acquire, understand, engage, and retain your customers faster and more effectively.

Benefits That Novus White Label Loyalty Platform Offers

White Label Loyalty Software

API First Approach

With Novus loyalty program API, you get guaranteed scalability & agility to run your personalized loyalty campaigns and connect with any web or mobile front end with ease.

White label loyalty program

Full Customizability

With flexible API architecture and robust customization features, engage existing and new customers with unique loyalty campaigns that follow your specific business logic.

White Label Loyalty Platform

Ease of Integration

Connect your white label rewards program with any internal or external platforms to deliver rewards across all platforms and keep the customer experience consistent.

robust data capture

Robust Data Capture

With a wide range of out-of-the-box data capture technologies, we help in importing existing customer data or creating custom data capture features as per your needs

exclusive branding

Exclusive Branding

Create every element of your white label loyalty program app with unique branding to deliver a consistent experience over your marketing efforts & make front-end adjustments without deep backend changes

lower advertising fees

Lower Advertising Fees

Make use of the white label loyalty program to reach your customers via multiple channels – all in one place by reducing marketing and advertising fees.

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Integrating a loyalty rewards program with a mobile loyalty app white label is no longer a headache with an easy plugin that enables you to integrate it easily with the existing platform or use it as a standalone solution.

enterprise level capabilities

Enterprise-Level Capabilities

We ensure that your customers’ data is safe with high-grade security checks along with role-based access, log monitoring, approval workflows, and many more.

Capturing Data to Work

We believe in building a complete picture of your customers' activity with the wide range of our data capture technologies that enable businesses to easily import their existing data & build up their data capture capabilities to get actionable insights.

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Find Out How Novus White Label Loyalty Captures Data


Card Linking, Receipt Scanning, EPOS Integration

CRM/ERP Integration

Import data from your any data systems

Social Media Activity

Track public social media activity


Opt-in geolocation data of users


with the pre-built robust architecture of Novus that your customers will love!

Loyalty Platforms for Every Business Needs

Loyalty Engine

Offer Platform

Gift Card Solution & Marketplace

Redemption Platform

Merchant Management

Marketing Automation

Analytics & Reporting

RFM Analysis

Catering to the Needs Across All Industries









Real Estate




Novus Loyalty PaaS - Ready to use
best white label loyalty rewards platform

PCI-DSS & GDPR Compliance

Your end-user data is secure with us with advanced security compliance management and system architecture built with safety in mind

Endless Support

Get the most of our white label loyalty rewards platform from every department when you need assistance and quick queries resolution

User Permissions

Promote better collaboration between merchant loyalty rewards platform users and streamline your loyalty campaigns with easy workflow management

API & Developer Friendly

Integration is made easy with Novus Loyalty PaaS enabling brands to connect merchant loyalty programs with any platform available in the market

Client Testimonials

We really love this program. It's been great to be able to custom create rewards program for our customers. Even our customers have given us great reviews with how easy it is for them to redeem their rewards.

-Mark Pullen, Program Manager

Quick integration and easy configuration helped us launch our enhanced loyalty rewards program. We had a lot of questions, are were very happy with the support we received during our program set up. We have seen great results using the program. Good work Novus team. Appreciated

-Sanyal, Vice President, BFSI

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