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Top Features You Must Focus On While Building Enterprise Loyalty Program

  • Posted on June 30, 2023 by Robert
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Enterprise Loyalty Program

Regardless of what business you are dealing with, brands struggle to retain their customers and increase their lifetime value. Building one-to-one relationships with customers becomes a big challenge if you are not a small company & have to deal with a huge number of customers. This means it can become harder for enterprise stores to manage a larger customer base as they grow and identify their at-risk customers and where to focus their marketing efforts.  

In this blog, we will learn how well-planned eCommerce loyalty programs built exclusively for your business needs along with the best features will help you grow. 

Must-Have Enterprise Loyalty Program Features For Your Business 

As an enterprise business owner, your loyalty program must be customized to meet your most valuable customers ‘ needs and provide them with the features that they will value and appreciate. Talking about the enterprise loyalty program features that can help you retain customers and drive revenue, we have shortlisted some of the best aspects to keep in mind while building Customer Loyalty Software Solution for your enterprise brand. 

  • Higher Level of Branding 

Having a consistent brand identity across all platforms can boost revenue by 23%, as stated by research. Make use of a loyalty program which is a natural extension of your store that enhances your brand identity, keeps track of your sales & creates a community.  

For instance, let’s talk about the loyalty program ‘The Goodness Corner’ by an Australian eco-friendly brand named Boody, which reflects its unique brand values like comfort and goodness adding incremental value. With the increase in its customer spending by 25% in just a month, Boody’s loyalty program is becoming a key pillar as stated by the company’s CEO. 

Another example is Lively which shows how you can implement your brand elements into your loyalty program’s structure, design, communication, etc. This renowned underwear brand is built for female customers having wild hearts and boss brains. They have successfully implemented their core brand values into their tiered program structure strengthening its branding as well as community while encouraging customers to spend more.  

  • Integrated Loyalty Page 

More than 80% of customers are willing to spend more if they receive a seamless customer experience. This means making a loyalty program a part of your online experience is crucial and it can be done through an integrated loyalty page. 

Using this feature enables you to embed loyalty components directly on your dedicated loyalty page keeping customers engaged and encouraging them to return regularly and spend more. 

One successful example is Farmacy Beauty which made an integrated loyalty page highlighting it with the main navigation on the homepage. This not only encourages customers to join the loyalty program but also helped to increase customer spending as benefits are shared on the page. This brand witnessed a 58% boost in customer spending by program members than visitors. 

  • Conditional Program Tiers 

You must have heard about loyalty programs that encourage their customers to complete specific activities like submitting a review, referring to a friend or engaging on social media platforms. However, you can move to the next level if you are an enterprise business owner.  

Make use of conditional tiers to segment your customers into groups and create customized rewards like you can add your most loyal customers into a premium tier for an added fee.  

Top makeup and skincare brand, Mirenesse is using a conditional program tier structure where they have created a paid “Gold” tier in their program to offer exceptional benefits and luxurious treatments with a $10 monthly membership. These Gold tier program members get access to secret sales, a tester panel for new products, exclusive rewards & lots more. Using this approach, the brand achieved more than $500k in their revenue within 3 months.  

  • In-Cart Rewards 

More than 60% of customers today are willing to spend more to get a smooth experience. To ensure that every customer gets a seamless loyalty journey, every stage of your loyalty program must be simple & easy for your customers to engage with.  

Using in-cart rewards, your customers can redeem rewards without applying any voucher codes or gift cards. Removing all the hassles, they can directly use their points against rewards from within the cart. Make use of this enterprise feature to help your brand easily increase program engagement, reward redemption as well as revenue.  

Pacifica Beauty brand used this feature in their loyalty program to show customers how much their cart is worth and the points needed to redeem their next reward. This helped the brand boost average order value by up to 22% from program members. 

  • Instant Reward Points 

Another important feature that you can add to your enterprise loyalty program is instant points that allow customers to view the points they can claim before checking out during purchase. This helped to engage customers before they leave your store as they can see the change in total points when they add any desired product to their basket. 

One example is Ancient Nutrition, the UK’s nutrition brand that used instant points to make customers aware of how close they are to earning the next reward. They also recommended relevant products and how many more points they need. Through this approach, the brand witnessed an increase in its reward redemption by 300% and AOV by 36%.    

Final Takeaways 

Undoubtedly, if you are an enterprise brand, it is inevitable to have a loyalty program that has the best features exclusively designed to meet your enterprise needs. However, to set your store apart from the competitors and boost your relationship with customers, you must consider the trending loyalty program features that we have discussed above.  

Having the right loyalty program aspects such as fully customized program offerings, integrated loyalty page, and conditional tiers to deliver exclusivity along with in-cart rewards and instant reward points is important to enhance reward redemption, program engagement, and bottom line. 

Being a trusted Enterprise Loyalty Management Software, Novus Loyalty has a bunch of expert loyalty consultants that can assist enterprises, like yours, to build a unique loyalty program that boosts your marketing efforts and overcome your eCommerce challenges in no time.

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