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Tips to Drive Repeat Sales with AI Solutions for SMS and Email

  • Posted on June 5, 2023 by Robert
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AI-Powered Loyalty solution

Artificial Intelligence is one of the evolving trends that have transformed the way businesses across the verticals work. AI-based eCommerce solutions are gaining huge popularity as they helped in extracting valuable insights and recognizing engagement opportunities with timely and relevant offers.

With the recent evolution of the AI-based conversational model, ChatGPT, the internet is on fire as it can generate copy quickly in a human way. AI is known for giving marketers opportunities to deliver high-performing experiences for customers. In this blog, we will find out how AI-Powered Loyalty Solutions can help brands to drive repeat sales for timely SMS and Email marketing.

Ways That AI Transform Businesses with Smarter Texts and Emails for Audiences

Many brands often struggle with one challenge- i.e. to offer the right products to the right people at the right time and doing it efficiently. The answer is using AI-based Email and SMS Loyalty Programs that will help in providing meaningful marketing and communication experiences for more conversions in lesser time.

The only way to deliver exceptional shopping experiences is to know your customers better. With AI-based solutions, any brand can turn customer data into actionable insights for short-term engagement and long-term loyalty.

Listed below are some of the points that show how brands can leverage such AI-powered solutions to connect with their audience using relevant texts and emails-

· Choose Smart Way to Text

The first thing that must be kept in mind to create a winning SMS campaign is to write a solid copy. This can be done by choosing the right topic, the right tone of voice, and the addition of relevant offers or keywords. The rest of the work will be handled by AI-assistant.

However, brands can also take the help of a built-in AI copy assistant for SMS that holds the power to create top-winning messaging in just a few seconds. Having a trusted AI assistant can be a boon for the business as it’s always there to guide you even if your copywriting team is not on point.

– Use Smart Cross- Sell Promotions

Businesses must know the fact that customers today have infinite choices from multiple brands offering similar products. That is why; helping them discover the right products at the right time using AI-based product recommendations is essential.

AI not only helps to transform how customers shop but also helps to target them. Using cross-sell promotions with AI algorithms, brands can leverage highly relevant suggestions to make customers come back to your store again and again.

Sending all your customers the same cross-sell offer or manually adding product suggestions to email and SMS flows won’t help much. The wise and quick option is to share the most enticing products with customers by analyzing shopping behavior, order history, etc. Additionally, customers are more likely to purchase if the messages they get are personalized and accurately match their preferences.

Smart AI product recommendations can help to increase ROI at lower costs with every relevant message sent to shoppers.

– Go for Customer Segmentation

With increasing acquisition costs, many brands are looking for ways to find a solid customer retention strategy that can help them keep existing customers engaged and also prevent losing them to competitors.

To make this happen, Predictive segmentation is the key! This means with the help of Email and SMS’s predictive data points like Likely to Purchase and Likely to Churn, your brand can easily target specific customer groups and influence their purchase decisions.

Based on AI and ML algorithms, the Novus loyalty platform can analyze customer behavior data to predict & identify customers that are likely to purchase or churn in the next 90 days. You can do this by approaching Likely-to-churn customers who are eligible for rewards redemption reminding them to visit the store and redeem their points for special rewards or discounts. Additionally, you can also send VIP exclusive offers to likely-to-purchase shoppers making them win extra points like 2X or 5X points with every order.

– Schedule Email & SMS Campaigns at the Right Time

After using predictive segmentation to recognize customers and come up with the perfect offers, it’s now the time to send your message and make them reach the right audience. Making use of Novus can help you schedule your email and SMS campaigns with ease as we have a wide range of AI-based features to plan for your winning marketing campaigns and unlock higher conversions.

To make campaigns successful, our AI-based algorithms offer data-driven suggestions by analyzing the store’s historical data to see which campaigns performed well and which didn’t. This will help your business plan campaigns better.

Closing Statement

After going through the blog, it’s quite clear that AI is here to stay. ECommerce brands must start implementing AI-powered solutions if they don’t want to get left behind. This not only helps businesses to provide shoppers with relevant product recommendations through SMS and Email at the right time but also greatly influences purchase behavior for repeat sales.

If you wish to unlock the power of AI-driven solutions through reliable Enterprise Loyalty Management Software, Novus is the right choice that can help your brand with personalized recommendations, predictive segmentation, and smart scheduling. Excited to know more about Novus, call our experts today.

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