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Novus Loyalty Partner Program: Let’s Connect and Power Your Growth

  • Posted on April 19, 2023 by Robert
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Loyalty Partner Program

We are excited to share that Novus Loyalty has launched a Partner Program to deliver more value for loyalty to customers with the Novus trusted solutions.

We have decided to expand your business and launch a partnerships program for businesses to get access to our loyalty programs and bring mutual growth. If you are a solution partner, system integrator, or redemption partner, then there is an opportunity for you to partner with Novus.

Partnership with us will make your clients more successful while gaining a significant revenue opportunity. Many businesses have already partnered with us and are generating revenue with our enterprise tools and customer loyalty software solution.

What is the Novus Partnership Program?

Novus is a SaaS-based loyalty program for banks, eCommerce platforms, businesses, hotels, and the travel industry. Our scalable customer loyalty and rewards management software helps businesses across industries to deliver loyalty points, rewards, discounts, and cashback to customers. Novus loyalty partner program reflects the diverse types of service and agency partners across various business segments and geographies to collaborate and be a part of rapid growth in the partner community.

We are looking forward to enriching our program and deepening our alliances with current and future partners. We are also keen on providing advanced benefits and support to our ever-diversifying partners, helping them scale their businesses and deliver value to brands. Thus, together we can continue to drive growth and success for clients and businesses who are looking to integrate customer loyalty software solutions across the globe.

How Does Novus Loyalty Program Work?

Novus Loyalty Partner Program is designed to help businesses expand their loyalty program by partnering with other businesses in different industries. It helps businesses to grow their customer base and allows them an opportunity to generate revenue by delivering customer loyalty software solutions to clients or customers. Here is an overview of how the Novus Loyalty Partner Program works:

Partner Integration

Novus provides integration tools that allow businesses to seamlessly integrate scalable customer loyalty and rewards management software programs with those of their partners. This means that customers can earn and redeem loyalty points across multiple businesses. Conveniently connect Novus with the tech stack your clients already using and get ready to start your program quickly.

Partner Benefits

Partner businesses can offer their customers additional benefits through the Novus Loyalty Partner Program. Join and get access to marketing materials, and receive your personal affiliate link, banners, etc. Get your clients onboard and monetize your clients or customers.

Revenue Sharing

Joining a partner program with Novus Loyalty opens the gate for generating unlimited revenue. We offer two types of revenue-sharing options for businesses and partners on referring customers to Novus and receive a percentage of the revenue generated from those referrals.

1. Referral – Up to 10% on the first-year subscription fee

· Lead Generation

· Marketing Material

· Demo Account

2. Standard – Up to 25% on the first-year subscription fee

· Lead Generation

· Marketing Material

· Demo Account

· Receive Qualified Partner Status

Analytics and Reporting

Novus provides businesses with analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of loyalty programs. It helps in measuring the impact of their partnership with other businesses and provides you with the best reports. We create the strategy and help our partners in scaling with the best-in-class customer loyalty software solution, referrals, SMS Marketing, and much more, all on a single platform.

Communication & Support

Novus also provides communication tools such as email and SMS marketing to keep customers engaged with the loyalty program and the partner businesses. Get complete support all through the lifecycle, smart strategies to stay up in the process, and online support round the clock.

Why Partner with Novus?

Partnering with Novus helps you in unlocking various opportunities to grow your business and generate more revenue. We deliver and work on building out key benefits for all partners. You can easily accelerate and attract new customers with advanced, scalable customer loyalty, and rewards management software.

Focus On What Matters

You can focus on what you do best by delivering value to your customers. It benefits you in attracting more clients or customers and gets benefits from predictable pricing, discounts, rebates, and much more.

Unlock More Profit

Create, identify, and qualify to generate new revenue. We provide the best referral fee and scheme to ensure a more profitable business. of all of our products, whether subscription-based or usage-based. We also added the option for revenue share as a referral or standard for our partners.

Unlimited Marketing

Novus helps you with marketing strategy to build and create co-marketing initiatives. Take part in our marketing strategy to build better connections and easily target your potential customers. Thus, gaining maximum potential clients and customers.

Product Training

Novus Loyalty team of experts helps you in delivering proper training and education about the product and services. Gain the ability to deliver the best loyalty solution to your customers and implement innovations that benefit your clients and deliver the best service and support offerings for your customers.

Novus Loyalty: A Program Build For Partners

Novus Loyalty is an advanced loyalty program that is built to accelerate the success of our service partners. We strive to be in constant communication with our partners and community. We are also eager to consistently collect feedback on how we’re doing and where we can improve. Our partners spoke their minds, and we listened and prioritized them in bringing the most advanced loyalty program.

Become a business partner with the best loyalty partner program. Novus Loyalty is the perfect partner program that delivers a superior experience to our partners along with various benefits to make an impact on their businesses. We aim to continue to enhance our products and services with the latest technology. This supports both our integration capabilities as well as building additional service revenue for the potential business partners. Our partners are our core values. We’re looking forward to scaling with potential business partners to deliver shared values.

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