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Modern customer loyalty needs a modern tech stack, are you ready for it?

  • Posted on September 4, 2022 by Robert
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modern customer loyalty programs

A well-integrated technological stack is necessary for providing effective customer support, as well as service representatives working behind the scenes to make it happen. Brands must choose the most adaptable and compatible partners and integrate them strategically in order to properly cultivate a “customer loyalty” tech stack that helps their support team shine. This will result in a system where consumers feel cared for and glad to spend more.

Let’s dive into the three key aspects that are the big need for a loyalty software solution

Both inside and outside interaction

The use of proactive communication should extend beyond consumer outreach. Building cohesive internal systems is the first step in fostering client loyalty. This entails having a central hub that can combine platforms for data, advertising, marketing, payments, and messaging.

Platforms for customer service that are well-integrated and facilitate communication are more effective at satisfying customers. Customers have confidence that they will consistently receive superior service when these systems are working properly.

The direct and careful converse is a must

The simplest way to increase customer loyalty is by providing multichannel, round-the-clock support that will always follow up with clients where and when they need it.

Companies and their customer loyalty campaigns should heavily spend in expanding support channels like SMS and chat. More effort is required to increase revenue creation than simply adding more channels. Brands may more precisely select and incorporate the best payment alternatives that take into account client information with the correct tools, ensuring the highest level of confidence in the payment process.

Show your real worth

Nowadays, e-commerce is a “loyalty economy,” with the most valuable clients being those who are consistently engaged. This necessitates that businesses spend money on initiatives that make customers feel valued and appreciated.

A loyalty management software that encourages customer loyalty results in a win-win situation for the brand and the customer. Positive feedback from current clients helps increase outreach to potential clients. More sales will result from making sure you collect and display user-generated material in your product reviews on your website and in conversations with customers.

Here are the most impressive tips for creating a game-changing modern customer loyalty programs

User Interaction

The relationship between your customer success manager and your customer champion has grown quite strong, but as the time for the renewal talk approaches, your champion departs from the customer organization, leaving your CSM to train a new champion. When considering engagement, a clear plan must be in place to involve both end users and power users.

Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk allow customer users to communicate in real time with support staff, but their primary focus is on reactive problems, repairs, and communication. Conversely, while communication technologies like Slack and MS Teams could enable you to interact with your power users in real-time and on their terms, capturing conversations in the never-ending flood of emails and texts still poses a challenge.


Modern clients want to experience ongoing value throughout their CS journey. Long-term supporters can be won when efficiency is improved by going beyond “automating things” and instead enhancing the customer experience. Amplitude and Pendo, two customer intelligence systems, offer user analytics and product usage statistics with a real-time view of every customer action; nonetheless, the focus is still only on the internal analysis of previously obtained data.


The guidelines for providing a great customer experience have fundamentally changed with the halt of in-person contact! Organizations must be more strategic in developing efficient collaborative techniques as the remote working paradigm becomes a permanent fixture in order to retain and expand their client base.

Customer collaboration has been a hot topic for a while, and it is much more important in a post-pandemic environment. However, the majority of B2B companies still disregard collaboration, particularly in light of their current “digital-first clients.”

Subscription payment and management

Customers frequently contact your dependable support staff when they wish to modify or enhance their subscription package. Forget about logging into several systems in order to change a customer’s plan or discover payment information. Your team can easily increase trial and upgrade conversions due to messenger’s ability to request subscription upgrades and take secure payments. They may also examine Stripe data in one Inbox, including the subscription a client is on, the date they joined up, and the most recent time they contacted your team.

The Monitoring of non-purchase engagement

The increased significance and usefulness of being able to interact with, monitor, and reward customers based on non-purchase transactions is another modern customer loyalty twist. The majority of consumer contacts with an organization will not lead to a purchase. The best customer loyalty programs must therefore now go beyond sales.

This could entail a visitor reading extra-value content on your websites, such as a blog or lookbook, or doing a poll or quiz. Relationships are built via behaviors like these, and when you reward or acknowledge them, you strengthen that relationship even further.

This means that your loyalty tech stack must be able to monitor and react to consumer behaviors unrelated to sales.


If you are already anxious about all the new technology you’ll need to integrate into your loyalty program software in order to keep up, much less gain an advantage, calm down. One reason is that today’s modern loyalty technology is generally more accessible and affordable for every sized business. Additionally, you don’t necessarily need to rebuild your entire stack from scratch. Merely a particular organization’s requirements rely on where they are right now and where they intend to go.

That means you only need to concentrate on ways to combine and make usable customer data. As a result, you may be able to provide customers with experiences that are more personalized than ever and forge a new kind of bond with them with the modern tech stack, and doing so will enable you to keep cultivating customer loyalty that will result in sales. 

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