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How to Secure the Customer Experience on Loyalty Platforms?

  • Posted on October 8, 2022 by Robert
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The customer experience is improved through SSO Single Sign On. Customers may access all of your platforms using a single authentication process with it. You can sign up using your email address, mobile number, or social media account. By providing each of your customers with a unique identification in the form of a token or cookie, the login status of all of your customers is automatically coordinated. SSO is simple to establish, and secure and helps your success with software that is properly designed for customer loyalty programs. In order to boost the number of new consumers, social login encourages registration. You tie your clients at the same time by providing simple registration and deregistration procedures.

How does SSO function and what is it?

Users that utilize single sign-on authentication can safely access numerous connected applications or systems with just one set of credentials. Once SSO is configured, it is ideal for users to only need to log in once to access all permitted apps, websites, and data from a single organization or connected group of organizations.

SSO relies on a trust relationship that has been formed between the identity provider (IdP), who has access to the user’s identity information and can authenticate them, and the service provider, which is the website or application they want to use SP. To authenticate the user for the SP, the IdP provides an assertion rather than sending private passwords back and forth over the internet.

Easy implementation of SSO leaves a stunning impact on the loyalty program platform

The term “Single Sign On” refers to this unique technique, which allows customers to access all of your websites and services through a single login process. Allowing your customers to encounter consistent and pertinent content across several media will pique their interest in your goods. Ensure that your customers have a positive user experience by requiring them to register and log in only once, rather than requiring them to do so multiple times.

With Single Sign On, a thorough identity of your customers takes the role of numerous login processes and user information. Give them a single login to access all of your websites, services, and resources. SSO integration with the loyalty platform provides each customer with an identity that is good for the duration of your service. It authenticates the user, gives them the authentication key, and grants access to the shared content when they log in.

Business benefits of SSO?

Your staff and clients probably dislike having to memorize numerous different login credentials for plentiful applications. Additionally, setting up, switching, and changing passwords for users takes many hours, IT resources, and money that may be used elsewhere if your IT team is responsible for multiple apps.

These influences will convince you to implement SSO in your customer loyalty management software:

Higher productivity

By decreasing the number of time employees must spend logging on and deal with passwords, single sign-on boosts employee productivity. Throughout the course of the workday, employees need access to a variety of apps, and to do so, they must spend time entering into each one, trying to remember which passwords belong to which apps, and changing and resetting passwords when they are forgotten. 

Users may save much time by using only one password to access all of their apps. Additionally, they won’t require password support as frequently, and SSO solutions frequently grant them access to a convenient dock where all of their apps are available.

Enhanced security

The idea that SSO solutions jeopardize system security is a prevalent misconception. This misunderstanding is founded on the notion that once a master password is compromised, all associated accounts will be made public.

The truth is that SSO dramatically reduces the likelihood of a password-related breach when used properly. Users are more inclined to develop strong, complicated, and difficult-to-guess passphrases since they only need to remember one password for all of their applications. Additionally, they are less likely to record passwords or reuse them, which lessens the chance of theft.

Continue to uphold central control over user access

Companies can centrally manage who has access to their systems thanks to SSO authentication. For instance, you may utilize the SSO service’s management panel to quickly provide new workers with certain levels of access to various systems while providing each employee with a single username and password for all of these platforms. You can also automatically revoke access across all platforms at once when someone leaves.

Lowered cost

By decreasing the number of passwords required to just one, SSO lowers technical support costs. This is because the probability that a user may forget their password increases as the number of passwords they have.

As a trade-off between more secure passwords and increased password resets, several businesses have begun introducing specific password criteria like length and unusual characters that may make it harder for users to remember passwords. SSO can reduce some of those expenses.

Superior customer experience 

An improved customer experience is one of the most important advantages of SSO loyalty software implementation. According to a recent survey, password reset problems or lost passwords can lead up to 18.75% of users to abandon their carts. SSO will help you solve these problems and provide your consumers with all the services they require with just one sign-on, whether you’re a merchant, healthcare provider, or bank offering a variety of services. They’ll feel less friction and annoyance and more fluid interactions. Customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, and more brand visibility are the direct advantages of improved user experiences.


For even more security, and the betterment of your customer loyalty management software you should combine SSO with it. Offering them more security features will aid you in gaining more devoted clients. Novus Loyalty is available to help its clients everywhere in the world to integrate SSO into the customer loyalty programs for their business. Therefore, get in touch with us at any time to learn more about the SSO loyalty platform setup and its advantages.

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