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How Brand Messaging Will Help Brands Win Customers in 2023?

  • Posted on December 27, 2022 by Robert
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With the year 2022 coming to an end, brands are looking for ways to make themselves stand out & win customers’ hearts over the competitors. Research says that brand messaging and upper funnel marketing are directly driving 30% of the paid search and the other 30-60% is driven by non-marketing factors such as seasonality, loyalty, and category trends. The leader in commercial mix analytics, Analytic Partners released its latest ROI Genome Insight Report on “The Marketer’s Guide to Survive (even Thrive) in 2023” which talks about preparation for shifting market conditions & capitalize more on opportunities to optimize brand performance in 2023.

In this blog, we will learn how Rewards Program For Businesses aligned with brand messaging can be a great help to win customers in 2023.

What is Brand Messaging & Why Brands Must Focus on This?

Brand messaging can be defined as a marketing approach where the brand communicates its unique value proposition and personality with the help of its verbal and nonverbal messaging. These messages are meant to inspire and motivate customers encouraging them to buy your product and services.

This is how customers can have a good relationship with brands. The brand message is the accumulation of language, design, events, and philanthropic events that tells the story of who your brand is. But, the question is, how to create brand messaging that your target audience will love? To create targeted brand messaging that will work best for you and your customers, you need to focus on two aspects – target audience and unique value proposition.

Start with writing out a brand identity that will help your business take all its marketing decisions. This will inform your brand’s behavior as it tells why your brand matters, what its purpose is, & how it is different from other brands. Brand identity is important as that is how you will continue to stay relevant to your customers and build a loyal customer base. Many brands are making use of dedicated SMS Loyalty Programs to make the best use of brand messaging & grab the benefits exclusively.

What Facts & Figures Says about Brand Messaging?

Nancy Smith, CEO, and President at Analytic Partners state that “As we enter a new year of economic uncertainty, consumers are feeling the pressure on their purchasing power, while marketing teams are facing increasing demands to reduce spending. Yet, this decision to cut can incur a 15 percent loss of business for companies that reduce marketing budgets when their competitors do not. To achieve success in 2023, brands must channel resources towards a bunch of marketing activities that focus on brand marketing and measurement of omnichannel touchpoints, which eventually leads to long-term positive results.”

Here are some of the top marketing strategies to help your business position and achieve better goals in 2023-

– Ensure that you keep your cap performance marketing spending less than 50% so that half goes to brand and other upper funnel marketing activities.

– Embrace the power of targeting because nearly 75% of sales are generated by marketing that comes through media channels having a targeted approach.

– Go for Omnichannel Approach – Spending on connected TV (CTV)has been recorded to bring a 30% stronger ROI than any other advertising spends.

– Keep the focus on every customer touchpoint and invest in them to track real-time data and make truly informed business decisions.

Analytic Partners has put in efforts for more than 2 decades to collect vast quantities of marketing intelligence with more than 1000 brands, 50 countries & hundreds of billions spend across industries. In another report by ROI Genome, it is found that intelligence plays a great role in helping marketers understand the tactics, channels, and strategies better with guaranteed ROI & performance results.

Key Takeaways

Hopefully, organizations must plan to reallocate their marketing spend from lower funnel (such as PPC, measured through conversions, price cutting, or discounts) to upper-funnel marketing campaigns like video, social media, SEO, etc. This will ensure stronger emotional bonds between brands and customers, which will eventually lead to higher loyalty, advocacy, and conversion. As per the analysis for marketing spending, brand messaging outperforms performance messaging 80% of the time, and dominates as the best long-term strategy to win over customers and their loyalty in a tumultuous era.

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