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Find Out How Customer Journey Mapping Can Help Brands Boost Loyalty

  • Posted on December 20, 2022 by Robert
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With growing competition in the business market, building customer loyalty is becoming the need of the hour to grow a business, irrespective of the industry they are dealing with. A loyal customer is the real asset of the organization as there is nothing like a repeat customer when it comes to measuring business growth.

When it comes to chasing a customer, the job of the sales team may end once the customer is converted but building customer loyalty is more than that. After nurturing and converting the lead, your business needs tremendous effort to make the customer stay and turn them into loyal ones. In this blog, we will find out the importance of customer journey mapping and how making use of the best business loyalty program can help your business grow.

Why Brands Must Focus on Customer Loyalty Journey?

One mistake that many companies do is keeping the focus on the customer’s destination (conversion) rather than their journey (process). We all know that the primary motive of the sales team is to convert the customer and they often end up using ruthless methods for their immediate goals. This may help in boosting the customer journey throughout the sales funnel but hampers the overall customer experience.

Brands must be aware that closing a sale in urgency should not come at the cost of a seamless customer experience. Never take the first touch point of customer interaction for granted and make it a bloodthirsty sales opportunity. Your customers may get pissed off easily if you are forcing your products and services down their throats. To avoid this, you must map out the customer motivations in advance and know their pain points carefully.

As customers today are well-aware of the tricks, your brand must ensure that you maintain the sales instinct of urgency close without pissing off the customer. This can be quite challenging for many businesses, especially in the B2B sector.

Make Use of Data to Understand Your Customer’s Journey

Customers have more choices than ever when it comes to the brands they wish to work with. To gain a competitive advantage, brands must make sure that every experience in the customer journey is a memorable one. This acts as a good opportunity for businesses to build stronger bonds with customers.

You must make sure that your business takes the opportunity to collect customer information in every interaction. The more data you collect about your customers, the better clarity you will have about their needs. This will help businesses to create a buyer’s persona, which is very effective in creating data-driven marketing strategies. Information acquired during the interaction with customers helps offer a visual representation of the target audience through the buyers’ persona.

Making use of the right data is the key to successful customer journey mapping. Once you create a customer journey map, you will find touchpoints that can help your brand boost customer loyalty to a huge extent.

Create an Omnichannel Experience for Better Engagement

Every customer is unique and the channel they use to engage with your brand may differ from one another. To meet all their needs, brands must create an omnichannel experience for engagement such as website, social media, email marketing & lots more using a single platform. Several brands are making use of the Rewards Program Platform that enables them to engage with their customers with ease.

However, there are some drawbacks to this engagement model as it can open Pandora’s box for disappointed customers. When customers are irritated about your customer service, they do not stay quiet and express their reviews or feedback. This means the probability of getting negative feedback on social media can increase, which is often considered a customer complaint. On the other hand, positive reviews are given out of generosity.

While building a rewards program, ensure that you offer reward points for not just purchases but also for user-generated content like posting reviews, likes, shares, retweets & more. The customer journey for the entire sales funnel must be a smooth experience. To meet this expectation, an omnichannel experience is the best option to offer seamless customer service and satisfaction.

Customer Experience- The Key to Win Customer Loyalty

Many customers feel that prices and brands don’t matter if the customer experience is the motivating factor. Research says 79% of marketing professionals believe that customer experience is the main key to enhanced customer retention and satisfaction rates.

This is the reason why even big brands can lose their way to lesser-known brands that offer better experiences. For instance, Nokia lost its position in the smartphone market as it failed to meet the experience offered by competitors like Apple or Samsung.

In today’s market, Android and iOS platforms are the leading ones as they can offer a great customer experience than Nokia’s Symbian platform. Rather than focusing on customer experience, Nokia relied on its brand value power, which made it fail against other companies. The answer lies in getting help from customer loyalty programs that offers a great customer experience. That is what most successful companies do i.e. make use of the right loyalty programs.

Final Takeaways

It is quite clear from the blog that understanding the customer journey turns out to be quite effective as it acts as a key component to designing an experience-based loyalty program. Ensure that you focus on creating an exceptional customer experience, which will keep customers engaged with your brand in long run.

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