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Deliver Better Loyalty Reward Redemption with All New Shopify Checkout Extension – Shop Pay

  • Posted on July 22, 2023 by Robert
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Customer loyalty can help brands increase revenue and profitability and drive sustainable growth in this hypercompetitive and ever-changing environment. Brands are increasingly turning to enterprise loyalty management software as a preferred way to acquire new customers as well as retain existing customers.

A well-designed, well-executed loyalty program can help brands win customers and there is no magic formula that can lead brands and marketers to success. The most critical place you need to empower your customers is to allow customers an easy redemption of their loyalty rewards at checkout. Novus enterprise loyalty management software allows brands to deliver frictionless redemption experiences to customers with the newly launched Shopify “Shop Pay” checkout extension for the commerce platform.

Shopify Plus Commerce Brands Can Now Integrate Shop Pay with Novus Loyalty

If your Shopify commerce platform is not driving more sales, then don’t worry, Shopify has recently launched “Shop Pay” to deliver a better checkout experience to customers. Shop Pay is a brand-new Shopify checkout extension with a drag-and-drop editor to seamlessly integrate with any Shopify commerce platform. We are so excited to announce that Novus eCommerce loyalty programs can be easily integrated with the newly launched Shopify checkout extension – “Shop Pay” which allows brands to offer frictionless redemption experiences to their customers.

Shop Pay checkout extension allows any commerce platform on Shopify Plus to redeem points for a discount when placing an order easily. The good news is that Novus Loyalty easily allows Shop Pay integration within its loyalty points redemption during the checkout session. It can be easily integrated with Novus Loyalty Starter, Professionals, and Enterprise plans. According to a recent Shopify study, checkouts going through Shop Pay have an average checkout-to-order rate of 1.72x times higher than those going through regular checkouts, and it also offers shoppers an accelerated 4x faster checkout experience for your commerce store.

With Novus eCommerce loyalty programs, you can deliver a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Novus customer loyalty software solution allows your customers to redeem their loyalty points easily and can experience even more conveniently. This is achieved by the integration of the Shopify checkout extension “Shop Pay”.

Benefits of Using Shop Pay Checkout Extension

You might be wondering about the potential benefits of using Shop Pay. Based on our experience, the topmost benefit of using Shop Pay is to boost your sales by speeding up the checkout process. According to Shopify, Shop Pay guarantees a much higher order-to-checkout rate when compared to regular checkout extensions. Let’s see some more benefits of using the Shop Pay checkout extension.

1. Smooth Redemption Experiences

With Shop Pay, you can convert potential customers faster. When your customers shop with your Shopify commerce platform and are eligible to redeem loyalty rewards then it automatically sets the highest option available to them to redeem the reward. If they choose a different reward to redeem, the rewards will appear in order of points from lowest to highest. This way Shop Pay unlocks the potential benefits of smooth redemption experiences.

2. Fast and Seamless Checkout

Novus’s customer loyalty software solution is designed to offer a fast and streamlined experience for customers. When integrated with Shop Pay, it reduces the number of steps required during the checkout process, allowing customers to complete their purchases quickly and easily. Thus, with a simplified and efficient checkout process, customers are less likely to abandon their shopping carts, leading to higher conversion rates for your eCommerce store.

3. Build Better Brand Loyalty

eCommerce loyalty programs reward customers for loyalty in the form of points, discounts, additional services, special access, and other rewards that boost conversion while Shop Pay offers a smooth and seamless checkout process. It is one of the keys to improving customers’ experience and allows them to track their purchases from checkout to delivery. This builds better brand loyalty and increases repurchase rates.

4. Saved Shipping and Payment Information

Shop Pay allows customers to save their shipping and payment information securely. This feature simplifies future purchases since customers don’t need to re-enter their details each time they shop, which can lead to higher customer retention. Thus, speeding up the checkout process at any other store allows customers to transact the payment faster.

5. Secure and Trusted Payment

Shop Pay supports various payment options, including payment links, credit cards, debit cards, and other digital wallets, giving customers the flexibility to make purchases. The payment is fully secure and protects sensitive customer data with PCI compliance and encryption. Thus, customers can experience better redemption of their loyalty points along with secure payments.

6. Easy Integration with Shopify Features

Novus enterprise loyalty management software integrates seamlessly with Shopify features and other Shopify extensions. You can access top spenders, most visitors, and customer engagement rates with reporting and analytic tools. Thus, deliver seamless loyalty rewards to your customers and deliver a better shopping experience.


Brands who started Novus enterprise loyalty management software with Shop Pay integration have improved their loyalty program participation rate by 2X on average! This is a game-changing factor for eCommerce businesses and brands. Redemption of loyalty points at the checkout helped the brands to attract more new customers as well as logged-out customers to the loyalty program. Thus, leading to higher participation of customers than ever.

Novus eCommerce loyalty programs for the brands continue to innovate with the latest technology and Shopify “Shop Pay” is the latest checkout extension that allows customers to redeem loyalty points during the checkout. Thus, retain your customers, boost higher CLTV, and deliver better value to your customers.

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