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  • Posted on March 23, 2021
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Industry Speciality Retail
Genre Pet Stores
Brand Website https://www.petstock.com.au/
Loyalty Program Website https://www.petstock.com.au/rewards
Overall Score 8 out of 10
Location 600


Verdict Really a great rewards program for pet owners. It has a reasonable base reward ratio which are convenient and simple to redeem plus plenty of bonus offers if you buy sponsored products. Just need your mobile in store, and certainly a good reason to use the program and stay loyal to your local store and brand. Extends on line and a good mixture. Only issue was there is a lack of validation of your email/sms and just a bit difficult to tie them together.

BRAND Overview

Petstock is a pet supply store chain, which are located in malls and strips shops across Australia. There are over 150 stores that sell product and pet care related services. They offer the total spectrum of pet services, from retail goods, grooming, kennelling and up to full Veterinary hospitals in selected locations.

THE Program

The Loyalty Program is called “Petstock Rewards” and operates across stores and online. The program offers a combination of PetStock Dollars which is at a base level of 5% but with bonus points for nominated services. So things like grooming will get you triple Dollars, or 15% immediately in your account.


Below breaks down the process of enrolling, it is all pretty good, but there is a disconnect if you sign up in store with just your mobile and then have to enrol via the app and


Very simple, the cashier will ask you for your mobile number, then first name and last name. Very good and simple Experience.There is a receipt message which clearly tells you what you have earned and also provides you with


Nice form, clear reasonable amount of data, clear privacy and opt out. The process is nice and easy Online Form

Via app

The app has a great appearance, (I did the android one), however, if you have already joined in store using mobile, this is a little confusing as there is no path at the start to login using your mobile or nor is there a way to set your password. When I was trying to reset password on the app – was constantly getting a 404 error

Validation of accounts

There appear to be no validation of your email or mobile numbers. This is not obtrusive and if all data is correct, there is no problem but not what loyalty providers now would consider best practice. Also there appears to be a disconnect with someone who joins in store with mobile and being able to set-up a password

This does however cause issue – I simply gave my mobile in store – and then I can’t seem to tie this up with an online account when I join. Still trying to work this out and will test again when I go into store.

Welcome Email Message and offers

If you sign up in store, you don’t get a welcome sms. If you sign up online – there is no welcome offer, you will discover that the welcome email does come, however it is triggered overnight so turns up on the following day, so while not terribly bad, you don’t get an immediate confirmation or recognition that either validates your email or informs you that you joined correctly and everything is OK.

So, while the email delay is just a matter of good practice, I would also consider that a rewards programs should provide a call to action to encourage customers to come back in store and use their the program again – this is the key, to ensure that the program has ‘stuck’.

Program Clarity

The program takes a second read to fully appreciate understand, as it a split of basic rewards that you get for your standard purchases, but some of the real benefits come from the supplier kickbacks, called “Brand Cash”. For these you need to purchase sponsored brands products, and you will receive 15% back in the form of cash to use.

There is a great video which explains the program and is located on the site Simple, clear and very well produced

Staff Engagement

In the store I visit – the staff are excellent and will ask for your rewards or mobile number on every visit, in a very friendly and non-intrusive manner. I would suggest that the program is well embedded into the culture

Reward and offers Summary

Type Description Verdict
Base Rewards 5% Off purchases Good offer, very suitable reward mechanism
Bonus Double and triple points on nominated higher margin services Great offers, and encourages you to use the more expensive services
Welcome Reward Nothing  
Birthday Reward NA for humans in this case These are great advantages and allow huge savings
Other Bonus There are a number of coupons that you get when exploring the app $20 off first vert visit and other services These are very good and some genuine value and savings are to be had here
Tier or other Long term benefits There are no tiers in this program  

Marketing and Promotions


Joining in store – there appears to be a monthly stream of offers via SMS which have links to sale catalogue.


The welcome email is well done, simple and explains the program very well, however it does lack the strength and clout of a call back or welcome offer to drag customers back for a faster repeat transaction.

Area Reason Rating (out of 10)
Sign up at POS Very simple and quick experience. Fast and not complex 9
Online Sign up? Simple clear and easy – but you don’t get a confirmation email for clarity. There is also a disconnect if you enrolled in store with just your mobile. 5
Capturing Consumer details Good forms – very easy 9
Identifying customers Cards aren’t use any more but easy enough with mobile number. Ordering online easy login 9
Privacy Matters Clear. There is a section in the profile to opt for sms or email coms 9
Update personal details Easy and clear 9
Changing Cards or idents No cards, easy enough it seems to change email – but no validation of emails 6
Base Level Rewards The 5% base level rewards is very reasonable. Additional rewards dollars for services and which are convertible to any product in stores 7
Bonus Rewards These range from triple points on grooming services to a very generous 15% cash back (conditional) on branded purchases 10
Birthday or other Nothing it seems for humans there are areas in some forms to add your birthday (for the account holder, but not others) 0
App useability All pretty good  
Receipt Messages Have clear messages on receipt along with customer name 10
Welcome Offer No welcome offer or call back 5
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