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Understanding the New Hibbett & Nike Connected Loyalty Program

  • Posted on November 7, 2023 by Robert
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Nike is undoubtedly one of the biggest athletic footwear and apparel brands loved by many customers across the world. The brand relies on its exclusive membership loyalty program to give access to inspiration, community, and exclusive Nike Products along with immense benefits and enhanced retail experiences with purchases.

In 2021, the Nike loyalty program was linked with Dick’s Sporting Goods, and two years later, the athletics retailer partnered with Hibbett to launch a connected loyalty program. In this blog, we will learn about the New Hibbett & Nike Connected Loyalty Program.

What is the Hibbett Rewards X Nike Membership Program?

Nike has integrated its Brand Loyalty Program with a new partner, Hibbett that will enable members to link their Nike membership and Hibbett Rewards accounts on the Hibbett website. Existing loyalty members can link their Hibbett & Nike accounts & first-time subscribers are free to visit Hibbett and register for a new account before they link with the program.

With the integrated Hibbett Rewards X Nike membership program, the customers will get access to new benefits and elevated retail experiences when they make a purchase of Nike and Jordan products in Hibbett physical stores or online stores. For instance, program members will get access to exclusive products as well as outfit bundles along with unique community experiences & personalized customer-specific content.

As per the company press release, the new benefits include various things such as

– A Welcome Offer

– Members-only products

– Tailor-Made Content

– Exclusive Discounts on Nike Products

– Personalised Experiences

– Outfit Bundles of Nike & Jordan

– Better Convenience

From the partnership of Nike with Hibbett, Hibbett’s app, email marketing, and online rewards page will be refreshed. However, Hibbett program members will not earn rewards points at Nike’s stores or websites.

Reason Behind the Launch of Hibbett X Nike Partnership Program

Hibbett, an athletic-inspired fashion retailer based in Alabama with more than 1000+ stores in 36 locations nationwide is celebrating the union with Nike with a revamped Hibbett rewards website, app, and in-store signage surrounding the program. In the coming weeks, the sporting goods retailer will also come up with four new episodes of its Small-Town Sneakerhead video series featuring consumers talking about their extensive footwear collections, which will also feature Nike and Jordan gear.

Let’s check out what senior officials of both brands are saying about their partnership programs. Jason Kirrer, VP of Nike North America Marketplace Partners stated in the press release – “The future of our marketplace is a connected one. We are excited to team up with Hibbett to launch our next connected partnership, providing consumers with exclusive experiences, personalized content, and early access to Nike and Jordan member products.”

On the other hand, Jared Briskin, EVP of Merchandising and Supply Chain at Hibbett also mentioned that this integration will help to “transform” how the companies engage with members across touchpoints and will enable both brands to “further solidify our leading differentiated retail experiences in underserved communities.”

The motive behind the partnership program is that Nike is connecting with its wholesale partners to increase its loyal customer base. It started in 2021 with its partner brand Dick’s Sporting Goods and the brand even release its biggest joint ad campaign with the retailer. Since then, there has been no looking back and Nike has now partnered with Hibbett to keep focus on its desire to create better experiences with its key wholesale partners.

This program will not only unlock new growth opportunities with those strategic wholesale partners but also offer connected digital membership at scale. Though Nike has kept their business focus mainly on making direct-to-consumer sales over the years, the brand has also looked forward to strengthening its ties with its partners.

Additionally, the Vice President of Nike Direct Daniel Heaf stated that the retailer doesn’t much care where sales come from. He also added that they don’t mind where their customers choose to engage or interact with us. With the membership program, Nike is all set to work more with its wholesale partners to give customers “the best possible experience” even when they shop outside of Nike.

Closing Statement

As many brands move towards connected loyalty programs to offer exclusive experiences to customers, it’s time for businesses to consider partnerships with other brands to transform the way they engage with customers. This not only provides brands with an opportunity to grow their loyal customer base but also helps to build out better experiences with their partners.

Novus is an all-in-one customer loyalty platform that enables brands across various industry verticals to build dedicated connected loyalty programs or partnered programs for immense benefits to both brands as well as customers. Connect with our loyalty experts to see how Novus can help you build a merchant loyalty program like Nike or a connected program with different brands.

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