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Understanding & Leveraging VoC Analysis for Loyalty Program Success

  • Posted on December 9, 2023 by Robert
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VoC analysis for loyalty

No business can be truly successful if its customers are not happy and satisfied with its offerings & services. To ensure that a business is delivering what the customers are looking for, understanding the customer’s voice is essential for long-term success. The voice of the customer (VoC) can be a game-changing opportunity for companies who want to focus more on customer experience.

In this blog, we will learn how loyalty programs aligned with VoC analysis for loyalty can transform insights into actionable strategies for higher growth & lasting customer relationships.

Significance of VoC Analysis for Loyalty Programs

VoC analytics can have a huge impact on business success through benefits such as higher customer retention, better brand loyalty, and enhanced customer satisfaction. A study found that brands using advanced VoC strategies witnessed a 55% hike in customer retention rate and 70% of customers would stay loyal to the brands if their feedback once asked for, was delivered.

Additionally, businesses incorporating VoC analytics had a 14.5% rise in overall customer satisfaction within a year. This clearly shows that VoC is not just an option anymore but an essential business strategy to stay competitive in the market and retain customers for a long time.

A well-executed VoC analysis can share a good connection with loyalty programs for overall business growth. As loyalty programs can be a great way to engage customers directly, we can collect valuable insights about customer purchasing behaviors and preferences.

To help your brand refine & optimize loyalty rewards offerings based on relevance and appeal, the data from VoC analysis can be helpful to offer insights into customer sentiments, and expectations. If your business is making use of Loyalty Software Solution, we guarantee that combining these loyalty programs with VoC analysis can be a game-changer.

Tips to Get VoC Data from Loyalty Programs

In this section, we are showcasing some of the most effective techniques to get the necessary data & insights for VoC analysis-

– Data Collection

If you plan to add features like receipt scanning to your loyalty program, you can create tailored marketing & product recommendations around the specific product range and purchasing behaviors. Additionally, you can incentivize spending in their ecosystem and offer targeted bonus points around particular services.

From this data, you can analyze and help in adding new products and bundle products together or remove unnecessary or old inventory.

– Zero-Party Data

If you are planning to enhance your offerings, you can encourage your customers to share their preferences and expectations openly from your brand through survey forms, questionnaires, and quizzes. This enables brands to take relevant actions and tailor their services accordingly rather than just relying on assumptions.

Let’s consider an example of a brand that wishes to introduce something new, they can leverage a loyalty program to help customers participate in a poll for the new product range. This will give brands an idea to meet their customer preferences in a better way and help drive business decisions.

– First-Party Data

Another way is to engage directly with your customers to gain valuable insights based on their specific needs. This can be done through the following ways such as loyalty program profile, purchase history data, online communications, or feedback.

For example, a store that witnesses a surge in sales for a particular product segment could proactively enhance its inventory around the related products and even plan exclusive sales tailored to this service type.

Strategies to Apply VoC Insights on Loyalty Programs

Here is the list of amazing ideas that your brands can use to apply data from your VoC insights and amplify loyalty programs for enhanced growth.

– Tailored Offerings

One of the best things about using VoC analysis for loyalty is that your business will not only see what customers are saying but also their feelings. Cracking what your customers value the most will surely help your brand grow & win customers’ hearts.

For instance, if you know your customers value cashback rewards more than anything, you can prioritize and offer it as a main part of loyalty rewards.

– Feedback Review

Keeping regular reviews on the customer data by maintaining an ongoing data collection & analysis can be a great way to stay aware of the ever-evolving landscape of customer preferences and needs.

For example, if your customers are finding more value in vegan products, you can plan to incorporate and adapt them in your loyalty rewards.

– Predictive Analysis

Ensure to model the customer data and make predictions to help plan surges in demand. The data from your VoC analysis can help in finding out what customers expect in the coming season and help your brand plan rewards or incentives accordingly.

For example, summer is coming and specific beverages from your store are becoming popular. You can use this information to strategically plan and design rewards.

We can see that loyalty programs from good VoC analytics can result in amazing benefits such as enhanced customer retention thereby leading to higher profits in business. Make sure that you consider three aspects while refining your loyalty programs from VoC insights i.e., relevance, engagement, and trust.

Key Takeaways

After going through the blog, we can see that a proper VoC analysis can be a boon for brands to meet customers’ ever-evolving needs, preferences, and pain points. The data from VoC analysis will not only help in providing insights into customer sentiments but also help in meeting expectations effortlessly.

Building a loyalty program based on VoC analysis can help your brand redefine offerings for better relevance and appeal ensuring higher customer satisfaction with long-term business growth. If you wish to unlock the true potential of customer data through integrated loyalty programs with VoC analysis, Novus is the right choice!

Whether you need to deliver a personalized customer loyalty experience or tailored offers for engagement, our Loyalty Program Offers Management Platform is all you need to understand and act upon the voice of the customer. Connect with our experts today and experience customer loyalty like never before!

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