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Top Must-Try Action Series Loyalty Campaigns to Win Customers’ Hearts

  • Posted on January 14, 2023 by Robert
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Loyalty campaigns are becoming an essential part of every business to encourage their customers and keep them engaged in the long run. Customers today now look for new ways to earn reward points, bonuses & benefits. To attract customers in the age of distraction and full of competition, brands must focus on unique loyalty strategies that make them gain a competitive advantage.

Action Series Campaigns are a great way to entice customers & make them interact more across all channels. This enables brands to gain valuable insights from customers and encourages them to purchase more from them. In this blog, we will learn everything about action series campaigns and how the right Loyalty Rewards Campaign Management can help your business grow.

Why Planning the Right Loyalty Campaigns is Important?

Knowing your customers’ buying patterns is not only essential to offer personalized experiences but also helps to ensure that they continue buying from you rather than switching to your competitors. With a huge number of options available in the market, customers today have very high expectations when it comes to the brands they want to shop from. To meet this demand & provide better shopping experiences, brands must find innovative ways to engage customers effectively.

Making use of unique first-party loyalty data is the key to knowing your customers better. This acts as a solid foundation for implementing action series loyalty campaigns that are well-timed and relevant to offer the best results.

Best Action Series Campaigns to Follow to Boost Business Growth

Before you hire experts to build the best eCommerce Loyalty Programs, here are some of the best action series loyalty campaigns that can help you grow effectively in no time.

– Offer FREE Trial with Extra Benefits

To attract and gain the attention of your customers, your brand must offer a strong reason why they should try out your products. Everyone is offering a free trial for a limited period; you must go beyond that to attract them. If they are your existing customers, you must go through their past purchase history and recommend trials for similar products that would motivate them to try them out.

Go for innovative experience trials that can grab your customers’ attention. For instance, one of the action series campaign ideas is to visit the store, register for a free trial, write a review & get any free product under $50 on the next store visit. This campaign idea can help brands encourage store traffic as well as boost in-store engagement.

One example is the campaign run by the beauty brand Sephora named “Discover Our New Look and Find Yours”. This campaign invited people to try makeup products at stores for free and even help them address common concerns to help them pick the right products that fit them perfectly. The results of the campaign were amazing helping the brand increase both offline and online engagement.

– Let Your Customers Add Products to Wish list

Businesses must be aware of the importance of personalization when it comes to customers’ experiences. Ensure that you remind your customers about the products that they might like to add to their wishlists. There are loyalty programs that offer benefits like extra reward points for adding products to a wishlist or sharing wishlist products on social media platforms. Once products are added, you can provide relevant offers, and price-drop alerts encouraging customers to complete the purchase.

Your brand can make use of a campaign idea like “Add 3 products to your wishlist and purchase within 1 month to get an extra $50 coupon for the next order”. This action series campaign encourages customers to make the purchase once to get rewards and another time to redeem rewards.

Another example is the promotion of a shareable wishlist by Target encouraging shoppers to share their wishlist with their friends and family. This campaign is not only helpful for brands to acquire new customers without high marketing investment but also for customers to gift items from the shared wishlist of their friends.

– Turn Potential Buyers into Habitual Users

Make use of the HOOK strategy to turn your existing customers into habitual users of your services and products. For this, you can include campaigns like triggers, actions, rewards, or investments. Triggers will signify email communications based on first customer interactions and queries, actions mean relevant content to trigger/encourage the desired action to take place, and rewards signify offering valuable and irresistible rewards and investment for personalized customer experiences.

The campaign idea here is ‘Purchase 2 times this holiday season & refer 1 friend to get a chance to win 2 free tickets to Broadway Musical’. This action series campaign helps to push customers to purchase more frequently and refer their family & friends to buy from you. Everlane’s media campaign promoted radical transparency & real value to potential buyers, showing customers how much they can save when they buy from them.

– Customer Reviews

Feedbacks and reviews from customers encourage new people to try and buy from your brand. It is crucial to showcase best-selling and highest revenue-generating products along with positive reviews. Make sure that you ask your loyalty members & top influencers to record video testimonials for the best products. This not only helps to increase the trust of new customers who are interested to buy but also helps boost sales.

The campaign idea is to ask customers to ‘write a review for their recent purchase and earn reward points when the review is approved’. Additionally, you can ask to submit a video testimonial while using the product telling why you liked that product to earn extra points that will take you to the upper membership level and gain extra goodies.

Carousel ads can be a great way to offer great visual appeal and capture shoppers’ attention within seconds. Make sure that you highlight the best-selling products to improve their click-through rates.

Final Takeaways

Hopefully, it is quite clear from the above content that action series if planned perfectly can yield meaningful engagement bringing brands closer to their most loyal customers. However, it is crucial to ensure that every action-based campaign serves a purpose. You can do so by knowing your target audience, how you will target it, when to shoot the campaign, etc.

If you are planning to boost engagement with customers, Novus can be a great help! Known as a renowned Customer Loyalty Software Solution, we hold a proven track record of helping several brands across the globe engaged with value-based campaigns that yield amazing results. To know more about Novus, get in touch with us today and increase engagement like never before.

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