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Tips to Learn from the Success of the Madison Reed Loyalty Program

  • Posted on July 12, 2023 by Robert
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Madison reed loyalty program

The need for good loyalty programs cannot be ignored as customers expect more from the brands they associate with. Irrespective of what industry you are dealing with, loyalty programs are a must-have for every brand if they are planning to retain their existing customers for a long time.

Talking about the growing demand for Loyalty Programs for Hair Care Brands, we know that hair care businesses in the US market are nearly recession-proof as women are always willing to spend money for their salon or hair color services. For many, it has become an essential routine instead of a nice-to-have.

In this blog, we will talk about the successful loyalty program of Madison Reed, a renowned American brand of hair color and hair color products along with its significant growth ever since its launch.

Why Your Brand Needs a Reliable Loyalty Program Like Madison Reed’s Limitless?

Before we start understanding more about Madison Reed Loyalty Program, let’s learn about the brand first and what exactly it offers. The brand announced its launch of a loyalty program recently by offering memberships to Limitless & has achieved 40-50% growth across two tiers i.e., Limitless Pro & Limitless Premier programs.

Initially started as an at-home solution for women to color their hair, Madison Reed expanded its omnichannel model by opening new salons across the US market to meet their users who wish to experience their services in the salon setting. As customers want more from the brand, they decided to offer additional perks and benefits through its loyalty program, strengthening its customer bonds.

We know that loyalty programs are increasing every year with a market value of around %5.6 billion in 2022, i.e., 23% higher than it was in 2023. This value is projected to touch $ 24 billion, which is almost 4X by 2029. With a spike in prices and increasing living expenses cost, customers will look forward to more loyalty programs that can help in providing better access to services as well as savings in their bills.

What Led to the Success of the Madison Reed Loyalty Program?

As per the reports that share insights about the reason behind the loyalty program launch, the company’s founder and CEO, Amy Errett stated that – the reason for delivering the much-demanded membership was to ensure that they had enough hair color bars and assortments of products to offer a program that their customers deserve.

Through their loyalty program, Madison Reed believes that the key driver in the program is offering exceptional value and service to their customers. Limitless membership enables customers to grab amazing deals on services, early access to new product launches, and hair color bars, especially for root touch-ups.

The brand works deliberately to meet every customer’s needs whether they color their hair all the time or some of the time by providing personalized services with great value. Also, the program helps in customizing every member’s needs by taking assistance from highly trained hair stylists to make the service a high-value offering.

Why Use Exclusive Services and Product Assortments to Drive Brand Loyalty?

A recent study says that more than eight out of ten consumers admitted that the top three factors that drive brand loyalty in the U.S. market are great service, an exclusive range of product assortments, and product availability. Apart from that, the other factors that were considered important were how strong the brand’s data privacy policies are and how effective digital assets like mobile apps, websites, etc. are.

Another survey that was conducted last year by Econsultancy stated that – 7 out of ten respondents believe in having a loyalty program. If you are still wondering about the reason behind the growth of Madison Reed’s Customer Loyalty Software Solution, it is because the brand focused mainly on giving customers better products, services, and ingredients.

By bringing consistency in color and services throughout its platforms and omnichannel approach, the Madison Reed brand ensures that the color formulas used for hair color are exact and free from harmful ingredients. This helps in ensuring the color is the same and safe to use, whether the customer opts for services at home or the salon.

The CEO, Ms Errett also says that continuity is key, & they know exactly the color of a customer’s hair in all their 85 salons present today. They also have customers coming across the globe and they have delivered on their promises every single time. Their loyalty program was launched after a year of rapid growth for the brand. 2022 was a great year for Madison Reed as they launched 30 new Hair Color Bars & even raised $33M in venture, funded from Sandbridge Capital & Marcy Ventures, and strengthened its omnichannel presence by expanding at Ulta Beauty and TargetTGT.

The CEO herself claims that no salon delivers what they do and they give special focus on customers’ needs & their benefits. Any customer of the brand can also meet her whenever she is in the country.

Closing Statement

Having a loyalty program is definitely a great way to keep loyal customers and attract new ones to your business. As we learn from the growth of the Madison Reed Loyalty Program, we agree that a well-planned and executed program is what your customers need to avoid jumping to competitors.

Know your target audience first and connect with them to understand their specific preferences before building a loyalty solution. Customers today expect personalized experiences along with great services and it is only possible when you make your program focused on their needs.

The reliable SaaS Based Loyalty Platform, Novus Loyalty enabled thousands of brands to build customized programs with relevant offerings and perks that can win customers’ hearts. Connect with our loyalty experts to give your brand the boost and success through loyalty programs like Madison Reed’s Limitless.

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