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Impactful Tech Integrations to consider for your Loyalty Program

  • Posted on March 30, 2022 by Robert
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If planned and implemented right, a loyalty program can boost your business profits extensively! It’s a great source for collecting valuable customer data, boosting revenue, and analyzing the right options to set targets for personalization. But, what if your customer loyalty software limits to just the age-old traditional approaches to cater to customers? Let’s find out!

There’s a pool of information available digitally, but you require to determine what’s the best fit for your business. It’s time to consider some remarkable loyalty program integrations which can help you in building the right loyalty solution.

Why’s there a need of having Loyalty Program Integrations?

Your loyalty solution provider may hand over a list of integration options but, not all will be of greater benefit. You may have to finalize what suits best for the business. The major reason why you would be needing a loyalty program integration with multiple aspects of your technology stack is that these integrations are the ones that will allow one to attain maximum ROI from your loyalty program.

What are the imperative Loyalty Program Integrations to consider?

Amongst a huge option base, these four integrations can be considered the right solution-

  • eCommerce Platform

Integrating with your eCommerce platform can be a great option to consider. Once you’re about to integrate, make sure you have a well-equipped and solid eCommerce platform to work with. No matter what your business is currently using, Shopify, Magento, or anything else, you should always consider how convenient is it to integrate a loyalty program. In case you’re willing to measure or foresee the success, consider how well does it work with your checkout process. Your users should be able to log in to their online accounts and have their loyalty program’s user profile either integrated into or be able to use the same account as their main login.

  • Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of your most-required integrations, setting up a marketing automation platform for your business is an extremely beneficial option. A loyalty program can work alongside with a marketing automation platform to roll out the essential information regarding your brand and let the customers get reminded of your new launchings, bestselling products, and services that are useful in regular life. A useful marketing automation tool allows your loyalty program to constantly interact with your customers, reach them via multiple channels, and most importantly, keep them coming back to you. For instance, many leading loyalty programs are already running reward programs with a combination of marketing automation and minting profits as well as a better boost in branding.

  • Point of Sale

All big and small stores are willing to get started with a loyalty program in locations that we haven’t even thought about! It’s highly imperative that you have your loyalty program integrated with the POS system. Why so? It is because a failing POS system with loss or no integration with a loyalty program can be the biggest contributor to upsetting customers but, if you play your cards well, it can be the biggest promoter of a seamless customer experience. If we take an example of a customer who has made a purchase in a store and is willing to check out their points in the POS system or simply want to scab their physical loyalty cards but the POS system fails to do the same, they become more prone to look out for options rather than sticking to the old brand/store. Technology plays an important role in the journey of loyalty and POS integration is surely an undeniable aspect!

  • App Integrations

Not every brand is having a separate mobile application for their users but considering app usage today, it’s excellent in increasing mobile usage, and loyalty programs should always be considered majorly. Mobile apps have become an extremely important aspect of our daily lives and simultaneously loyalty programs are proven to increase ROI and engage customers with a handy option to connect, order anytime they’re willing to! Many leading brands who were earlier not equipped with an app are now having applications rolling out to keep their services handy and available for the users anywhere, anytime. The reason why only app integration is useful is that users need convenience which is no longer falling under desktop or web. It’s better to have your loyalty program integrated with the brand-specific application, this increases the chances of getting better visibility and promoting the brand as well.

Final Thoughts

These were the four important loyalty program integrations having the fairest and higher chances of success. They encourage one’s customers to become more involved in the loyalty program. Thus, selecting the best-suited customer loyalty software that integrates and gels well with your eCommerce software is equally imperative. All you need to do is, have the right technology at work and turn your regular customers into loyal advocates. Still in splits about the right solution to choose? Explore our loyalty management platform- Novus Loyalty for getting the right idea or start a free trial to check out how loyalty can benefit your business.

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