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Shot Digital Reward Ideas to Drive Engagement for Demand Generation Campaigns

  • Posted on November 23, 2022 by Robert
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Winning customers’ hearts is becoming difficult every year for businesses due to stiff competition in the market. Rewards and incentives act as an effective way to incentivize customers in their journey and make them choose your brand over competitors. From delivering extraordinary customer experiences to acquiring new customers to brands rewarding customers to gain the attention of existing customers, we all are familiar with the world of rewards and their significance.

Not just big brands, the rewards program for small businesses is gaining attention through which brands can use digital rewards and incentives that help in creating demand. In this blog, we will find out the best digital reward ideas that help marketers to drive engagement for demand-generation campaigns.

How do Digital Rewards & Incentives help to Create Demand?

We live in the fast-growing digital world with online advertisements & marketing efforts from brands trying hard to grab customers’ attention with any upfront benefits. If you want your brand to stand out from the competition, you can turn things around and put in the right strategy to deliver value to customers. Let’s find out how customer loyalty software can help your business create demand through digital rewards and incentives.

Launching a digital campaign across several channels may help to raise impressions but not CTRs. If you are asking for valuable time from users without providing any upfront value, consumers will think- “If I click on this ad, will I be buying this product?” Even if they click on the advertisement, they might evaluate their decision & decide against it. Introducing rewards in your campaign reduces this risk as it helps grab attention, boost engagement & make customers feel valued.

Here are some of the benefits-

– Rewards make customers feel valued

Customers are fascinated by rewards such as exclusive access to discounted items, special events only for members, or campaigns, which are becoming an invaluable part of every marketing and sales campaign.

These not only provide a reason for continued engagement among customers but also help to demonstrate that your business values its customers.

– Customers love Surprises & Delight them

Who doesn’t surprises? Everybody does! And if it is one of the valuable gifts, gift cards, or freebies, it is always a delight to receive one from the brand you are associated with. This not only helps to boost customer relationship with the brand but also enable customers to stick with the brand for a long time.

Best Reward Ideas to Engage Customers for Demand Generation Campaigns

Listed below are some of the use cases for digital reward ideas to generate demand-

Use Case 1- Events & Webinars

Here, we will discuss how a business can host incentivized webinars for intended audiences. For instance, you can run a campaign where you are asking customers to register for a webinar and get a free coffee with a $10 Starbucks gift card with every registration email. This makes customers feel that brands value their time.

Reasons that show brand must use events & webinars-

– This help to boost consumer participation & engagement, enabling them to better understand the products.

– Webinars can result in a higher lead generation rate with more sign-ups attending them.

– Also, the delivery emails give the business a great opportunity to push more content and CTAs for cross-selling or up-sell opportunities.

– Customers are more likely to share their data if they are incentivized well, which later helps in converting prospects to paying customers.

Use Case 2- Feedbacks & Survey Forms

Rewarding your customers for taking a part in surveys and feedback on your services can be a great way to build connections. E.g. give an instant $10 gift card to customers for giving feedback.

Reasons, why brands must use these, are-

– Build brand reputation, which happens when you value your customers & reward them simply because they engage with the brand.

– Incentivizing customers with the right set of rewards is essential to gain a competitive advantage.

– Ensure that your brand makes use of digital rewards that help more and more customers to take part in the surveys or requests for feedback & get maximum responses.

Use Case 3- Product Demo & Inquiry

Another way is to reward prospects for taking a product demo and inquiring about your service. We all know that lead generation is the most essential part of any successful business. Making use of digital rewards to help brands generate better quality and quantity of leads is a wise choice.

Reasons why brands like yours must consider this-

– This act as a great way to launch buyers’ journey & make prospects know you value their time.

– Also, help your product team to get a better understanding of how they feel about your services through genuine feedback.

– Similar to the case of the incentivized webinars, the follow-up email can do wonders as they can be used for more CTAs.

Use Case 4- ABM Campaigns

Account-based marketing (ABM) Campaigns must be used with digital rewards to reach out to the right people at the right time, for better customer-brand relationships. E.g. campaign where you are sending a $20 gift voucher as a token of appreciation when customers introduce them to a concerned person in your firm.

Reasons to use this-

– Digital rewards or gifts are becoming a great way to let customers know that you value their time.

– Also, act as a way to encourage purchases with the right choice of their product through instant gift card solutions.

Key Takeaways

We all know that digital rewards are a terrific way to gain the attention of your customers and brands are increasingly making use of personalized rewards to drive engagement, attract customers and stand out among the competition. If you are struggling to win customers’ attention, you can check out the reward ideas discussed above to help your business drive engagement for demand-generation campaigns.

Novus Loyalty, an all-in-one gift card loyalty program platform enables startups as well as big brands to build engaging gifts or rewards through dedicated loyalty solutions that make their customers feel valued. For any queries related to digital rewards in your campaign, book a demo with Novus experts and grab immense benefits to boost engagement for your demand-generation campaigns.

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