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How to Re-Engage & Win Back Inactive Customers Again?

  • Posted on July 7, 2022 by Robert
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We all know customers are bound to come and go, but as a business owner, you would want them to stay as long as possible. Irrespective of which industry you belong to, customers are the backbone of any business. Without customers, your organization will lose its purpose! In the competitive world of business, attracting and retaining customers can be quite difficult but with a well-planned strategy and Customer Loyalty Software Solution, it is possible.

In this blog, we will learn about the top ways to re-engage inactive customers and gain their attention towards your business again.

What Makes Customer Leave Your Business & Choose Another?

Customer loyalty is what every business needs to succeed, which is why brands must focus on retaining loyal customers. However, to gain a competitive advantage, your business needs feedback from inactive and unengaged customers to know what your products and services lack, which is essential to improve from time to time. Getting your customers excited again and making them come back to your business is possible only after getting their genuine feedback and improving services is one of the most effective ways to reconnect.

So, what causes your customers to leave your business and choose your competitor instead? Let’s find out some of the common issues you must know-

– Poor Customer Service

One way is to monitor reviews and testimonials of customers to know their likes and dislikes about your business and deliver personalized experiences.

– Search for Lower Costs

Another reason for leaving your brand is product or service pricing especially when it’s too high for them. Adjust your pricing if you have started losing your customers.

– Better Offerings by Competitor

Your customers are likely to leave when they have a better option when it comes to services that are better than yours in terms of cost, features, services, etc.

– No Longer Required

Customers won’t always need the products and services you are offering, which is why you must evolve with rapidly changing customer expectations.

Tips to Win Back Inactive Customers

To help your customers get excited about your business again, you must learn to reconnect with your unengaged customers. Here are some of the ways to help you win back your old customers-

1. Treat like Long-Lost Friends

To get guaranteed responses from unengaged customers, treat them like you would treat your long-lost friends. Sending them impersonal and mass emails is of no use, which is why; you must focus on following the personal approach by reaching out and calling them directly on their phones.

Even if you cannot connect with them, leave a voicemail and there is a high chance that this gesture of yours will be warmly received resulting in higher response rates for future correspondences. Another way is to send hand-written notes to inactive customers to make them respond & re-connect with your brand again.

2. Go For a Personal Approach

Handling a large number of customers can be a big headache for any business. However, while dealing with dormant customers; it’s always the best idea to reach out personally where you can suggest a call or meeting and run a retrospective on the previous engagement.

You can take feedback to ensure a smooth process in the future and change the account management team if needed. Making your customers feels like they are being heard is an effective way to make them feel connected & start engaging again.

3. Send a Personalized Email

Take time to check in with them, if you haven’t heard from them for long by sending a normal mail to see how they are doing. You can ask for genuine feedback on the products or services they previously brought from you. Ensure that you get to the bottom of why the customer may not be connected with your business.

Only after knowing the actual reason, you will be able to find the perfect solution that can help to get them excited again. Some of the ways are exclusive early access to the new launches, and a 20% discount on any service.

4. Announce New Launches

Start engaging your old customers by sharing something new i.e. new products, revamped website, a new loyalty program, or anything related to your brand. When customers are not actively associated with your brand, it can be because they’re bored or don’t find your content and offerings interesting /useful.

Make them connected once again by giving them a reason to come back and visit your store to check out new products. Once they visit your store, you can start engaging them by asking for

their feedback. Encourage customers to share feedback by incentivizing with discounts/prizes for only the ones who leave feedback.

5. Connect via Call

The best way to reconnect is via phone call where a casual conversation can happen and you get a chance to ask them their reasons for leaving your company. Your motive here is to listen more, understand their frustrations, & ask the right follow-up questions that they might want to answer.

If the call goes smoothly, you can pop up a surprise by saying 50% off on their shortlisted products exclusively for them. Hearing this may excite them and make their purchase from your brand again.

6. Reach Out Through Social Media

Living in the digital-first era where everyone is active in social media, connecting via social media with a personal touch can be a great way to collect feedback from inactive customers and make them excited again.

Considered the most cost-effective way to connect with users, your business can make use of remarketing strategies to reach out to unengaged users. You can make it more appealing by offering feedback incentives, discounts & coupons.

7. Special Offerings For Past Customers

All customers want special attention from the brand they are associated with. One effective way to re-engage inactive old customers is to implement special programs or offerings that are exclusively meant only for old customers. You can use a reliable Loyalty rewards program by building customized campaigns to re-engage inactive old customers.

Start engaging them by letting them know that as an old customer, they have access to special services, products, and offerings. Once you grab their attention, you can show them reasons to like more of your services and how your products will make our life easy and simpler.

8. Reach Out For Help

The last option is to make inactive customers respond to emails by asking for help. Customers are more likely to open the emails if they feel there’s something they can do for your business.

Customers are more likely to connect if they can avail of a special discount on your products and services through an attractive incentive.

Some of the most common headlines are- I could use your help with…., fill survey for exclusive discount, etc. Many successful business owners use this method to reach out to more lost customers.

How Novus Can Help Win Back Long-Lost Customers?

Known as the trusted Loyalty program platform, Novus is an all-in-one solution that enables both startups as well as established brands to build a connection with new customers and reconnect with old ones easily. From planning new personalized marketing campaigns to executing them effectively for guaranteed results, Novus can help in running successful campaigns to target the right set of customers.

For any queries related to loyalty strategies or development needs, connect with the expert developers team of Novus to get a quick demo to see how we can help your business grow with maximum profits

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