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How to make a Hotel Reward Program more competitive?

  • Posted on September 28, 2023 by Robert
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Hotel Reward Program

The USA has recently revealed a report covering the best travel rewards program within the country and this increased the competition a lot more between the business industries to make a more fantastic reward program to enlarge their business across the national and international business market with a huge customer count. 

With new brands, concepts, and distribution channels launching on a regular basis, the competitive landscape for established hotels is more difficult than ever.  In this competitive market, astute lodging owners are coming up with novel strategies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

However, to stay competitive in this reward program race it is highly recommended to learn how to make a reward program more competitive though it’s for any specific business industry.  So, in this blog post, we are exploring effective strategies to help you add a crunch of competitiveness to your loyalty program that will make it the best hotel rewards program

Tips to create the best restaurant rewards program that makes your business shine always:

Determine the strengths of your competitors and formulate your own

Knowing the precise benefits of the best hotel reward program that your competitors use allows you to develop your unique features and services. To begin, compile a list of direct competitors who are similar to your property in terms of location, price point, audience, and concept. You can focus on their benefits and drawbacks now that you are aware of who your rivals are. Where do they win over others? Is there on-site food and beverage that attracts groups? Is it a select service property that guarantees 5-star customer service? Where do you take the initiative? Do you outperform the competitors in terms of in-room amenities?

Mirroring your competitor’s plans will not win the war, but understanding their specialties and special vulnerabilities can help lead your approaches. Highlight your proximity to the beach and spectacular ocean views if they outperform competitors’ partially covered views.

Create real connections by seeking feedback from visitors

Attracting new customers is more expensive than cultivating relationships with returning customers. Listening to visitor comments provides useful insight into what you’re doing well and where you may improve. Build relationships with planners through social media and travel website reviews to increase company loyalty. It is critical to respond to all reviews (both positive and bad). These appraisals may also highlight areas for improvement. If you notice that individuals have extremely great check-in experiences but large groups have sluggish and confused check-ins, you may need to streamline your group check-in process.

Rewarding guests fosters trust, which leads to recurring visits. A best travel rewards program generates additional data that may be leveraged to create personalized experiences and targeted offers. 

Accelerate the direct booking procedure

Planners enjoy a quick and easy booking experience in this age of instant connectivity. OTAs and travel booking sites entice guests with convenience and low-cost promises, while direct bookings are 12.5 percent more profitable for hotels. Take advantage of direct booking with pricing incentives, upgrades, and other perks” to ensure a convenient, straightforward, and mobile-friendly process. Make sure the booking choice is easy to find, simplified, and only takes a few steps from beginning to end. Booking through the hotel’s website also allows you to add-on services. Offer accommodation upgrades, free food and drink, gratis shuttle services, vouchers, and discounts as direct booking incentives. 

Stay updated with technology

Using the most recent technologies can make a huge difference. A website that looks antiquated won’t inspire as much trust as one that looks contemporary. Similarly, outmoded practices within your home are likely to turn off visitors. Adopting progressive techniques is smart for beating the competition and keeping the program as the best restaurant reward program.

Use digital content to interact with visitors

As more hotels provide free Wi-Fi, the possibility of communicating with visitors directly through digital material grows. Properties can cater to the connected traveler by providing location-specific offerings, useful neighborhood information, or offers customized to that guest’s stay.

Highlight hashtags throughout the hotel and on the properties’ digital assets to make it easier for event planners and guests to become brand ambassadors. Create visually appealing displays on-site so that attendees may upload photos via Instagram. Real-time social feeds on a hotel website can pique visitors’ interest while also increasing the amount of time they spend on the site. Create a hashtag mosaic with guest contributions and leverage the power of User-Generated Content (UGC) to increase brand affinity.

How the best travel rewards program built by Novus keeps your business hospitality business ahead of the competition

Staying ahead of the competition in the tourism sector needs innovation and client loyalty. We have developed the best travel reward program to help your hotel business compete. For starters, our best hotel reward program encourages guest loyalty by providing appealing incentives like discounts, special access, and complementary services to returning consumers. You not only secure and increase repeat business by rewarding their support, but you also build brand advocates who spread favorable word of mouth.

Our loyalty program collects vital client preference data, allowing you to personalize your services to individual interests. This tailored approach improves the passenger experience, distinguishing you from competitors who provide generic services. Also, the program effortlessly connects with current technologies, making it simple for guests to participate. Mobile app integration, rapid check-ins, and digital amenities improve overall client experience, distinguishing your business as tech-savvy and convenient.


The best hotel reward program introduced by Novus Loyalty provides your hospitality business with the resources it needs to outperform the competition. Your company achieves a strategic advantage in a highly competitive field by cultivating visitor loyalty, capturing important customer data, and smoothly integrating technology. Our strategically created customer loyalty program not only improves the visitor experience but also ensures repeat business, distinguishing your restaurant as forward-thinking and customer-centric. Connect with us right now to take advantage of the best hotel reward program developed by our experts.

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