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How to Create a Positive Post-Checkout Experience to Build Customer Loyalty?

  • Posted on December 21, 2023 by Robert
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Build customer loyalty

Almost every business puts great effort into pre-purchase marketing and providing the best experience to its customers. The one aspect that goes completely ignored is the post-purchase experience. Let’s face it—retaining customers is far more difficult than acquiring them. After spending a good amount of money on attracting customers through offers and discounts, retaining them becomes even more crucial. That’s why you should shift your focus to the post-checkout experience to build customer loyalty.

37% of customers accept that it takes them 4-5 purchases to build loyalty towards a brand. If a brand fails to offer a good post-purchase experience, there is a high chance that the customer will not purchase from them again.

This blog will discuss the importance of post-purchase moments to build customer loyalty.

Bad Customer Experiences are Costly.

Even if you are a widely accepted brand with a loyal customer base, one bad experience can turn it upside down. Even the most loved brands don’t have enough time to get it right because, while you waste time, some other brand is working their best to attract your customers.

Here’s the horror of a bad customer experience—losing one-quarter of your customers in one day. In a study, 59% of the customers accepted that they would walk away after several bad experiences, while 17% would quit purchasing from the brand after a single bad experience.

Brand loyalty gets a reality check when 32% of the customers say they would stop doing business with a brand they loved after one bad experience. That’s how fragile customer loyalty is.

A poor post-purchase experience affects customer acquisition too. When customers leave a brand with a poor experience, they share their reviews on social media with friends and family, impacting the overall brand image. With hefty customer acquisition costs in play, it becomes a painful burden on a brand to handle unhappy customers and poor brand image.

Personalization is the remedy.

Customers are aware of what drives them. If a brand isn’t delivering something relevant, they will mostly walk away. Even with customer loyalty programs in place, any negligence in fostering a post-checkout experience will lead to customer attrition. 64% of US consumers accept that they expect relevant products, offers, and experiences from brands, placing relevancy and personalization at the top of loyalty needs.

Personalization is the key to building customer loyalty. Here’s how you can achieve this:

1. Focus on What Customers Want

Let’s face it—ultimately, it’s all about winning customers by offering them what they want. Be it a product, service, experience, or loyalty benefit. If your brand hasn’t put enough effort into understanding what your customers want, you will end up spending too much and receiving nothing.

Gen Z customers are looking for:

· AI-Assistance

· Tech-enabled loyalty program software solution

· Virtual and augmented reality shopping experiences

· Personalized Communications

· Relevant offers

2. Help them in decision-making

Modern-day customers spend a lot of time browsing through e-commerce websites and apps. The number of choices has amplified like never before. That’s not great news for retailers. Too many choices and hours spent online lead to no sales at all. Once a customer feels confused and anxious about a purchase, they quit the thought of purchasing it. 48% of US consumers have agreed that they feel exhausted after pursuing so many options online.

Now, what can a brand offer in response to that?

Relevant offers and deals! If customers are provided relevant offers at the time of checkout, they will likely complete their purchase with a feel-good experience and return for business again.

3. Work on Deal Placement

A targeted approach can calm down stressed-out deal hunters. After securitizing so many products, when a customer reaches the checkout stage, they are already anxious. At that time, you can smartly place discounts, coupons, and rewards at checkout to offer relief they weren’t expecting. Such surprise deals at the time of checkout win customers most authentically. 64% of US customers have accepted that they would like to receive relevant offers at the time of checkout.

Offering big discounts on huge cart volumes isn’t a surprise to the customers. Contextualization matters! Customers like to receive promotion codes the moment they need them.

4. Open Gates for AI Disruptions

Gen Z customers like to be assisted when they are shopping. Choice-induced stress can be easily tackled by offering AI assistance. 55% of Gen Z and 52% of Millennial shoppers have shown interest in an AI shopping assistant. When a brand invests in reliable customer loyalty management software like Novus, they witness automation like never before. Such investment makes data-driven loyalty management easy by guiding a brand based on what customers want and need.

5. Offer Personalized Communications

67% of customers have said that they like to buy from brands that offer personalized communications and experiences. It’s that straightforward. Data is the fuel to offer personalized communication. If you have information on who your customers are, what they like, and how they like to purchase, you can easily roll out personalized communication. One effective way to achieve a data advantage is by investing in customer loyalty management software.

In a Nutshell

Customers want a streamlined experience at the time of checkout. To build customer loyalty, you must pay heed to the important pain points of customers. They want you to remember their preferences, unexpected discounts, and payment method preferences at the time of checkout. Any frustration or barrier experienced at checkout can lead to customer dissatisfaction and push them away from your brand.

Consider Investing in a Robust Loyalty Program Software Solution

To bring down CAC and increase the customer retention rate, you must think outside the box. Without worrying about how you might miss delivering a post-purchase experience, you can leave the work to a loyalty program software solution like Novus Loyalty.

Novus Loyalty can help you streamline your customer loyalty programs at every stage. Starting from pre-purchase engagement to the post-purchase experience, it takes full accountability for efficient loyalty management and helps you build customer loyalty.

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